Cool Gifts For Girls Who Aren't Into Princesses And Dresses

Empowering toys for girls that aren’t about damsels in distress.

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We've rounded up a few unique gifts for the girls in your life.
We've rounded up a few unique gifts for the girls in your life.

Sugar, spice and everything…athletic, heroic, strong and nice.

It’s all too easy to instinctually grab a gift for a young girl in your life that’s emblazoned with sequins, tulle or princesses. But what are the best gifts for little girls that aren’t about those things? As the mom of three girls under 5 years old, it’s a question I ask myself every year when birthdays and holidays roll around.

These days, traditional gender norms are getting the boot. More than ever, girls (and their parents) are reaching outside for the “Pretty Pretty Princess” box for their new favorites.

If you’re looking for unique gifts for girls that aren’t about damsels in distress, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve rounded up a collection of gifts for little girls that have nothing to do with princesses.

Take a look:

Barbies, but not your mother's
Starting a list of non-princess gifts for girls with Barbie may seem cringe-inducing, but hear us out: Barbie is a bit more woke these days. Her most recent offerings include a variety of careers, body sizes, hobbies, ethnicities and gender neutrality. Browse the new lineup of Barbies at Target.
DC Superhero Girls toys and books
Girls are getting the superhero treatment they deserve — chances are high that the girls in your life don’t have a favorite princess, but instead have a favorite DC Superhero Girl. Browse the full lineup of DC Superhero Girls toys and books at Target, including this three-pack of action figures.
A Bungee Boingo, to get out some energy
Any girl will love one of these pogo stick alternatives. It squeaks, emits LED lights from the handlebars and is a good way to get out pent-up energy. Get it on Amazon.
LEGO Friends play sets
Encourage STEM learning with a fresh wave of LEGOs aimed to engage girls. They give girls everything they love about LEGO Friends sets and inspire them to build, imagine and create new worlds. Bonus: Amazon Prime streams an accompanying series . Snag this LEGO Friends Mia's Tree House play set at Target.
A fossil dig kit
Ross Geller of "Friends" would probably agree that paleontology should be gender-neutral, but for too long interest in dinosaurs has been a boys club. This fossil digging kit will ignite a love of digging, dusting and researching the best prehistoric finds. Get it on Amazon.
Crazy Forts, for a step above pillow-and-blanket forts
If you know a budding architect or engineer, equip her with the tools she needs — like these adaptable and versatile building pieces from Crazy Forts. Get them on Amazon.
Book to inspire her at any age
Whatever her age, there is a book to inspire her. Teach her about the alphabet and career possibilities, or to conquer her fears and be fierce. There are books to inspire her to join a league of extraordinary peers, and even books to encourage her to follow in the footsteps of a classic crime-solving badass.
A doctor's kit that folds into a pillow
Let her explore everything from medicine to biology while also learning to be confident in her own body. This compact doctor’s kit can take her one step close to being the next Doogie Howser. Get this plush doctor's kit on Amazon.
An indestructible writing tablet
A budding artist needs a permanently blank canvas, and these sleek LED writing tablets are just the ticket. They'll let her doodle at home, in the car, at restaurants and in a shopping cart … with minimal mess. Get it on Amazon.
A jewelry-making set for little hands
Coco Chanel may have instructed us all to remove one accessory before leaving the house, but it’s a new day. Today's girls can build hand-eye coordination, creativity and a unique sense of self with this comprehensive pop bead jewelry-making set that's perfect for small hands. Get it on Amazon.
This portable spaceship playset
You already know she’s out of this world and that she hung the moon, but now you can give her an introductory lesson to space with this precious playset.Get this set on Amazon.
For curious minds, a spy kit
This comprehensive spy kit has everything a budding detective needs. You can also toss in some real walkie-talkies to get her off and running. Get it on Amazon.