Comedians' Video About 'Sanctimommies' Hits The Nail On The Head

This video won't offend anyone!

The funny moms behind YouTube channel The BreakWomb are known for their parenting humor. Along the way to getting more than 16,000 subscribers, they have seen their fair share of negative comments. Now it’s their turn to respond.

In a new video, the trio explained how their kids push their buttons and how they’re glad to be done with things like sleep training. In a jab at “any sanctimonious people or ‘sanctimommies,'" or people who regularly point out what the moms are doing wrong as parents, the trio added comical disclaimers to everything they said.

“Today’s video is a response to all the Sancti-mommy comments we get on our videos,” the moms wrote in an email. “These people drive us bonkers with their comments about how our comedy videos are deeply offending their sense of parenting.”

Do what’s best for you, moms and dads.

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