Coleman’s Bestselling Inflatable Hot Tub Is Over 50% Off On Amazon

You can save hundreds on the top-rated tub — and reviewers say it’s some of the best money they’re ever spent.
The Coleman portable hot tub is currently on sale.
The Coleman portable hot tub is currently on sale.
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Just in time for the end of summer and beginning of fall, this reviewer-beloved Coleman portable hot tub is on sale at Amazon for a whopping 56% off. The inflatable hot tub features a customizable heated water system that climbs to 104 degrees and a heavenly 140 bubble jets for your own at-home spa experience. Reviewers attest to its durability and affordability; as one reviewer wrote, for this price, “I’d buy it again in a heartbeat,” and that was before the discount.

The tub seats four and promises a fast, tool-free assembly — the perks of being inflatable!

A tip from reviewers: Add a projector and a screen to your backyard setup to enjoy some laidback outdoor movie-watching from the bliss of your tub. Relax your muscles and treat kids and adults alike to what’s sure to be the highlight of your backyard for many evenings to come.

Take a look at what Amazon reviewers have to say about it:

“This inflatable tub is AMAZING! I have a steep backyard and was told for years I couldn’t install a pool or hot tub. I’m not sure how I found this product … but I absolutely LUV IT! It’s perfect for my patio. It was quick and simple to assemble, fill with water and warm up. We set ours up about 7 pm and were enjoying the hot tub the next morning. The air jets are super powerful and run in thirty minute intervals. A SUPER GREAT product for the money. I LUV IT!” — WandaY

“Coleman, you’ve outdone yourselves with this item! Fought with my wife for months over buying this. I wanted a solid hot tub with all the fancy woodwork around it, the type that costs an arm, leg and both hands. After weeks of arguing, I bought it. So easy to assemble and it was kind of fun watching it take shape when I blew it up. It comes with everything including this cute little light. I live in Florida and it heated up to 104 within 6 hours. We have used it almost every night since buying and honestly I love it. It’s so sturdy my wife who has had 6 hip surgeries can sit on top of it then slide right in. She gets out the same way. Most definitely a 5-star item that I would recommend to anyone. We’re buying my mom one for her upcoming 75th birthday. I’m tired of calling the hot tub repairman to fix her old one!” — Tina Burnham

“...I love this thing. I use it almost every day. As long as you know the limitations which have been mentioned over and over, it is awesome...

Overall, some of the best money I have ever spent. This thing is engineered very well. It is built very well. And it is EXTREMELY easy to set up. I use 1 inch bromine tablets in the floater/dispenser and have had no issues with water quality. HAVE FUN!!!!” — john baker (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

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