A Deluxe Version Of The Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner Is 30% Off Today

This fan-favorite device has a deluxe version that's "saved rugs" — and it's on mega-sale at Amazon.
The Bissell Little Green Pet Deluxe carpet and upholstery cleaner is on sale at Amazon.

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Accidents happen. And if you have pets or kids in your home, they happen daily. Instead of crying over spilled milk or stains on your upholstery, grab a Bissell Little Green Deluxe portable carpet cleaner right now for less than a $100 at Amazon — a price that’s the lowest it’s been on Amazon in a year.

To target smaller messes and stains, this portable upholstery and carpet cleaner can spray, scrub and suction away dirt and grime (and dirty water) from all sorts of surfaces. Use it on rugs and couches as well as your stairs or in the car to get muddy paw prints and fluids out of upholstery and and carpets with ease.

This deluxe version comes with a unique stain-trapper tool that keeps pet and other liquid messes inside of the tool, rather than circulating around in the machine potentially causing odor or bacteria build-up.

It’s easy to carry and lightweight, has a separate clean water tank and a dirty water tank that can both address many messes before needing to be refilled or dumped, and comes with two products for added cleaning power. The machine’s 3-inch tough stain tool suctions and scrubs through stains around your house and car.

See some promising reviews ahead or grab one today and don’t miss out on easy cleaning for your carpets, furniture cars and inevitable pet messes.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“I was a little skeptical, but this machine got stains out of my carpet and couch that I had totally given up on. Even stains that I had tried to wash out several times with various sprays! We had an elderly dog, and I felt like I was scrubbing the rug every day. This tool made it so much easier and it is more effective than an other product I tried. Super easy to use, and very portable for using on stairs. Really changed my cleaning game.” — Molly

“This is the most amazing little green machine! I have two German Shepherd dogs that have both had various types of accidents on the rugs that I have down. Just spraying them with some cleaning liquid never seemed like it cleaned things as well as it should have and never felt like it was completely clean. Saw this available for a cheaper price than usual and purchased it. What a GREAT purchase this has turned out to be. Not only does it clean up the carpeting I have but the solution makes the house smell marvelous. I could not quite believe how dirty the water was when cleaning this carpeting up but feel like the house is much cleaner than it was in the past. It has removed most of the dog mess spots Would definitely purchase again.” — Lorraine H.

Saved my rug!! I have a large cream colored rug that has had a lot of use over the years. High traffic area, coffee drips, and general stains.
I’m getting ready to move and was trying to decide if I needed to toss my 12x18 rug. I thought it be would be worth trying to save it, and spending $100 was a small investment since this cleaner could be used in so many ways.
To say I was surprised is an understatement. After two years of living with these old stains, imagine watching these spots disappear easily. This cleaner gets rid of old stains so easily,
I would highly recommend you invest in this cleaner. Especially helpful if you have kids or dogs, or if like me, you have a tendency to be messy in your 50s.” — Paula W.

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