The Coziest-Looking Mugs At Target For All Of Your Warmest Beverages

Why drink hot chocolate from a boring old coffee cup this winter when you can sip from these super cute mugs instead?
Target mug
Target mug

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: cozy season. While no one wants to be outside in the bitter cold, there is something alluring about piling on fleece-lined clothes, bundling up in a blanket, and sipping from a mug of warm tea or hot cocoa.

Now you can step this picture-perfect evening up a notch by drinking from an adorable mug that will put a smile on your face each time you pull it out of the kitchen cabinet.

When it comes to all things cute, Target is the only place to go. We’ve found 10 of the most charming mugs from the red-dot boutique that you’ll definitely want when cozying up at home and avoiding the frigid weather.

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Opalhouse "Spill The Tea" mug
The best part of the mug is its inscription. You'll want to use it each time your pals come over for brunch or a lazy evening in — just try not to literally spill the tea that you're drinking.
Seven20 narwhal coffee mug
The coffee cup may be less practical than other options, but who can resist this adorable pink narwhal? If you have kids or just have them over frequently, they'll be delighted to drink hot chocolate out of this unicorn whale.
Pinky Up cactus mug
Grab this mug for yourself or gift it to your plant-loving friend this holiday season. The three-dimensional design has golden faux spikes and a pink flower that works as a thumb rest. The ceramic mug is so charming it will make your mornings more enjoyable.
Threshold "Hello Gorgeous" mug
Simple in its elegance, this white mug will help you start your day with a positive greeting. You'll feel good about yourself when drinking out of this complimentary mug, even in the morning with bedhead or at night with a face mask on.
Opalhouse "Cup of Happy" mug
Does a hot cup of coffee bring you your daily dose of joy? Or maybe you're more of a hot chocolate or steeped tea person. Either way this pink mug with a joyful message will help maximize your enjoyment of your chosen beverage.
Enesco Pusheen ceramic coffee mug
Pusheen, the cartoon cat who inspired this coffee cup, is an internet-favorite icon. If you're a fan of the online comic strip or simply a cat lover, drinking a hot liquid from this adorable mug will be a delight.
Wondershop Christmas mug
Possibly the cutest out of all Target's mugs, this stoneware vessel is not only darling, but it's also festive. The most difficult thing about this purchase will be deciding if you want to keep it out after the holidays.
Silver Buffalo "Golden Girls" camper mug
Your bestie will say thank you for being a friend when you give them this Golden Girls ceramic camper mug as a holiday present. Or if you prefer, be an independent Blanche or cranky Sophia by buying this super fun cup for yourself.
Opalhouse monogram mug
Available in every letter of the alphabet, this floral offers a personalized options for even those with the most unique names.
Wondershop Christmas movie mug
If Hallmark Christmas movies are your favorite part of the holidays, now you have the perfect mug to pair with the cheesy films. Enjoy this cheerful cup as you sip hot cocoa and watch A Royal Christmas.
Opalhouse floral mug
Sleek and simple, this light pink mug is covered in daisies that look like they were hand drawn. Use it on dreary cold winter days to remind yourself of the warm days of spring ahead.

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