The Best 2023 Planners To Buy This Year, According To Expert Planners

These planners, journals and desk calendars will keep you organized and help you achieve your goals.
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Papier, Erin Condren
The Papier weekly book planner and the customizable "Life Planner" from Erin Condren.

Starting the new year off with a fresh planner is one of my most highly anticipated annual traditions. It keeps me organized, on schedule and on top of important day-to-day tasks as well as long-term goals.

Professional planners also appreciate the benefits of of committing their schedules and to-do lists to paper.

David Tutera, a Los Angeles-based wedding and entertaining expert, feels accomplished when completing his to-do lists: “There is something motivating about being able to break large tasks down into smaller bite-sized pieces and check them off,” he told HuffPost. “At then end of the day, you’ll always be able to find a sense of accomplishment looking back at your list.”

There have even been studies to support this claim. They attribute a particular neurological response that’s associated with an increased likelihood in carrying out and completing goals once they are written down.

Event planners and fellow hyper-organizers like myself have come together to provide you with the upcoming selection of planners, agendas and journals that can help maximize work flow and keep you on top of things this year and beyond.

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Paper Source
A tear-away wall calendar and weekly desk planner
"Plan your larger goals in months or quarters. [With this] yearly planning tool you can view several months at a time and block off the weeks you have to plan for big projects. It’s impossible to work on everything at once, look at your entire year, then write down smaller tasks or to-do items in your weekly planner to accomplish each day." – Katherine Lawrence, professional organizer with Space Matters

Both of these gold accented calendars feature perforated tear-away pages and space for notes and to-do lists.
A premium Japanese notebook
"I don't use planners. I like making lists and checking things off. I keep my lists in one notebook until it's full. That does two things: it helps to make sure I'm not losing little slips of paper with important to-dos or notes on it and it allows me to look back at a later date to reference information." – David Tutera, David Tutera Planning & Events

This straightforward spiral bound notebook has 80 micro-perforated and college-ruled sheets. At the top of each page there's also ample space for a date and header to make content and notes easier to find.
A large Gallery Leather monthly planner
"I love my Gallery Leather monthly planner so that I can see one month at a time. I use it for meetings, calls, and important dates. I have used them for at least a decade and have all past years together in my bookcase. It's a great reference for taxes and other random quick references to what you did in the past year. Since it’s monthly, it’s only 12 pages to give you a quick at-a-glance." – Brooke Sheldon, event planner and owner of Lilybrooke Events

Elegantly bound in a durable faux leather that can be monogrammed, this large 92-page planner features monthly-at-a-glance pages, followed by ruled pages for notes.
A Parisian-printed classic agenda
"I got this as a gift and I LOVE IT. I plan the necessary parts of my life (work, doctor’s appointments, social plans) on my phone, but I love planning my artistic endeavors in a physical paper planner. This one gives lots of blank space (but with guidelines, which is important) to have flexibility, whether you’re designing a new home or planning out your knitting projects. Plus, it’s beautiful and is perfect for Francophiles." –– Kristen Aiken, head of HuffPost Life

Crafted in Paris using a dwindling traditional printing method, this agenda from Astier is a whimsical take on reflecting and planning each day of your week. Each cover also has a unique color scheme.
An undated bullet journal
"The perfect planner for my busy lifestyle. As close to bullet journaling I’ll ever get. The layout is excellent, as I’m able to get an overview of my entire week as well as a section for habit-tracking and for misc notes. Can’t go to any other planner now!" –– Tawabzy, Amazon reviewer

The Clever Fox planner is designed to increase productivity, manage your time better and help you achieve personal goals. It features a weekly overview in addition to a monthly spread and is filled with ample space to take notes and articulate both short and long term goals.
A weekly tear-away desk planner
"I am obsessed with stationery brand Papier and have used a number of their planners and journals over the years. I just started this weekly one at the beginning of the year and so far I'm feeling very organized. It has tear-off pages so it's great for to-do lists! It's very satisfying to rip out and throw away the previous week's list on a Friday." –– Emily Ruane, shopping managing editor

Set in a foldable and protective cover that lies flat for writing, this 9.5-by-7-inch desk planner offers weekly planning on easy-to-read pages with a notes and task list section running alongside each week. The perforated pages are easy to tear away as you move through the year, making it simpler to keep track of the weeks, and you can find tons of cover art options to match your aesthetic.
Erin Condren
A customizable detailed spiral planner
"I like the Erin Condren LifePlanner because it's so customizable. You can choose the cover color, font, and layout that works best for you, which is great if you're someone who likes to be very organized. And since it's spiral-bound, it's easy to flip through quickly." – John Anderson, co-founder of Lifeline Wedding

This detailed 12-month planner is broken down by weekly at-a-glance sections to schedule appointments and to-do lists, along with notes and productivity pages at the start of each month. You can choose from four different interior design options as well as academic versions for students or binder-style planners.
A tabbed weekly and monthly planner
"All of my friends would describe me as a hyper-planner and my calendar and notes app in my phone would agree. But there's just something about having a physical planner that makes me feel like I have my life together and so far. Out of all the planners I've owned (and sometimes forgotten about) over the years, this is my favorite one. It's vibrant and I like how it has sections for each month where you can lay out your goals and visions. I'm big on writing and speaking things into existence and this planner helps with that." – Kristen Adaway, shopping writer

This flexible weekly planner features 12 months' worth of lined weekly views and monthly guided content, all organized with color-coded tabs for easy month-to-month flipping. It also contains an interior paper storage pocket.
A weekly hardcover planner with pre-monthly at-a-glances
This beautifully made planner from Papier feels like you're holding a hardcover book and has been my planner of choice for nearly four years now. Behind the customizable and monogrammed cover (for which the art options are truly endless), this 13-month diary starts each month with a page for notes, goals, important dates and a task list, while each week is formatted in large, easy-to-see sections for appointment-making and deadlines. A ribbon bookmark also keeps your place, so you can spend less time flipping to the most recent week.
A large monthly at-a-glance planner
"[This is] really the best of yearly appointment calendars. Yes it was $20, but if you're an organized person, it's a secure way to keep track of your life and it's worth it. If your free calendar from the gas station falls apart or your overpriced phone stops working you'll wish you bought one." –– Edward Fukatsu, Amazon reviewer

Great for long term picture planning, this no-fuss agenda contains 15 months with each month spread out over two bleed-resistant pages. It also contains additional pages for jotting down important contacts and notes.
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