Men Did The Unthinkable And Shared What They Actually Want For The Holidays

Apparently you can’t go wrong with a meat smoker, card games or beer.
Jack Black beard oil, a pair of 574 New Balance sneakers, the new reissue of Steely Dan’s “Aja,” and a Makita job site coffee maker.
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Jack Black beard oil, a pair of 574 New Balance sneakers, the new reissue of Steely Dan’s “Aja,” and a Makita job site coffee maker.

It may be just my experience, but whenever I ask the men in my life what gifts they want for the holidays, I’m typically met with a shrug and the ever-popular, “I don’t know.” It’s only after a hefty amount of cajoling and recollection work on my end that I’m able to come up with a list of possibilities. If you’re faced with a similar challenge, I may be able to offer some assistance.

In the name of journalism, along with a touch of curiosity, I asked men (and some of their gift-givers) what they actually want for the holidays, as well as what were winning presents from previous years that have continued to be a memorable favorite.

Of course, all men have different tastes, hobbies and wants, so I also took to the pages of Reddit, HuffPost Facebook groups and our newsroom to create a well-rounded selection of goods that may be just what you need for some gift-giving inspiration. Keep reading to find things like personalized celebrity video messages, durable clothing and job site essentials that are functional, but also just plain cool.

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A Makita job site coffee maker
Brandon Jenkins, a professional muralist who frequently paints outdoors, said he really wants this job site coffee maker by Makita, a power tool brand that he touts as "one of the best." It's powered by the same rechargeable batteries that operate your favorite Makita power tools and brews up to three cups of coffee at once, without the need for single-use paper filters.

"It's something that's not only functional but really cool and it can save money in the long run because I wouldn't have to run to a coffee shop while on a job site," Jenkins said.
A lightweight insulated rain jacket
According to Jenkins, Carhartt's line of Rain Defender jackets are great for anyone who works outside in the elements or spends a lot of time outdoors. If he could, he would ask for one in every version, ranging from heavily insulated jackets to lightweight hooded windbreakers. "They are just really functional and great quality," he said.

This particular rain jacket is moderately insulated for partly cold conditions and features a water-repellent coating that will keep your guy completely dry in rain or snow. The relaxed and non-bulky fit means it's easy to move in, and it comes in six colors and sizes S-3XL as well as tall sizing.
A splurge-worthy camera drone
Another gift request from Jenkins: a camera drone, which he said would be great for capturing large outdoor shots of artwork or cityscapes. According to some knowledgeable users on Reddit, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is a great beginner-friendly option that's worth the price and suitable for a number of needs. This agile drone features multi-directional obstacle sensing to help avoid crashing, is ultra-compact for travel and has a variety of film and photo-capturing capturing abilities for shots that are clear, vivid and professional-looking.
A personalized celebrity message from Cameo is a website offering short personalized video messages from well-known celebrities. Buying one is a winning gift, according to Monika Porch, a reader of the HuffPost Women Facebook page.

"My dad is a massive fan of the show MASH," she explained. "...He just rewatches over and over again. I got him a Cameo from Jamie Farr and he was over the moon. I revealed I had been debating between Jamie and Loretta Swit and he asked if I could get him a Cameo from her as well. Both actors were very kind and Jamie even showed off some of his MASH memorabilia and now my dad has the biggest street cred in his retirement community and shows it off constantly to people."
A pair of universal Glasvin wine glasses
HuffPost Shopping managing editor Emily Ruane’s husband, Chris Grosso, recently picked up one of these Glasvin wine glasses and wants to add a few more to his stash. “They’re as close to the feel of Zalto — some of the best wineglasses in the world — but for half the price,” he said.

Having handled one at home recently, Ruane said, she can vouch for the fact that the glass is astonishingly light and thin-rimmed, and yet somehow didn't shatter when she accidentally knocked it into the sink while doing the dishes.

The hand-blown glasses are created from lead-free crystal and promise to complement any and all vintages.
Williams Sonoma
A Santoku cleaver-knife
Grosso would also be happy to receive this 7-inch hollow-ground santoku knife from Shun. “This is a really good multifunctional knife for chopping vegetables and carving meat,” he said. “[It’s] highly functional and very stylish.” Made in Japan, this knife-cleaver hybrid has a sturdy handle made from a wood-resin composite material and a sharply tapered blade that’s layered with 34 ultra-thin sheets of stainless steel.
A portable commercial-grade pizza oven from Gozney
Of this popular and relatively affordable pizza oven (it's currently marked down $100), Grosso says that “making pizza is fine, but I want this for what it does to steaks. [It has] the ability to give a steakhouse-like sear to your meat.” Gozney’s insulated Roccbox has a stone floor and a “rolling” propane-powered flame that mimics that of a wood-burning oven, with internal temperatures reaching up to 950 degrees. Thanks to the foldable legs and built-in thermometer, it can be ready for action in a matter of minutes. It comes with a professional-grade pizza peel valued at $85.
A smart drink fridge that doubles as a bar cart
Grosso spotted this stylish wine fridge when it launched earlier in the month and noticed its unique styling and smart design. It’s equipped with reversible racks that can be re-arranged to accommodate bottles and beverages of all shapes and sizes, and temperature zones powered by the same compression technology that’s found in Sub Zero refrigerators. The triple-thick reeded glass door is both attractive and functional, providing added insulation and diffusing any incoming light, protecting the contents of bottles.

“I like that they seem to have engineered it so that it doesn't rattle the way most wine fridges do, and it looks nice enough to blend in with your dining room decor,” he said. “If you’re going to serve wine, you might as well serve it at the right temperature.”

The appliance also promises to run quietly, something that’s hard to find in a cheaper model. “Lesser fridges can be extremely noisy, which is something you definitely don't want in an area where you’re hanging out,” Grosso said.
An electric meat smoker
Melanie Gray, a member of the HuffPost's Parents Facebook page, said her husband wants a smoker. We found this well-rated option with a spacious vertical interior that can accommodate up to three chickens, two turkeys, three pork butts and three rib racks all at once. It's fully electric for easy operation and has an analog temperature dial to precisely set your desired temperature control, along with a pull-out wood chip tray for infusing meat with a delicious smokey flavor.
A highly rated 3D printer
We found this impressively rated 3D printer from Amazon; it's an item also inspired by Gray's husband's wish list. The brand claims it takes just two hours to assemble, has the ability to resume a printing job even after an interruption and features an updated extruder component that's less likely to clog.
Give Them Beer
A selection of craft beer
My father, Eliazar Flores, is a big beer lover and says a hoppy brew is always a welcome addition to his gift list. In the past I've gifted him an assortment of craft beers, similar to this 12-day advent calendar by Give Them Beer. It features a top-rated selection of beers that range from rich stouts to bitter IPAs sourced from microbreweries from across the country.
A pair of durable, work-ready overalls
This is the second year in a row that my dad has asked for another pair of these trusty relaxed-fit overalls by Carhartt, his uniform of choice for outdoor gardening and landscape work.

"I like how durable they are and that I don't have to wear a belt with them like I do with regular pants," he said, adding that they fit perfectly around his waist.

Made from a heavy duck cotton, these overalls feature elastic suspenders and tons of pockets and are less likely to wear at the knees thanks to a double layer of fabric. They are available in four colors and 22 sizes, including longer length options.
A helpful robot vacuum
Noah Michelson, head of HuffPost Personal, hasn't been this excited about a gift in a while. He recently gave himself this Roomba vacuum by iRobot.

This beloved automatic vacuum intelligently cleans floors using row-by-row navigation, and with the accompanying smart app, users can schedule cleanings and pair up with other smart home systems for a voice-command operation. Even tight corners and baseboard crevices are no match for the multi-surface brushes and powerful suction promised by this helpful household friend.
A classic game with a grownup twist
Game night advocates may appreciate this adult version of Telestrations, a gift Michelson said he recently purchased for a fried. "It's so fun and stupid in the best way possible," he said.

An interactive game that relies on miscommunication, poorly drawn sketches and hilarious guesses, Telestrations After Dark promises to be endlessly entertaining and perfectly crass.
New Balance
A classic and comfortable pair of sneakers for wide feet
For as long as I can remember, my father has always loved these exact 574s from New Balance, a shoe that he frequently requests as a gift for holidays and birthdays. He said he likes that they are good for the gym, work or everyday wear and they also remind him of when he was in high school during the '80s. They feature an ultra comfortable soft foam midsole, come in a wide range of color options and, according to my dad, are one of the only tennis shoes that work with his short, wide feet.
A vitamin-rich beard oil
If you're looking to gift a proud beard-owner in your life, this beard oil by Jack Black would make the perfect stocking stuffer, according to my dad. This nourishing formula contains a blend of vitamin E and Kalahari melon oil to tame coarse beard strands and hydrate skin.
Vinyl Junkies
The latest reissue of Steely Dan's "Aja" record
Michael Metzger, a member of the HuffPost Parents Facebook page, said that the only thing he wants for the holidays is the latest reissue of Steely Dan's 1977 classic, "Aja." A reissue that's a year in the making and was personally overseen by founding Steely Dan member Donald Fagen, this remastering comes in a collectible box set and can be a great gift for music collectors.

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