You Probably Need These Bulk iPhone Chargers For Under $20

Ensure you always have a spare charger to juice up your devices.
Lightning cables and a three-pack of iPhone chargers.

The life expectancy of an iPhone charger rivals that of a housefly. Whether it gets broken, stolen, forgotten or chewed on, the more life happens, the fewer lightning cords you have to show for it. Because chargers are such a fleeting commodity, it’s not a bad idea to have some extra ones around at all times.

To save you money and the stress of searching for an extra charger when you’re headed out the door, we rounded up some of our favorite charger multipacks, all for under $20. Get a charger for every room of your house, for your purse, car and gym bag and for the general peace of mind that you shall always have a charge.

Some packs contain cords and a charging box, while others are simply the cords and some are just the box, yet all are here to ensure you always have a spare charger, any time you need one.

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A three-pack of 6-foot USB-C cables with charging boxes
Never worry about finding a charger or a wall block again with this set of three USB-C wall charging blocks and three 6-foot lightning cords. In addition to the white color pictured here, the brand offers charging blocks in a variety of color combinations.

Promising review: "My expectations weren't high as usually chargers I buy online stop working after a week or 2. Not these! They have held up, super fast charging and I'm glad to finally have quality charges again!" — michelle
A three-pack of 10-foot USB-C cables with charging boxes
Never worry about weirdly placed outlets or your phone dying just as you're about to solve Wordle with this set of three 10-foot charging cords. They each come with their own fast-charging block, giving you one less thing to fret about. These work with a variety of iPhone models, but they specifically promise to deliver a 70% charge in just 30 minutes to iPhones 12-14.

Promising review: "These chargers work EXACTLY like the newest apple chargers. They are so fast and the length is perfect. I am genuinely so impressed." — T
A two-pack of USB-A cords available in three stylish colors
From Amazon’s eponymous line of household essentials comes this highly-rated Apple-certified charger available in either three-foot or six-foot lengths. It's equipped with Apple's C89 chip that enables faster charging while preventing overheating, and it comes in three pleasing colors that will ensure your unique cord won’t get lost in the shuffle. Stock up on the two-pack and keep cords handy in multiple places throughout your home.
A three-pack of colorful 6-foot USB-C cables with charging boxes
Perhaps if everyone's chargers are color-coded, it will be harder for your spouse or kid to take yours? Well, we can dream. These three wall blocks each have a 6-foot cable that's color-coded so you can attempt to stay organized. They're said to charge up to three times as fast as a basic 5-watt charger.

Promising review: "These are great!! My daughters and I all have our own and they work great! These charge fast and look pretty while doing it." — Brii Diaz
A set of five 6-foot USB-C fast charging cables
You can't go wrong with a classic. This set of five 6-foot USB-C cords is perfect for keeping around your house or in your car (it can reach the back seats). Each has been tested against over 10,000 bends to ensure maximum durability.

Promising review: "You can’t beat this deal… 5 cords, all work perfectly and exactly as described and most importantly GREAT PRICED! Ordering these keeps me from having to go to the big box store and get charging cords every few weeks or so OR paying way to much for gas station charging cords." — Natasha Johnson
A set of five foot-long fast-charging lighting cables
For cords that are easy to travel with and won't get tangled, this set of five wrap up nicely and won't take up too much space — each one is only 12 inches long. It's the perfect cord to keep on a bedside table or to keep in your car, as it won't get all knotted, even with lots of use. Each one is threaded with high-quality copper wire.

Promising review: "Not really sure why I didn’t think to get these years ago but wish I hadn’t waited so long. If you’re like me and use CarPlay but only need to look at your phone while it’s plugged in once in a great while, then this cord works perfectly. Short enough to give a clean look but coiled enough to get to where you can see it if you need to." — Brian
A colorful five pack of USB lighting cables in different lengths
Variety is the spice of life, or in this case, the spice of charging cables. You'll love this set of colorful cords that come in 3, 6 and 10 feet. Use them for different rooms of your house, different family members or whatever else fits your fancy. These cords are bend-resistant, can be plugged and unplugged over 10,000 times and, according to the manufacturer, can charge faster than most standard iPhone cords.

Promising review: "It’s a great pack! Love the color options and size lengths. Gave the purple to my mom (not my color). Have one for clients, one in my car, one by my bed, and another for travel. I do not have that turtle neck problem at all! Durability is great!" — Jessica Flores
A set of 10 USB wall adapters
Never stress about having a wall adapter again with this set of 10 charging cubes. The input works with all USB cords, so you can use these blocks with cords for your phone, speaker, e-cigarette or any other device. These are 100-220 voltage, with a fireproof shell and overheat protection for your devices.

Promising review: "These are great replacements for when you can’t figure out how you lost the old ones. These are well made and fit cords snuggly. Will buy again, great value." — Sean Patrick Duggan

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