Chrissy Teigen's Daughter 'Dr. Luna' Administers Real Ultrasound

"She mainly wants to work on animals but she feels like I'm pretty similar these days," Teigen wrote of her 4-year-old.

“Dr. Luna” had an important appointment to keep ― an ultrasound on her mother Chrissy Teigen.

Watch the adorable video, posted Monday, of Teigen and John Legend’s 4-year-old daughter holding the diagnostic tool’s transducer on her mom’s abdomen and watching the image of the fetus on the monitor.

Numerous reports last month confirmed that Teigen was expecting the couple’s third child.

Good thing Luna, er, Dr. Luna, is on the case.

 “Dr. Luna!” the model and “Bring the Funny” judge wrote on her Twitter post. “She mainly wants to work on animals but she feels like I’m pretty similar these days.”

It wasn’t so long ago that Luna was going to her first dentist appointment ― and now she’s a pretend medical professional helping her mom. You’ll be doing surgery in no time, kid!

In an Instagram video of the doctor visit, Teigen shared that anxiety was getting the best of her at times but “all is well.” 

She also reported another Luna milestone ― her first sleepover.