13 Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Unique And Heartfelt

If you're a bridesmaid or groomsman on a budget, these gifts for couples are thoughtful and not too expensive.

It’s an honor to be in a friend’s wedding. A very, very expensive honor.

A national survey of more than 2,000 people by the website Bankrate.com found that members of the wedding party spend an average of $728 on gifts, travel, attire and other wedding-related costs. Bridesmaids and groomsmen in the Northeast spend even more: an average of $1,070 for the shower, the bachelor or bachelorette party and the big day.

When it comes to gift-giving, what can you get brides and grooms that’s thoughtful, creative and budget-friendly? Below, we came up with 13 affordably priced gifts sure to make an impact, whether you’re in the bridal party or not!

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Customized Photo Book, from $18
If the couple had a wedding hashtag, take all those tagged photos and give them the photo book treatment. Social Print Studio prints out bound, hardback photo books with customizable covers. Get a customized photo book from $18 to $65.
Ring Holder, $27
Give their new bling a place to rest with this pretty, rustic ring box. Get a personalized ring box starting at $27.
Cookbook, varying prices
Chronicle Books
A cookbook tailored to your friends' taste in food or particular diet (vegan/vegetarian, keto, gluten-free) is always a good idea. If the couple are big bakers (or just baked goods lovers), consider Tartine's latest, which The New York Times named one of its best baking cookbooks of 2019.
Get "Tartine: A Classic Revisited" for $40.
Customized Couple Portrait, starting At $25
To score cute points, get them a custom couple portrait. Get a personalized couple portrait starting at $25.
World Map Corkboard in Frame, $49.99
World Market
For the couple with a serious case of wanderlust, gifts don't get any more perfect than this pushpin world map to mark where they've traveled together. Get this pushpin world map for $49.99.
Experience-Based Gift
Robert Alexander via Getty Images
Chance are, gifts are piling up in your pal's home post-wedding. Instead of another physical gift, opt to give them an experience-based gift, whether it's a cooking class (companies like Sur la Table offer them around the country), a luxe spa day or a session of goat yoga! Head here for more idea for experience-based gifts.
Customized Christmas Ornament, $14.99
Commemorate their special day with a keepsake ornament. Get this customized Christmas ornament for $14.99.
Engraved Charcuterie Platter, $59.56
There's nothing cheesy about this gorgeous, custom engraved cheese or charcuterie platter. Get this engraved charcuterie platter for $59.56.
Create Your Own Reel Viewer, $29.95
Why let all the photos your friend has taken over the years sit on Instagram when you can put them in a cool, retro reel viewer? Get the Create Your Own Reel Viewer from $14.95 to $29.95.
Herb Planter, $18-$25
For apartment dwellers, passive hydroponic garden kits make it a cinch to grow herbs indoors. Get this herb planter from $18 to $25.
Smartphone Unplug Box, $26
Encourage your friends to unplug and pay attention to each other instead of their phones with this handy device catch-all box. Get this unplug box for $26.
Monthly Subscription Box
Find a subscription box for something your friends are really into, whether it's video games or trying new foods (in that case, gift them with a Try the World subscription). Get a Try the World subscription starting from $39 a month.
Personalized Address Stamp, $25
Your poor friends have hours of "thank you" notes to write and send off. A personalized address stamp will make that process a tad easier. Get this personalized address stamp starting at $25.

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