Animal Groomers Recommend The Best Pet Shampoos For Cats And Dogs

Shop hypoallergenic shampoo bars, sensitive skin-friendly formulas and shampoos just for shedders.
An argan and vitamin E shampoo, nourishing shampoo bar and soothing shampoo for cats and dogs.

Whether grooming time for your pet is an enjoyable experience or a slightly stressful one, you’re going to need a shampoo that’s not only pet-safe, but makes bath time worthwhile.

Finding the right one can be easier said than done considering that the number of available pet shampoo formulas is pretty overwhelming. According to Joshua White, a specialized dog groomer and co-founder of famed Los Angeles-based Dogue Spa, the time and research required is worth your while.

“A good shampoo matters because you want something that [will] be specific to your dog and their skin and coat. Each dog is different and each dog breed is unique to itself,” White said, adding that, in general, he prefers formulas that are natural, sulfate-free and paraben-free but also affordable.

This is also the case for cats. As Whitney Bullock, a certified feline master groomer and owner of The Charleston Cat Groomer, previously told HuffPost: “Regular grooming prevents matting, pelting, excessive shedding and hairballs, along with just making the cat look and feel better.”

White mentioned that regular grooming has the potential to be a fun bonding experience for you and your pet as well as an essential element of care. If you need some help finding a shampoo that meets the specific needs of your cat or dog, help is here.

Just ahead, we gathered a selection of pet shampoo brands and formulations used by White and other expert groomers. Shop options for pets with sensitive skin, luxuriously scented facial washes that will remove stubborn tear stains, and more.

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A deshedding shampoo and conditioner set for dogs
Jess Rona, dog grooming expert and owner of Los Angeles-based Jess Rona Grooming, said that she "really loves" iGroom products, especially this deshedding and detangling set for dogs. "They're hydrating and leave the coat soft and clean," she said.

This pH-balanced formula by iGroom is specifically formulated to loosen tangles and unwanted undercoat, while also preventing new ones from forming. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain multiple extracts to add shine, volume and health back into coats.

Ani Corless, grooming specialist and founder of New York City-based Luxury Groomer, agreed that using a conditioner is as equally important as using a shampoo. In fact, she said that she starts the bath with a conditioner, then after a rinse, washes with shampoo and finishes with another conditioning.

"This does a few things, but in short it protects that sebum layer which is the basis of the health of that hair and skin," she said.
A soothing shampoo for cats and dogs
"The Tropiclean Spa line makes a good all around cleanser that can be used on almost all dogs," Corless said. This particular shampoo, which can also be used on cats, contains a nourishing combination of mild coconut cleansers, soothing cucumber, protective vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, which can help bind hair follicles and seal in moisture. It claims to leave behind a luxurious and lasting aroma of kiwi, an ingredient that also adds a dose of hydration to the formula.
A sensitive skin-friendly shampoo for dogs
Corless said that she also uses products from Pride + Groom, a small New York City-based business that makes natural and specialized grooming formulas for dogs. This shampoo crafted just for sensitive skin and coats contains ingredients like calendula extract to help address irritation, follicle-nourishing quinoa extract for treating dandruff, and anti-fungal lavender oil.
A specially shampoo for non-shedding dogs
This is another shampoo option from Pride + Groom, and it's intended for non-shedding dog breeds. It's a nourishing combination of conditioning oils like jojoba, avocado and flax seed, as well as hydrators like glycerin. The formula also contains hydrolyzed quinoa, a multi-functional ingredient that can promote shine.
A facial shampoo for tear stains
Another specialized shampoo from the Tropiclean Spa line, this lightly foaming facial cleanser for cats and dogs is specifically made for targeting stubborn tear stains around the eyes for and mouth. The naturally derived coconut formula also helps to brighten fur and fade discolorations, all while leaving behind a vanilla blueberry scent.
An argan and vitamin E moisturizing shampoo for dogs
Joshua White, specialized groomer and co-founder of famed Los Angeles-based Dogue Spa, said he also approves of iGroom's line of luxury pet care because "it has no harmful ingredients, it’s great quality and also very affordable."

This particular shampoo for dogs is perfect for dry skin and coats thanks to the ultra-hydrating argan oil and protective vitamin E combined with a unique blend of cleansers that create a rich and creamy lather.
A hypoallergenic shampoo bar
If you are planning on bathing your cat, Maria Drechsel, lead groomer and owner of Calgary’s Fabulous Feline Grooming, previously told HuffPost that a hypoallergenic shampoo is a must — and preferably one that doesn't leave a residue on fur that could potentially be ingested when your cat licks themself.

OUR PICK:This gentle-lathering shampoo bar for both cats and dogs is formulated with coconut oil to be great for skin and conditioning the coat and rinses out easily and cleanly. Using a bar over a liquid can also make it easier to suds up your animal while they are wriggling around or trying to escape.
A pH-balanced shampoo bar
Our pick: Corless said that a good shampoo is one that's pH balanced, but also is formulated to feed the skin and hair as well, remove dead cells, and protect the sebum layer. This shampoo solid by Ethique is a natural and waste-conscious option just for dogs that is pH-neutral and won't leave any waxy residue behind. The lathering formula contains neem, coconut and lavender oil to help soothe sensitive skin and leave coats nourished.

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