Bringing Hygge to Midlifers to Combat Winter Blues

Bringing Hygge to Midlifers to Combat Winter Blues
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Midlifers, Generation-X-ers and some Baby Boomers, comprise the largest group that is blatantly ignored in so many ways. We feel it when we notice the lack of visibility for midlifers in popular culture and advertising. We are spoken to as a side note, bundled into a package that is wrapped in the costume of an 18-35 year old. We are represented sparsely in the arts, though masterfully by our peers who have managed to extend careers beyond the industry average.

One buzzword for this winter is a term adopted from Danish culture: Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). It has many interpretations, but the most straightforward is "enjoying life's simple pleasures." At Introductions by Diana Singles and Social events, we embrace this idea every time, year-round: sharing space graciously, with friends and new acquaintances; Creating our little moments of warmth, welcome and enjoyment just because we can. We exist for one another in those moments and we come together to expand our social circles, stretch our mingling legs and sometimes even to meet someone deeply interesting, sparking friendship and often more.

We've made it through another holiday season and we're heading into the cold days of winter. For midlife singles, this can be the part of the year we suffer the most. Introductions by Diana was made for hygge and made specifically for an often overlooked demographic - come out to an event and see for yourself. You will be personally greeted and introduced by Diana and you are promised a lovely, engaging, welcoming time.

In Boston on January 21st, IBD will be getting deep into the spirit of hygge with our kickoff Social Club event at Kika in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Kika is a very cool, contemporary, mod restaurant with a really unique, wonderful atmosphere with decor based on the incredible films of Pedro Almodovar. We'll be setting the mood with some great music, including Bossa Nova, Samba and great music from the 40's and 50's (think Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald). Guests should dress to impress: elegant, classy and comfortable. Dinner fare will be Kika's delicious tapas and there is a full bar. Welcoming everyone will be your host, Diana, and her friendly event ambassadors. This team will help bring you right into the social scene of the event and work to make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and open to an entertaining, one-of-a-kind social event.

Kika, Kendall Square, Cambridge

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