These Are The Low-Maintenance Sofas That HuffPost Pet Owners Swear By

Clawing, chewing and shedding are no match for these durable couches.
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Few things in life can spark a flurry of conversation like products that make pet ownership easier. This was certainly the case last week, when a HuffPost staff Slack channel erupted with suggestions after an editor asked his colleagues for recommendations on the best low-maintenance sofas that do well with furry friends.

For one brief, glowing afternoon, reporters, editors and other staffers shared the pet-friendly couches they keep in their own homes, accompanied with real-life examples of how they’ve kept up over time through clawing, chewing and shedding.

While a new couch can certainly be a splurge, the pet owners of HuffPost say that the high-quality, good-looking couches ahead will stand the test of time (and teeth). After all, if you’re going to be spending some serious cash on a couch, you want something that your beloved four-legged pal will not destroy in a day.

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Article Timber leather sofa
HuffPost senior reporter Lydia O'Connor loves her leather Timber couch from Article. "[I] have no pet hair issues with it! My long-haired cat sheds a ton," O'Connor said. "Leather will cost a bit more but it ages so well, I feel like it's a good investment."
Ikea Morabo leather couch
Senior editor Claudia Koerner is a "big fan" of her Ikea Morabo couch, and said that it "wipes down great with hair, also baby/toddler spills."

Koerner added if you have a really clawing pet, this may not be the one for you, but as a longstanding couch that's chic and easy to clean, it's otherwise a great option. "I got this give years ago and it’s held up really well," she said.
Lovesac Sactional couches
If you're really looking for your forever couch, senior photo editor and dog owner Chris McGonigal recommended building your own "Sactional" from Lovesac.

"I know they are insanely expensive, but I'm so happy with our Lovesac Sactional couch. We had such a specific set of requirements and being able to be modular was the perfect fit for us, and I feel like it's gonna last forever, even after two kids and a dog all over it all the time, and you can just wash the covers if you need. Taking them off isn't as easy as they show, though, but it's doable," he said.
Joybird Lewis sectional
If you aren't in a rush to replace your current couch, senior reporter Alanna Vagianos recommends the Lewis sectional from Joybird. As the company makes most of their orders on demand, it can be a couple of weeks (or months) before you receive your purchase.

"We got this in Merit Dove and it’s been amazing with Donut [an English bulldog] and all her hair/psychotic zoomies. Not cheap but worth it, in my opinion," Vagianos said.
Article Soma sofa
Wellness editor Lindsay Holmes also has an Article sofa. She said the Soma style, with durable textured fabric, has "been great holding up against [my puppy's] paws/nails so it doesn't really scratch or pill." She says this style is less effective at repelling pet hair, and may not be the best option for a house with multiple heavy-shedding pets. "It definitely does a good job of making it LOOK like pet hair isn't your third roommate, but I do have to vacuum it every day," she said.
West Elm
Harris two-piece sleeper sectional
For her angelic but heavy-shedding dog, senior shopping writer Lourdes Avila Uribe likes this Harris two-piece couch from West Elm, and suggests opting for the tweed or basketweave fabrics. (She has the chenille tweed in storm gray.)

"For whatever reason, [my dog's] hair doesn't get caught in it, and she has long white hair that's always shedding. The fabric is super hardy, really takes a beating," she said. "Mae is always on it... and also so is me, LOL."
Raymour & Flanigan
Arlo two-piece sectional sofa
Another staffer recommended looking at Raymour & Flanigan, noting that the store offered her a years-long no-questions-asked protection plan that included cleaning or replacement. (This staffer asked to remain anonymous.)

HuffPost's head of visuals, Christy Havranek, agreed — she has two dogs and a long positive history with the brand. "We’ve used Raymour & Flanagan many times over the years in both apartments and houses, and we always find something that works," she said.

Havranek currently loves her Arlo two-piece sectional, noting that the color is a lot softer in person. However, she says this may not be a good option for pets that claw or tear at furniture a lot.
Burrow Nomad 5-seat corner sectional
HuffPost personals editor Noah Michelson — whose Slack request prompted the outpouring of recommendations for pet-proof furniture — hasn’t chosen a sofa yet, but mentioned that he‘d heard good things about Burrow’s chic, midcentury-style sectional. “Good reviews re: pets!” he wrote.
Not a couch, but potentially crucial: Purrdy Paws soft nail caps
Regardless of what couch you choose for a home with pets, news editor Lilli Petersen recommends these adorable and functional pet nail caps from Purrdy Paws. She uses them with her own dog to keep it from scratching up furniture.

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