34 Bestselling Kitchen Products So Many People Have Bought, It's Time You Finally Tried Them

Smart finds many readers and reviewers just like you have bought, so why haven't you?

When you find an amazing kitchen product, you want to recommend it to everyone you know. That’s the sign of a truly good find. So when looking for new great products, it’s always good to start with bestsellers. These are tried and true products that readers and reviewers have bought, tried and loved, thus giving them a giant stamp of approval.

That’s why we’ve turned to them to find some of the best kitchen products so many people have bought. Here are 34 cleaning, cooking and storage products it’s time you try because they will make your kitchen even better. What’s stopping you?

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A pack of six dishwasher tablets
Running even just one of these through a cycle will help eliminate any buildup in your dishwasher and those stains it keeps leaving on your clean dishes.

Promising review: "Started getting white streaks all over my dishes. That never happened before. Thought it was my detergent and changed it, but no difference. Clean dishes with this weird white film on them. Wash them by hand, then put them back in the dishwasher, and white film again! Then I did an internet search to figure out what was going on (a dishwasher is an incredibly simple piece of machinery.) Found this! Bought it. Used it. Dishes are clean again!" — Carey Holzman

Get it on Amazon for $5.99.
A rapid egg cooker
Breakfast becomes instantly easier and more delicious with this gadget, which doesn't take much more effort than pouring a standard bowl of cereal. It makes tasty omelettes plus hard-boiled, poached and scrambled eggs in a jiffy! And all the non-electric parts are top rack dishwasher-safe, which means cleanup's just as low-effort as cooking.

Promising review: "I saw this on a BuzzFeed list and, even though I am a fully functioning adult who has never had trouble cooking eggs, I had to have it. I have not been disappointed. It makes especially lovely, perfectly round omelets with minimal cleanup required. Hard and soft boiled eggs cook evenly and taste great. The poached eggs are tender and melt in your mouth over toast. As other reviews have mentioned, the timer alarm is LOUD. Like, a fire alarm mixed with an incoming nuclear missile alarm, but make it about 12 times louder. There's no way to turn it off, so prepare to muffle it up with some cotton and tape if you want to keep your ears. It's the perfect kitchen appliance. I grin from ear to ear every time I use it." — Sonnet A. Fitzgerald

Get it on Amazon for $16.99+ (available in six colors).
A Guac-Lock
Made to squeezes all the air out of your guacamole, this container means that you don't have to scrape off a brown-ish layer of goo when you go to eat leftovers. You may only be able to eat so much of your favorite avocado concoction in one night, but now you have an excuse to make a little extra to enjoy through the week! No need to bother with any other half-baked hacks that theoretically keep gauc oxidation at bay.

Promising review: "Rarely do I buy something that delivers 100% of what they claim it will. I'm happy to report that this completely lived up to my expectations. Truth be told, it works even better than I expected it to. I made a batch of guac a week ago. Two or three times during the week, I unlocked it, dipped a chip or two and then re-locked it. After a week, the guacamole is as fresh as if I made it this morning. I typically make a batch of guac each week and use it as a snack or as a spread on sandwiches. I also typically throw out one-third of the batch because it spoils before we can eat it. Not any more. I estimate the food I'm not wasting will actually pay for the Guac-Lock in about a month." — mhogan

Get it from Amazon for $18.54.
Some fizzing bottle cleaning tablets
Use one of these tablets to loosen the seemingly permanent gunk from your travel coffee mugs, water bottles and pots so you can keep enjoying your favorite drinks the way you did when they were brand-new.

Promising review: "I have achieved this level of clean by hard scrubbing with tons of vinegar and baking soda, but these tablets just pop in and do all the hard work for you. I drink tea every day but it stains my cup. This has infinitely extended the life of my mugs." — Erin Fleming

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $8.
An easy-to-use iced coffee maker
Amazon, Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed
This transforms regular old ground coffee into delicious cold brew concentrate overnight. You just scoop some ground coffee into the screw-on filter, measure your water, stick it in the fridge and let it work its magic! One reviewer mentions that they made a mark on the outside for the water level, and now don't even have to bother with measuring.

Promising review: "I found this on BuzzFeed and decided to get it for my husband. In all our five years together, I’m not sure I’ve ever bought him something he loved this much. We use it every single day, and we have an infant, so it’s constantly working overtime with us. It’s easy to use, and we just throw it in the dishwasher once a week or so. (We basically empty it and just make more coffee.) Definitely worth it." — K J

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors).
A garbage disposal cleaner
This blue foam reaches every last nook and cranny of your garbage disposal, including the baffle's gross underside, to dissolve and wash away any and all smell-causing buildup.

Promising review: "Holy cow I didn't realize how easy and quick it was to clean a garbage disposal until I bought this product! Very simple instructions, literally takes five minutes and some hot water and VOILA! You have a clean, no-longer-stinky garbage disposal. The smaller bag lasted me about six weeks, as I didn't feel the need the clean the disposal weekly like the packaging recommended. But let me say that anytime I got a whiff of an odor, all I did was drop one of those packs in the disposal and the smell was GONE! Plus the blue foam bubbling through the sink was amusing to watch ;-). Worth every penny!!" — VadersGirl

Get a two-pack (eight uses) from Amazon for $9.98.
A space-saving cutlery tray
This tray capitalizes on vertical space to store the same number of forks, spoons, and knives as traditional cutlery organizers without taking up the entire drawer. Yes, this means you'll suddenly have a half-empty drawer to use for even more organizing!

Promising review: "So I stumbled upon this thing on one of those BuzzFeed kitchen gadget lists. The second I saw it I was intrigued. The wife and I were wanting a drawer separator for cutlery, but we couldn’t find anything that utilized space effectively. This thing is great at keeping things separated and is designed to use space well. We store our spoons, forks, and butter knives using this separator and still have space leftover in our drawer to store oddly-shaped utensils such as ramen spoons. It feels like the right tool to get the job done." — A.J.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.
A bag of powdered cheddar
You can use this for both DIY "box" mac and cheese (you'll never be limited by the size of that little packet again) and for sprinkling on whatever you deem needs a little cheesiness, like popcorn, potatoes, scrambled eggs and steamed veggies.

Promising review: "My 6-year-old son is super picky with his mac and cheese (as in, would only eat Kraft) so when he had to go gluten free it was one of the things he missed the most. We tried all of the prepackaged gluten-free ones and he hated them. We found that he liked Barilla brand gluten-free elbow pasta so I needed to find a gluten-free cheese to go with with it. This was a hit! I mixed it with a little milk and butter, and he ate two bowls. This is real cheese, all-natural ingredients and they suggest keeping it refrigerated. I'm glad we finally found a replacement for his mac 'n' cheese!" — Naomi A. Dejesus Howard

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.
A wood polish and conditioner
Get ready to make your long-neglected cabinets and wood tables gleam like they haven't for years now, and all it takes is a simple wipe-on, wipe-off.

Promising review: "Words cannot express how thrilled I am with this product. Dry, scuffed cabinets now look like NEW. You can watch this stuff work in seconds before your eyes. My bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen cabinets look like they were professionally refinished. This stuff is no joke. I actually feel stupid that I let the wood go so long without touching it up. It’s so easy, I shouldn’t have waited until the wood looked terrible." — Julie G

Get it from Amazon for $12.47.
A bottle of Mike's Hot honey
Experienced home chefs and newbies alike will obsess over this — it makes adding just the right flavor to all kinds of dishes, from fruit to chicken to ice cream to pizza, almost too easy.

Promising review: "I was a skeptic, but now I AM a believer. This mixed up honey is absolutely fabulous. I ordered three bottles more after my initial order. Why? Because it is really good on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Soft pretzels, toast, biscuits, waffles, cereal, yogurt, ice cream, and definitely pizza. Gives everything in your kitchen a small kick of sweet heat flavor without burning your mouth. I have told many of my friends about this magical elixir and they all agree — this is the BEST specialty honey any of us have ever had. Don’t hesitate to buy it. It is absolutely wonderful stuff. I most HIGHLY recommended!" — Jeff R. Clow

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.
A set of two miniature spatulas
They reach into even the deepest corners of makeup bottles and food jars so you can use every last bit of product. Besides saving you money in the long run, these spatulas also accommodate your habit of procrastinating grocery store runs, because yes, there is enough jelly left in the jar for that piece of toast, thank you very much.

Promising review: "So worth it! I'm so happy with it. You will definitely save money using this. I think about how much I could have saved if this was invented 30 years ago. I mostly use it for small makeup jars. I tested out the longer one on a 18-oz lotion and it worked fine. Some reviews complain about not being able to get every curve and corner of their container. ..oh please.! You get so much more than you would without it." — Liz

Get the set of two — one with a 6-inch handle, and another with a 12-inch handle (for different tasks!) — from Amazon for $11.99.
A filtered produce-saver container
Amazon, Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed
This actually does keep berries, lettuce, cucumbers and all sorts of fruits and veg fresh for two full weeks, meaning you'll actually be able to enjoy eating them before they go bad!

Promising review: "LOVE LOVE LOVE these! My favorite thing about these is that it keeps my lettuce crisp and fresh for weeks not days. I've been able to buy bunches of lettuce and keep them in the fridge for several weeks. I keep the second container for strawberries, asparagus, blueberries, etc. and it keeps them fresh for way longer now. I'm not worried about having to eat my strawberries in two days now. Will definitely be buying more in the future. Totally worth every penny and super easy to wash and dry." — Jessica

Get a set of two from Amazon for $42.99.
A wine saver
This vacuums all the extra oxygen out of your partially-finished bottle of wine so it still tastes delicious up to a week after opening. So yes, you can open a bottle and drink only one or two glasses a night until it's gone, instead of pouring out the excess you couldn't finish after two nights.

Promising review: "My wife loves red wine. I don't. This means that when we open a bottle, she's had to do one of two things. 1) Drink it all at once. This leaves my wife in a pile on the bathroom floor. No fun. 2) Leave it open. The cheap stuff we buy goes bad pretty darn fast. This was a nice cheap vacuum that worked well and held a seal on a variety of sized bottles. My wife can enjoy a glass a day all week and not feel guilty about it going bad. I won't say that it's saved my marriage or anything like that, but it's nice little addition to our kitchen." — John

Get a set of one pump plus two rubber "corks" from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in four colors).
And a Champagne/sparkling wine stopper
Preserve all those precious, delicious bubbles for another night — no more pouring flat quarter-bottles down the drain the next morning. Just press it down until it seals, snap the two metal side-wings beneath the bottle's lip, then press the button on the top to pump out any extra air. Your bubbly will keep in the fridge for up to a week or so!

Promising review: "I love this stopper. It works better than anything else I've tried at keeping Champagne carbonated. The longest I've used it is five days and when I open the bottle it was still very fizzy; probably about three-quarters compared to when it was first opened. It can be a little tricky to make sure you get the sides snapped on but once you learn the trick it works great. When you take it off be sure to have your hand or a towel across the top as it has a lot of pressure." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $10.49+ (available in two colors).
A bacon sponge
Green City Living / Etsy
This will save you at least three paper towels every Sunday because it absorbs all the grease and drippings, then easily washes clean in the sink with just a little hot water and dish soap.

Green City Living is a Denver-based small business that carries all kinds of eco-friendly things for your home. Even better? They donate 1% of sales to Climate Emergency Fund, an organization that supports climate activists.

Promising review: "These are amazing!!! They work! And no stains!!! I was concerned that since I don’t use Dawn or a big-name brand dish soap, my earth-friendly soap might not cut the grease as well, but that was not the case! My bacon sponge is perfectly clean and spotless! I love it! So glad I ordered two! I couldn’t be more pleased!!!" — cattealover

Get it from Green City Living on Etsy for $12.
A genius OXO measuring cup
It has measurements marked at an angle in the middle, letting you see from above how much you've poured in -- no need to squat and peer at the side (unless you feel like it, of course — it still has measurements printed on the side, too). If that's not enough, it's also dishwasher-safe and features a soft-grip handle and an angled nozzle!

Promising review: "Our old liquid measuring cups were beginning to get worn and very hard to read. I had seen these angled measuring cups before and wanted to give them a try, so I bought two (2-cup versions) to replace our existing cups. I've only gotten to use them a handful of times, but I can already tell you they are better than traditional measuring cups. I have good eyesight, so reading a traditional measuring cup isn't a problem. However, I've always disliked having to lean over to watch the cup fill up, or start/stop filling to make sure I have what I need. With the overhead reading, I can pour my liquid in and know exactly when to stop. In my opinion, this is the only way measuring cups should be made in the future." — SK

Get it from Amazon for $8.95+ (available in three sizes).
A small rechargeable milk frother
Take your homemade coffee drinks to the next Starbucks-worthy level in a matter of seconds -- no need to invest in a fancy and complicated steamer situation.

Promising review:"I’m a barista at Starbucks so obviously I know how I like my coffee. For a while I was using an immersion blender to froth my milk for my morning cup of coffee, but it just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I finally bought this frother and I’m so so happy with it!! It doesn’t need to be plugged in so it takes up way less space. It is a lot quieter than the blender, and I can use any size cup I want because the frother is so small. Not only can I heat up my milk for a hot coffee, but I can also use it just the same with cold milk for my iced coffee!! Highly recommend this product!!" — Heather Michael

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in 36 colors).
A three-in-one avocado tool
You definitely need this if you eat at least one avocado a week — you'll be able to cut it open, pit it, then slice each half into seven perfectly even pieces before you can say "toast."

Promising review: "I’ve owned mine for over three years now and use it regularly at home. The knife is more than sharp enough to cut an avocado in half quickly and easily but not sharp enough to cut skin. I’ve let my 10-year-old granddaughter use it all the time since she was seven. Pitting couldn't be easier or safer: three slightly rounded, blunted, recessed blades grab the pit, and the finger hole allows you to push it out easily. My blades are still fine after three+ years. Then in one fast easy motion I have seven even slices of avocado ready for my sandwich or salad. I didn’t even need to scrape it out with a spoon." — Tony C

Get it from Amazon for $9.82.
And a carton of Flavacol salt and butter flavoring
This is the exact same thing movie theaters use to make their popcorn taste so darn good. Just mix a little bit with whatever oil you're using, pop that popcorn and enjoy. Several reviewers say a little goes a long way, which makes sense since this is meant to be used with those large popcorn machines!

Promising review: "I used to use Flavacol during my time working at an amusement park and popping popcorn for hungry guests, so I knew this was what the 'professionals' use. I am happy to report that using this does make your popcorn taste like it was just popped at a movie theater. I like to put a little bit of oil on my kernels, mix in some Flavacol, and then add it to the pot of oil on my stovetop when it's hot enough (as opposed to sprinkling it on top of freshly popped corn, which I could see easily accidentally adding too much). It also means that I'm no longer loading up my popcorn with additional toppings like butter or plain salt. Yum!" — Kate R

Get it from Amazon for $9.80.
A collapsible microwave popcorn maker
A low-waste alternative, this popcorn maker is great because it takes up basically zero storage space. Dump in some kernels and your favorite oil or butter, let the microwave do its thing, then enjoy nomming on it directly out of the bowl.

Promising review: "This is a fast, effective and low-cost means to prepare popcorn. I got tired of paying a premium for microwave popcorn packets at the grocery. I didn’t want another appliance on my counter to air pop either. This was the perfect solution. I use inexpensive bulk popping corn, no oil or salt. I pull the Salbree out, expand it and add 1/4 cup of popping corn kernels in the base to the full line. I put it in the microwave for 3+ minutes and listen for the kernels to stop popping. Using the cool handles I lift it out of the microwave, give it a minute to cool and add just enough butter to give it flavor. Then I eat right out of the same bowl I cooked in. When done I dump out the few kernels that didn’t pop. I wash it out with dish soap and hot water, let it dry and then put it away for next time. Economical, safe, less oil and salt and only one bowl to clean. No new appliance and no metal in the microwave. Pure genius. A great value." — RobG

Get it from Amazon for $14.90 (available in 23 colors).
The iconic Instant Pot
It can seriously cut down on the amount of time it takes you to make a meal. We're talking under 20 minutes, even if you're starting with frozen meat — and that meal's bound to come out incredibly delicious.

Promising review: "This is quite possibly the coolest, most versatile kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned. I love it so much that I’ve purchased two more for friends and relatives. What can it do? I think the real question is 'What can’t it do?' I truly believe you could replace every cooking appliance (including your oven and stovetop) and do EVERYTHING in the Instant Pot. I purchased two sizes for my own use: the 3-quart (which is my almost-every-day workhorse for two-person dishes) and the 8-quart (which I bring out to handle my dinner party dishes). Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous. In the realm of kitchen appliances, there is no better investment than the Instant Pot. Highly recommended!!!" — Stereoman

Get it from Amazon for $79.95+ (available in four sizes and two styles).
A set of containers
These are super transparent, shatter-resistant, leak-proof and airtight, so your leftovers or meal prep game becomes a true work of art (and your soup or salad dressing never ends up seeping anywhere unwelcome). The heavy-duty plastic containers are safe for the microwave, freezer and dishwasher, too. They even have little vents you can open so you can microwave with the lid on, preventing splatters!

Promising review: "Best upgrade! We'd been using plastic storage containers from the grocery store, where you pay $8 and get a bunch from a plastic bag company. My husband HATED those. They would stain, leak, or smell — even after they were cleaned. So when I saw these on BuzzFeed, I ordered a kit. We love them!Easy to clean, certain foods don't stain, not one leak has happened — and we eat soup and stir fry a lot for lunch. I immediately ordered five more so we could have a total of eight. We tend to do lunch at work 4/5 days. It was perfect. Also, the food seems to stay a bit fresher too, because of it being airtight. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for a good set of storage containers." — Amazon Customer

Get a 10-piece set on Amazon for $16.88.
A reusable silicone zip bag
Use this to pack snacks and sandwiches, steam veggies in the microwave and even seal up sous vide (if you're fancy enough to cook like that), all without adding a plastic baggie to the trash each time or buying a new box of plastic bags on a regular basis. Plus, they're dishwasher safe!

Promising review: "I've tried a LOT of reusable bags as there are a lot of options out there all using a variety of materials. The fabric ones just get gross over time. The vinyl ones are hard to clean and aren't usually dishwasher safe. There are other silicone ones that need a separate rod to close them that you can easily lose. This one is the most simple and easy to use. No separate pieces to lose. Can withstand any temperature/microwave/dishwasher/whatever. And if they get gunky they are very easy to clean and I trust that they aren't hiding gross crumbs in any of the crevices." — Megan A.

Get a sandwich-size bag from Amazon for $11.99+ (also available in half-gallon, snack, or pocket sizes, a bigger "stand up" size, or a bundle of four sizes).
A variety pack of microwaveable pre-seasoned beans
You'll find dozens of different ways to enjoy these because they're so darn easy: Add 'em to soups and stews, enlist them as an instant side, spread them on tacos, spoon them over a bowl of rice... You pretty much can't go wrong here!

They're made by Black-owned, San Francisco-based bean brand A Dozen Cousins; the pack includes a bag each of black beans, pinto beans, chickpea curry, red beans, refried black beans, and refried pinto beans. Everything's vegan and made with avocado oil.

Promising review: "Who writes a review about beans? Somebody who loves beans but had given up on them, until now. This is a great product. Canned beans from my local supermarket are always a disappointment, so I stopped getting them. I don't have time to cook beans myself, but A Dozen Cousins beans are fresh and taste terrific. I've been trying to avoid packaged, processed foods but the natural ingredients make these different. I can feel good about eating them. The beans are whole and not mashed up liked in cans. All of the varieties are seasoned well and versatile. I've had them on their own, in salads, and in wrap sandwiches. Do yourself a favor and order some. You won't regret it." — Amazon Customer

Get a pack of six from Amazon for $24.99 (available in 10 varieties packs).
A set of clear stackable fridge bins
These will help motivate you to get your meal prep on or help everyone else actually put ingredients away in the proper place. The set comes with six bins: two narrow, two wide, an egg carton and a beverage can holder.

Promising review: "Excellent organization system! I once opened the fridge often, always looking for something I hadn't seen the last time I checked. The thing is — I often found something new because it just wasn't organized in a functional way. Now, with this system, I find what I'm looking for the first time. And when a bin is empty, I know I need to buy more of that product and just ask my smart home to add that item to my shopping list. Very grateful for the sense of calm and control that this fridge organization system has given me, and for all of the food that is no longer going bad in the back of the fridge!" — Chelsea T.

Get them from Amazon for $34.99.
A pair of little plastic apples
These are made to absorb ethylene gas, which initially causes produce to ripen but eventually causes it to spoil, meaning that if you drop one of these apples in your produce drawer, all the produce there will last soooooo much longer (or at least long enough so you get to eat it all!).

Promising review: "These little things are huge when it comes to extending my produce life, across the board. My lettuce NEVER lasted this long (a full month and still crisp and no browning!) even with the green bags I used to use. My avocados just stay green for weeks on end. I have to take them out just to get them to ripen. How is that possible?! My jalapeños, alfalfa sprouts, cabbage, zucchini and squash, ALL last weeks on end. That’s major money savings for my household, as I typically throw away half my produce that goes bad before we can eat them. Anyway, they truly work. You can’t go wrong. I am beyond pleased." — RHR Paige

Get a pack of two starter Bluapples from Amazon for $13.99and a one-year refill pack for $11.99.
A pineapple peeler, core-r and slicer
It'll basically pay for itself if you eat lots of pineapples because you can stop paying markup prices for the pre-cut packages.

Promising review: "What a great little tool I didn't know I needed! It's very easy to use and it really does work. You can core a pineapple in about 10 seconds, it's great! So far, I've noticed two ways to do it: one where you send the corer all the way through the pineapple (this way is messy but easy because everything slides right out) or you can put the corer almost all the way through and yank out the core (less messy, a little more challenging). I've been using it the first way over the sink. Love this thing!" — LisaRi

Get it from Amazon for $13.17.
A brilliant edge brownie pan
With this pan, nobody has to be the polite and take the too-gooey center piece. This way, YOU get an edge, and YOU get and edge, and we all get edge pieces! And eight lucky people get CORNER pieces, but that's twice as many as a regular pan.

Besides brownies, it works well for non-dessert dishes that improve with crispy edge bits, like mac and cheese, lasagna or casseroles. A spatula and some brownie recipes are included!

Promising review: "My mom loves brownies. Growing up we'd fight over the corners and edge pieces, because those are our favorite. I bought this pan for my mom, and she loves it. Every piece is an edge, so there are no 'bad' brownies (not that the middles are bad, just a bit inferior to the edges in our opinions). When I visit, we all get as many edges as we want. I gave her this pan eight years ago and it's still in great shape." — ANM

Get it from Amazon for $36.95.
A nonslip rubber jar opener
Effortlessly open the stubbornest of lids with just a simple twist — both now and literally decades from now.

Promising review: "These work when nothing else does. I stole one from my mom 20 years ago when I moved out. I have used it numerous times for all these years, and it just gets better as it gets older. It will open anything, and makes my grip strong. I always wanted another one to keep on my RV. Then I found these — same product! Every home should have at least one." — Dianne

Get it from Amazon for $4.32.
A splash catcher mat
Two Lilacs Studio / Etsy
Put this around your faucet, so you completely avoid that pesky gross puddle that always seems to collect there every time you do the dishes. They're machine washable, too!

Promising review: "LOVE these splash catchers! They save me from having to chase the puddles that form around the base of our faucet before they start creeping over the counter. Made well with neatly finished edges, and packaged with gift-ready care. Highly recommended!" — Alina

Get one from Two Lilacs Studio on Etsy for $12+ (available in four sizes and six colors).
A Dash air fryer
Enjoy all the crispy, flavor-packed deliciousness of your favorite fried foods with this — even when you buy 'em frozen from the grocery store — with a fraction of the fat, effort and time. Think wings, fries, even veggie side dishes, made tasty and in 20 minutes or less!

Reviewers say this 2.6-quart size is best for one to two people; if you're feeding a group, they also make a larger, 6-quart size.

Promising review: "I love this air fryer! I think I’ve used it nearly every day since I got it. I’ve cooked wings twice, a pork chop, chicken tenders, pizza, okra — it’s so versatile and I have zero complaints so far. I have the small one but it is the perfect size for one person; to give you an idea, I was able to cook 10 chicken drumettes at one time. If you love fried food but don’t NEED the fried food, you will love it!" — Ami Lagergren

Get it from Amazon for $49.99 (available in five colors).
A spray cleaner
Use this to get your stainless steel appliances shining in less than a minute. All you have to do is spritz them a few times, then wipe them down with the included microfiber cloth.

Promising review: "AMAZING Cleaner!!! I saw this on BuzzFeed and bought it right away. This product delivers on its promises. I used it on my fridge to get rid of fingerprints my son left from two years ago and it worked! Not only did it finally remove the prints easily, there was no chemical smell. A little goes a long way. I wish I had discovered this sooner!" — Agnes P Lau

Get it from Amazon for $11.85.
A Rapid Ramen Cooker
Sometimes you just want to enjoy a hot, cheap and delicious meal fast, with the most minimal dishes possible. Yes, this is the same cooker from Shark Tank! (The company now makes all kinds of rapid cookers, so take a peek if you're a regular oatmeal or brownie eater.) And they're all BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Promising review: "Possibly the best thing I have ever purchased. Like legit, it cooks the ramen perfectly and it's super easy to clean. I gave the red one to my friend who is also an avid ramen lover. I don't even put the flavoring in anymore — I can just mix in kimchi with some fish and it's like using spaghetti. Seriously sweet when you don't want to clean up a million pots and pans or wait or sweat your butt off over a hot stove." — P Y

Get it from Amazon for $10.49+ (available in 15 colors).
A soy wax candle
Specifically designed to eliminate any lingering cooking or pet odors, you'll have peace of mind owning this candle knowing your kitchen will always smells clean even if your nose is blinded by time (and love).

Promising reviews: "We moved into a house that stood empty for over a year and whose previous owner did not do a great job of cleaning up after pets. The kitchen smelled like cat pee, and NOTHING we tried could touch the odor. I found this candle via BuzzFeed, and I 100% recommend! The odor is gone after two days. Buy this candle, you won’t regret it!" — Meghan Arbuckle

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in 33 scents).
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