‘Where The F?’ Chris Sununu Goes Hard With Brutal Question For Trump

New Hampshire’s Republican governor amped up his criticism of Trump ahead of his state’s primaries.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) went all in for Nikki Haley in the countdown to Tuesday’s Republican primaries in his state.

“We’re tired of losing!” he shouted at a campaign event on Monday in Salem, New Hampshire, for Haley, former President Donald Trump’s last major rival in the race. “We lost in ’18 and ’20. We were gonna get that big red wave in ’22.”

“Hey, Donald Trump, where the F is the red wave?” he added, referring to the anticipated big Republican midterm victory that never materialized.

Sununu has long been critical of Trump and endorsed Haley in December.

Though he’s campaigned heavily for the former South Carolina governor, he said earlier this month he would back Trump should he nab the GOP nomination — even if he were convicted of a crime.

Days later, Trump lashed out nonetheless, calling Sununu “very unpopular” and “politically dead.”

Sununu’s amped up criticism of Trump in the final hours before the primary included several other jabs.

He suggested that if Trump ends up as the nominee, President Joe Biden would probably win, according to Semafor’s David Weigel. (That’s a reversal of what he said earlier this month when he pledged to support Trump if he became the GOP nominee).

On CNN, Sununu also accused Trump of having “no energy.”

“The guy can barely read a teleprompter right now. All the wind is behind ... Nikki’s sails,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

In a final New Hampshire poll released on the eve of the primary, Trump still held a commanding lead over Haley. The Washington Post and Monmouth University survey put Trump at 52% support to Haley’s 34%.

Trump has been criminally indicted four times on a total of 91 felony counts.

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