The Internet's Best Products For Cleaning All Your Coffee Wares

Here's everything you need to tackle stubborn stains from your mugs, descale a coffee pot or remove residue from an espresso machine.
Keurig brewer care kit, Cafiza espresso machine cleaning powder and Astonish foaming powder.
Keurig brewer care kit, Cafiza espresso machine cleaning powder and Astonish foaming powder.

That daily cup of coffee or tea is essential to the morning routines of so many of us — yet you may not know that your at-home coffee maker could be harboring some nastiness that’s affecting its performance and the taste of your brew.

If you’ve been neglecting the regular cleaning and maintenance that your coffee maker deserves, whether you have an espresso machine, a manual brewer or Keurig, never fear: Better tasting coffee is here.

Keep reading to see a vast selection of cleaners that descale machines, remove buildup and eliminate stubborn stains in a blink of an eye. Many of them can also lend their cleaning power to other areas of your kitchen, like scalded tea kettles or grease-stained pots and pans.

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An affordable eight-pack of espresso machine tablets
Compatible with most espresso machine makers from Breville to DeLonghi to Saeco, these cost-effective and convenient tablets are highly rated on Amazon and are made with pharmaceutical- and food-grade ingredients. The non-corrosive descaling formula promises a precise dissolution time for optimal cleaning performance.

Promising Amazon review: "Cino Cleano Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets are an absolute must-have for any espresso enthusiast! With 8 tablets in a pack, they provide thorough and effortless cleaning, eliminating coffee residue, oils, and odors from my machine. The convenience of these tablets makes the cleaning process a breeze, ensuring that my espresso always tastes fresh and flavorsome. I love how they are specifically designed for espresso machines, guaranteeing peak performance and prolonging the machine's lifespan. If you take your coffee seriously and want to maintain the quality of your espresso, Cino Cleano Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets are an indispensable investment for your coffee routine!" — M Anas
Highly popular K-cup cleaning pods
If a Keurig is your coffee maker of choice, these incredibly popular K-cup cleaning and descaling pods can clear any calcium buildup and residue from your brewer and restore it to its peak performance. Each of these six pods contain a proprietary cleaning formula, is biodegradable and require just one brew cycle to use.

Promising Amazon review: "This is an honest review! I have a 2.0 Keurig so I was skeptical about giving these cleaning pods a try. My biggest regret was being so anxious to try them; I failed to do a video. I could not believe how dark the cup was that came out on the 1st pass on the cup 10 setting. I decided to use a 2nd pod to clean it again just to make sure it was clean. The next pass was a lot better. I then just ran hot water through a couple of cycles to make sure it was really clean. This morning I had a GREAT cup of coffee & that is why I decided to leave this review." — Blondemomints
A brewer care kit for Keurigs
Another cleaning solution made just for Keurig, this brewer care kit includes a liquid descaling solution, rinse pods and water cartridge refills for your machine. Together, this maintenance kit can help extend the life of your Keurig, remove residue, mineral buildup and stains, and filter out the impurities from your brewing water that are affecting the taste of your beverages.

Promising Amazon review: "For the last couple of weeks, my Keurig has been leaking and/or dispensing extra liquid after a brew. I’ve had this Keurig for about 2 years and I’m embarrassed to say it, but I had never cleaned it—mostly due to the fact that I usually run empty cycles for hot water, so I didn’t think it needed it. I guess all the water build-up finally got to the machine and it started acting funny. The directions are a bit hard to follow, but I figured it out. After using the descaling solution, a rinse pod, and cleaning the parts of the machine inside and out, it started working like a dream and my teas taste SO MUCH BETTER, and the machine no longer leaks. It dispenses the exact same setting I select. Also, it doesn’t tell you this, but you need an extra part to use the filters. I have a K-Compact so I bought the short handle filter holder. I want to see how much better tasting my beverages can get. I will never put off cleaning my Keurig again. 10000% recommend this product if your machine isn’t working right." — D.C.M.
A descaling liquid for all coffee makers
This bestselling liquid descaling solution has nearly 50,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and can be used to clean and maintain traditional automatic coffee makers, Keurigs, manual brewers, espresso machines and even kettles. The gentle yet effective formula removes limescale and residue buildup and prevents corrosion over time. Simply pour half of the bottle into the water reservoir of your machine and run one brewing cycle.

Promising Amazon review: "I've been having problems with my keurig shutting off and so on. I've descale my Keurig as normal, using the Keurig cleaner. Where I usually buy it was sold out, so of course I went to Amazon. When searching for the cleaner, I came up on this one. Let me tell you, it's cheaper and it actually cleans out the Keurig. Stuff actually came out of my Keurig. I was pretty disgusted what I saw. So I ended up doing the descaling cycle once more and it finally ran out clean. I never had anything come out with the Keurig brand cleaner before. So this is my new go to." — Luna
A no-scrub stain remover for mugs and pots
Perfect for eliminating those impossibly tough stains from the inside of your coffee cups, stainless steel tumblers and carafes, this soaking solution can restore your drinking vessels to their former glory without any scrubbing on your part. It's suitable for nearly every material from porcelain to plastic, and you can just add one scoop of the Astonish powder to hot water and let the foaming action do the work.

Promising Amazon review: "I was having a lot of trouble getting coffee stains/coffee build-up out of my stainless steel coffee carafe. Tried baking soda. Tried white vinegar. Both of which were recommended by the manufacturer's customer service. Neither touched the stain. I was getting desperate as the build-up/stain can change the way your coffee tastes. I happened to see this product while searching for a cleaner. At this point I had nothing to lose (but the stain). As soon as it was delivered, I tried it. I did use a little more than in the directions. Waiting for an hour was the worst part. When I emptied out the coffee pot, I truly was astonished. It's beautiful. I only wish I had a before photo. Definitely recommend this product." — Shih Tzu Mom
A coffee decanter scrubber brush
Reaching those awkward crannies and tight corners of your coffee pot can be difficult, so it may be useful to enlist the help of this perfectly curved brush that features a scrubber pad, rather than bristles, for a more thorough clean.

Promising Amazon review: "Excellent. Despite having previously ordered several bristle type brushes, I could never scrub out all stains. Not the case with this scrubber. It got out all those stains with its first use. It even comes with an extra replacement pad. Yes, it is more expensive than the bristle type scrubbers, but it gets the job done quicker and much more efficiently. It is also easier to use because you can get a firmer grip on its handle." — El Officianado
A versatile espresso machine cleaner
Cafiza is a hidden hero product that coffee shop owner Adam Keitapreviously recommended to us. He called it his secret weapon for not just cleaning and maintaining his espresso machines, but also for ridding stubborn coffee and tea stains from the interior of their travel tumblers and ceramic mugs, cleaning coffee makers, and making those terrible scorched and oil-stained pan bottoms look like new again. If you do have an espresso machine however, this odorless and organic-material powder is specially developed to eliminate coffee residue and oils from both internal and external espresso machine components in order to deliver better tasting and more evenly extracted coffee, all without any scrubbing on your end.

Promising Amazon review: "I have used Cafiza cleaning powder since I worked in Starbucks a few years ago, so when my family opened a cafe, I put this on the TOP of things that we needed. They doubted me until I showed them the cleaning power of Cafiza. It gets the thick stuck-on coffee stains on urns, caked-on gunk of convection oven trays, cleans the espresso machine, cleans milk off the inside of steaming wands, gets grill gunk off of grill brushes, etc. You name it, and Cafiza will probably clean it! I WISH I was sponsored by Cafiza to write this review, but I’m not. Just a happy happy customer who won’t clean with anything else! The value for your dollar is too good to beat for a product that performs so well with so little! I go through about one of these per month to a month and a half with daily use in my machine, steaming wands and grill brushes, and weekly or monthly use on my runs and other appliances that develop buildup.” — Carly
Coffee maker cleaning tablets
Affresh's coffee maker cleaning tablets can work to rescale your coffee maker, both traditional automatic brewers and single-serve makers, in just one brew cycle, as well as clean the stained interior of your favorite coffee cup or travel mug. These tablets are made with septic-safe and EPA-certified ingredients.

Promising Amazon review: "I've been using the Affresh coffeemaker cleaners for a few years now, due to their straightforward simplicity. You don't need to use vinegar or anything to clean your coffeemaker out. You just fill the reservoir up with water, drop a tablet in, and let it go to work. Then run a brew cycle with that water, and another one with fresh water after that. That's it." — X. Johnson
A set of espresso machine cleaning brushes
This four-piece set of cleaning brushes can come in handy to detail-clean and maintain your espresso machine, coffee makers or travel tumblers. The set comes with a bristle wand just for frothing wands and portafilter spouts, a soft-bristled brush for portafilter baskets and two harder bristled brushes for hard-to-reach areas.

Promising Amazon review: "This set is great and was a good value for the price paid. The brushes and tools help with cleaning my coffee grinder as this is what I purchased them for even though they are primarily used for espresso machines. Great quality and will last a while." — Noah

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