The Best Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who Don’t Drink

There are tons of outside-the-box gifts that aren’t alcohol.
Minnetonka slippers, pasta maker and portable Apple watch chargers.
Minnetonka slippers, pasta maker and portable Apple watch chargers.

In a recent brainstorm, we realized many people in our department shared the same hot take: We’re tired of seeing whiskey stones in gift guides for dads. Lots of us have sober loved ones; others have parents that simply aren’t big drinkers. Whatever the case, we all agreed that there are so many thoughtful options for Father’s Day presents that aren’t bar accessories or anything alcohol-related.

Inspired by this conversation, we decided to make a robust roundup of presents for your pop that don’t include, require or even reference booze. They range in price point and general vibe to hopefully include all types of dads, but they’re all awesome options to celebrate your old man.

We hope you find something for the father and father figures in your life to celebrate your love and appreciation for them, sans suds.

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An at-home carbonating machine to make your own seltzer
If you have a sober dad or a dad that sticks to soda, he'll probably get a kick out of this carbonating machine that lets him make seltzer at home. Say goodbye to buying endless cans of La Croix. With this handy tool, the bubbles will keep on going.
A heated smart mug to keep his java hot
This temperature control smart mug from Ember is called a "game-changer" by many reviewers. He can control the temperature with his phone and ensure that he has a piping hot cup of coffee or tea regardless of how long he spent chasing kids and pets or rushing off to work.
A record cleaning kit for a dad with a huge vinyl collection
Perhaps your pop is a big record collector. He'll love this Vinyl Buddy set that includes all the tools and fluids he needs to clean his records while keeping them safe and protected.
Our Place
The Our Place cast iron Always pan for literally everything
You may already know about the Our Place Always pan and how it can be used for boiling, brining, simmering, searing, baking frying, searing and so many other things. But did you know they make a cast iron one now? Yeah, your home chef dad probably needs one.
A heated lunch box to take warm meals on the go
If you dad works outside or simply out of the house, he'll love this heated electric lunch box that warms up food in about 30 minutes. He can charge it in the morning or the night before as he packs up lunch and enjoy warm food on the work site.
A cookbook holder to keep recipes visible
For the dad that loves a cookbook, grab this wooden holder that will prop open the correct page, letting him see the recipe as he chefs it up. It's good-looking enough that he may keep it in his kitchen even when he's not cooking.
A JBL portable waterproof speaker that can run for 12 hours
Tunes, beaches, pools, hanging out — are these things your dad likes? This waterproof speaker is great for playing music outside or in the elements and can run for up to 12 hours between charges.
A beloved Manta sleep mask for dad naps
If your dad is like my dad, he can probably fall asleep in any location, even with all of the lights on. Still, he'll probably enjoy this totally adjustable Manta sleep mask that forms around his eyes and ensures a comfy fit.
A pizza stone for the best homemade slice
A while back, we spoke to a bunch of pizza makers about making the best pies at home. Instead of expensive pizza ovens, they all recommended some version of this steel sheet called a "pizza steel" that gets hotter than a pizza stone and gives a more consistent bake.
Or a pasta maker for A+ home cooking
If your pop is more pasta than pizza, he'll love this hand-crank pasta maker previously recommended to HuffPost by cookbook author Nadia Caterina Munno. One reviewer called this simple machine "The ONLY non-electric version to buy!"
A business card holder he can put on his desk
Business dads can be pretty hard to shop for. We love this sleek, minimalist card holder that he can put on his desk at work or at home to have his cards ready. Networking never stops.
A Cuisinart waffle iron for the best breakfast-for-dinner
I'm not saying dads make the best breakfasts, but I'm not not saying it. Treat your old man to this budget-friendly Cuisinart waffle maker and enjoy breakfast at all times of the day.
L.L. Bean
A comfy flannel robe you can get monogrammed
A blanket he can wear around, these fleece robes from L.L. Bean will last forever and feel even more comfortable with time. Best of all, you can personalize it with his initials or just "Dad."
A Carhartt lunch box he'll be happy to take around
A lunchbox a dad will be happy to be seen with? Sign me up. This insulated Carhartt lunch bag holds up to six cans and will keep food, snacks or drinks super cold during work or on a long day on the golf course or boat.
A backyard fire pit for ample outdoor vibes
At 21 inches wide and 14 inches high, this compact fire pit is great for even super-small spaces. It has a mesh lid to contain embers and sparks, which dads will love to hear, and it's great for roasting marshmallows and setting a cozy vibe.
A portable Apple watch charger he can put on his keys
Did you know they make portable compact chargers for Apple Watches? We didn't either. This baby comes with a clip so your dad can keep it somewhere handy and have his watch ready whenever he needs it.
Or a standing hammock to relax in the sun
Encourage dad to take a load off with this compact hammock and stand set that's nine feet long and four feet wide. It holds up to 450 pounds, comes in over 35 colors and patterns and is totally adjustable so he can be as high or low as he pleases.
An inflatable hot tub for relaxation and fun
It's an inflatable hot tub your dad can set up in his own backyard — need we say more? Fitting two to four people, this inflatable tub has 120 bubble jets with a digital control that lets him heat up the tub before he gets home. It measures about 6 feet in diameter and comes with a nine-foot cord.
A fancy post-shave balm he woundn't buy for himself
This sandalwood-scented aftershave balm hydrates beards and mustaches and nourishes skin after shaving. It's a treat your dad probably wouldn't buy for himself but nonetheless will really appreciate.
A cold brew maker to turn his kitchen to a café
Save your dad money at the café and get him this sleek cold brew maker. He can simply fill the middle infuser with his favorite ground beans and enjoy icy java all week long.
ForeverMy at Etsy
A minimalist bracelet showing off all his kids or grandkids
A little sentimental without being too overbearing, this personalized adjustable cord bracelet lets you add a bead for every kid, pet or grandkid in your dad's life. It's easy enough to wear every day, but sharp enough to sport to dinner or an event.
Minnetonka slippers he can wear all year
Comfortable and durable, these Minnetonka slippers have a rubber hard sole so dad can wear them outside to grab the mail or walk the dog. They last forever and come in a bunch of colors so it'll be easy to find his perfect fit.

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