8 Home Goods From Etsy That Could Be From A High-End Design Store

Refresh your home decor with the help of the maker-driven platform.
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Turkish towel, sculptural candle, and linen placement set from Etsy

The start of a new year seems to come preloaded with the desire to refresh. New year, new beginnings. For some folks that may spur a new workout regime or a new hobby. For some it might mean a change of career or relationships. For us, it’s all about refreshing your home decor — out with the old and in with the new.

Bringing in unique pieces that spark joy — as a certain famous Japanese lifestyle guru once said — is a sure way to start your year off right. Rather than looking to big box stores or chains for your refresh, why not turn to independent designers and artists?

Etsy has been a go-to for emerging design since its inception in 2005. The platform makes it easy to give your home an air of cool, so we’ve rounded up our favorite unique decor pieces from the platform to jumpstart your new home look.

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A cheerful art print
A home isn’t quite a home without art. However, art is often prohibitively expensive. Thankfully several artists offer prints of their work for a fraction of the price of the original. David Shrigly, a British visual artist with a keen sense of humor, offers up several prints of his work that are sure to cheer up your space. Our favorite, “When Life Gives You A Lemon”, will definitely bring a smirk to your face. All works are printed on luxe 200-gram Munken Lynx paper and come unframed.
A curvy full length mirror
The resurgence in the Memphis design movement in the last few years has sparked a renewed interest in all things curvy and swervy. If you’re a fan of the pop-y look you’ve surely found yourself swooning after Ettore Sottsass’ infamous ‘Ultrafragola’ mirror. Originally produced in the 1970s, the undulating mirror has spurred countless curvy mirror takes. Turkish design shop Metal Design World has a bevy of Memphis-esqe mirrors to choose from, but their minimal take on the maximal classic is a breath of fresh air. Trimmed in a slim line of either white or gold this mirror is available in several different sizes to best fit your space. With prices ranging from $152 to $1,215, this piece is still an investment, but thankfully the price tag is nowhere near as eye-popping as the original.
Turkish bath towels
New towels every now and then are a must. Why not opt for something out of the ordinary next time you need a refresh? Loomed in Turkey, these 100% organic cotton terry cloth towels are ultra-absorbent and ultra-adorable. Jazmine says in their review that these towels are “absolutely gorgeous, well constructed, and incredibly soft!” These towels are great for a long bath, a beach day or lounging poolside. Woven multi-color pops in flamingo pink, soft sage green, pumpkin orange, cerulean blue, sandy yellow and more will brighten up even the most basic bathroom.
Linen placemats with scalloped edges
If entertaining is on your mind this year then new table linens are just the thing to inspire a dinner party or get together. FabricSG has an array of really special napkins, placemats, tablecloths and more. Based in India, this shop is stocked with cheerful prints, organic natural fabrics and even custom embroidery options. Their scalloped edge placemat set is a great jumping off point for a new look. You can make a matched set for a classic set or mix and match for a little fun.
A set of sculptural candles
Decorative candles have surged in popularity in the past year or two. Let them stand in as a sculpture or burn them to highlight special occasions. SoyCandleNYC specializes candles are made from natural organic top quality soy wax, dye and fragrances. In a variety of abstract shapes and soft colors, these candles are sure to please.
A shiny mushroom lamp
Itching to see things — excuse the pun — in a new light? Well, a new lamp is definitely a quick way to change the look of a room. Just right for your bedside, desk or sideboard, these mushroom table lamps will inspire any interior design enthusiast. Reminiscent of Giancarlo Mattioli’s Nesso lamp or Verner Panton’s Flowerpot lighting series, this fresh take on the look provides soft, ambient light for any room and adds a cheerful splash of color. Reviewer Sandra called it “so stinkin’ cute” and said it “came exactly how it was pictured.” Available in seven colors and with a US, EU, UK or AU plug.
A circular velvet throw pillow
These round pillows are a fun twist on the classic square options out there. “I’m obsessed with my cushion,” wrote reviewer Kira, who added that “it’s just so soft and tactile and looks so gorgeous nestled amongst all the boring squares on the bed.” Choose from several pretty shades — the canary yellow and bright cerulean blue are standouts — in plush velvet.
A wall-mounted magazine holder
Is your reading pile getting out of hand? Cookbook collection taking over your kitchen counter? Enter these stylish wall mounted organizers that enable you to show off your collection while making space. “Absolutely love these” raved Stephanie Ehrlich in a review, who explained that, as “an interior designer [she] would definitely recommend these for clients! Extremely well made, sturdy, elegant, sleek and functional.” Choose from a variety of colors and widths to show off your collection in style.
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