The Best Coolers To Keep Your Drinks Cold This Summer

We rounded up the highest-rated coolers from brands like Yeti, Orca and Coleman — and they come in different sizes to suit your needs.
Yeti Tundra cooler and Orca 20 cooler

Even though summer seems to be flying by, there’s still plenty of time to squeeze in a couple more beach days and camping trips before the weather turns from unbearably hot to unbearably cold. And speaking of cold, one of the best ways to beat the heat is to sip on an ice-cold refreshing drink.

But even though keeping your favorite beverages cold when you’re out on warm days is a challenge, having a high-quality cooler makes all the difference. Whether you’re going on a solo outdoor adventure or you’re bringing a crew, a cooler will keep your snacks and drinks cold for hours (or even 10 days, in some cases).

Coolers come in a variety of size capacities, including 5 quarts, 45 quarts and even 100 quarts for large gatherings. And while you may be accustomed to them coming in red and blue, brands like Yeti and Igloo offer coolers in a variety of fun colors so you can always spot yours on a crowded beach.

The coolers listed below are the best ones you can shop online, according to the many glowing reviews people wrote about them. They also come with a ton of neat features like integrated insulation, built-in bottle openers and bear-resistant materials (for camping, of course). We listed them in order from smallest to largest so you can easily find the best one for your needs. Many brands of coolers share how long you can expect them to stay cool, so we’ve shared that information when available, too,

Read our handy guide on the best way to pack a cooler to make it stay cold.

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Coleman FlipLip personal cooler (5 quarts)
Whether you're gearing up for a solo beach trip or meeting up with some friends at the lake, you're going to need something to carry your drinks and snacks in. This small personal cooler is perfect for short trips and has a 5-quart capacity that holds up to 6 cans. Its bail handle makes it easy to tote. Get it in red or blue.

Promising review:
"I wanted something small that would fit in my freezer drawer to make clear ice. This works perfectly. The lid can be taken off and it works great for that purpose. I can see that the cooler itself is well made, and while small, good enough to take a 6 pack for an outing. Well worth the 14 bucks spent." — Rick Tange
Coleman portable hard cooler (9 quarts)
Store your lunch, a few cans or bottles and ice in this portable cooler that comes in red, dark blue and light blue options. It'll keep your drinks ice cold until you're ready to pop one open.

Promising review:
"This is such a great little cooler. Perfect size to fit behind the seat of my Chevy Cruze or 4runner for road trips. I love the fact that this cooler allows bottles to sit upright and still closes. It worked great on our beach trip. My son loves to sit and stand on it so it is pretty durable. It also fits great in our folding wagon." — Amazon customer
Tourit insulated backpack cooler (30 cans)
Have a hands-free summer by carrying this cooler on your back. It looks just like a regular backpack except, well, it's a cooler! It's insulated, has a leak-proof liner to keep liquids in and can keep foods cold for up to 16 hours. And if you are a lover of pockets, you'll definitely want to grab this. It has one main storage compartment, two side mesh pockets, two large front zipper pockets, one zipper pocket on the lid, one mesh pocket and one beer opener on the strap. It can hold up to 30 cans and comes in black, gray, dark gray, tie-dye and blue.

Promising review:
"I bought this bag because I’m tired of how difficult and awkward coolers are to carry, and I’ve always wanted a backpack one. The first time I used this, one If my water bottles inside leaked, and I had no idea because the bag never leaked! Not even a drop! I was so impressed. I love it. The size is perfect - for our trip to the beach it held all the water, sodas, and snacks for a family of four. I like that it has outside pockets as well, and even water bottle pockets on each side. I think it’s a great bag!" — Tiffany
Orca cooler (20 quarts)
With thick, insulated walls and an exterior cargo net for extra storage, this swing arm-handled cooler is a must-have for your next beach trip. It holds 20 quarts and has integrated insulation to keep foods and drinks cold for up to 10 days. Other colors (including dark gray, light blue, navy and light gray) can be found here.

Promising review
: "I took this ice chest on a 3-day road trip. I liked it because it kept my drinks ice cold the entire trip with only 1 initial ice addition and the next day some snow addition. I left it alone after I got home (just to see what would happen) and by the 5th day the drinks inside were still icy cold (and delicious)! The ice was mostly melted by day 5 but it was still very cold water. I also liked the fact I could carry it by myself when it was full with ice and drinks. I'm 5'2" and not too strong." — JJ
Arctic Zone Titan zipperless cooler (9+ cans)
The unique design of this cooler includes a "zipperless" lid that flips open, allowing easier access to your favorite drinks and snacks. Your ice will also stay frozen up to 2 days. The interior lining is super leak-proof and it has an adjustable shoulder strap with a shoulder pad for comfort. It comes in four size capacities: 9, 16, 30 and 48 cans. Colors include dark blue, lime green, teal and light blue.

Promising review:
"I have now owned the Arctic Zone Titan 9 for several months. I bought it to use as a lunchpail at work. I have a very physical job, and work 12 hour shifts so I carry extra food to get me through the day. When I get home every evening the ice pack that I placed in the cooler over 12 hours ago is still frozen, and I have no problems with any of my food or drinks getting warm during the day, even though I leave the chest in the cab of my truck while I work, and we were having 100+ degree days back to back for several weeks. I highly recommend the Arctic Zone Titan 9." — Steve B.
Igloo retro cooler (25 quarts)
The compliments will come pouring in once everyone sees you carrying this colorful picnic-style cooler at the beach this year. It comes in five multicolor designs and holds 25 quarts.

Promising review:
"I love this cooler so much, it's the perfect size for a nice beach day or any outdoor excursion. It also looks incredible in pictures, and I get so many compliments on it when I bring it with me! Would buy again in a HEARTBEAT" —Morgan Spanopoulos
Yeti Tundra cooler (45 quarts)
If you're looking to splurge on a heavy duty cooler, look no further than Yeti. This cooler holds 45 quarts, so you can fit up to 26 cans and ice. It has three inches of commercial-grade insulation to keep your drinks chilled and extra thick walls to stand up against bears. It comes in multiple colors, including yellow, navy, white and tan. It's also highly recommended by experts we've spoken to.

Promising review:
"Superb cooler. As good as advertised! Could not be soon to be wife bought this for my stage golf day and didn't disappoint. I put ice in on Friday and some is still in there on Monday. Well worth the purchase!” — DonCobra
RTIC hard cooler (45 quarts)
For a less expensive 45-quart option, RTIC's hard cooler fits the bill. It has three-inch foam insulated walls to keep your items fresh and a cool-lift design to keep your ice intact longer. Color options in this size include light blue, gray, tan and white.

Promising review:
"Amazing cooler that also functions as my boat seat with the additional RTIC cooler cushion. Can spend all day on the lake in the Texas heat and still have ice in it 4 days later. Built like a tank and is a little heavy loading in and out of the boat and have no doubt this cooler will last a lifetime. Super pleased." — Michael Hodges
Coleman wheeled cooler (60 quarts)
Give your beach sips the carry-on treatment and store them in this wheeled cooler that has a retractable handle. It can hold up to 47 (!) cans with 30 pounds of ice, perfect for your next backyard or beach hang. It comes in two shades of blue.

Promising review:
"I purchased it for long camping trips. Recently used it to store food for my 5 day trip to Colorado Rocky mountains. I am impressed. Even after 5 days of my trip, half of ice was there and the food was frozen. I would definitely recommend it." — Maria Shoaib
Driftsun ice chest (75 quarts)
Keep your ice frozen for days in this 75-quart cooler. It has three inches of commercial-grade insulation and a freezer-grade gasket to keep cold air in. There are also tons of useful features that will make this cooler a summertime favorite, including two stainless steel lock plate bottle openers, non-slip rubber feet, a pressure release valve and a no-leak drain plug. It comes in coral pink, gray, seafoam green, tan and white.

Promising review:
"Needed a good grade cooler that will keep things frozen for 3 to 4 days while traveling. This is the ticket!!! Put a bag of ice in it & frozen fish & made our 3 day trip back home, the fish was rock hard. Then the family came in on the fourth day for pick up & the filets were just like they were when I took them out of the freezer!!! Love it!" — Shelby625hp
Coleman wheeled ice chest (100 quarts)
100 quarts is a lot. But sometimes the most exciting festivities call for that much room. This wheeled, fully insulated ice chest can hold up to 160 cans. The six-inch wheels are durable and built to last, and it also has built-in sunken cup holders that keep your drink safe. It comes in gray and blue.

Promising review:
"This cooler holds a ton of frozen food packages and bags. We moved and loaded our all the contents of our fridge and freezer into this massively large cooler on wheels! Was the best experience using as nothing defrosted during the 4 hour drive to our new house. Also, this cooler makes it easy to load up on the bevy of cold items we get for the 2 hour driving trips to Costco. Highly recommend!" — health guy

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