The 21 Coziest Father’s Day Gifts For Homebody Dads

Help your dad feel appreciated (and seen!) with these thoughtful gifts.
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Whether it be for Father’s Day, a holiday or birthday gift, I am definitely among the many who find it difficult to shop for their dad. However, I find that things get easier when I try to hone in on meaningful gifts that he’ll actually enjoy and that are representative of who he is as a person, as opposed to just grabbing a generic “man gift.”

And while whiskey stones and camping accessories are all well and good, not every dad is a big drinker or outdoor aficionado. So if you’ve got a gentle, indoor dad who appreciates creature comforts and little luxuries, like mine, then this Father’s Day gift guide is for you.

Below, I’ve rounded up the very best cozy and comforting Father’s Day gifts for homebody dads, from weighted blankets and an e-reader for quiet nights in to a luxurious new leather wallet, classic slippers, a neck and shoulder massager and much more. Each one will help him lean into a bit of self-care and, most importantly, help him feel loved and appreciated. What could be better than that?

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An aerating spout for his special wines
Wine aficionados know that this aerating spout is a must to truly get the most out of your wines. This spout in particular has a roomy aerating chamber and air intake system that infuses wine with just the right amount of oxygen and let it breathe. It has a tapered and ribbed rubber stopper that gives bottles a leak-free seal and a notched, slanted spout that won't drip all over the tablecloth. It can be easily taken apart and cleaned under running water. Pair this with a viewing of my new favorite show "Drops of God" and settle in for a perfect evening.
A perfectly nostalgic hot water bottle
I find that hot water bottles are evocative of a time when you’d get tucked up in bed by your parents under handmade patchwork quilts that had been crafted with love. If your dad is of a certain age, there is a good chance he grew up using them. They’re as aesthetically pleasing as they are comforting, cozy and deliciously toasty. There’s a reason they’ve been around for hundreds of years in some iteration or another; they’re a timeless way to warm yourself up. Take your pick of 10 cheerful colors with this popular hot water bottle. They're designed to hold heat for as long as possible, with a ribbed outer surface that helps maintain the inner liquid temperature while also protecting skin from heat.
A soft, luxurious and deliciously lightweight robe
Parachute's Cloud cotton robe is the perfect example of an everyday basic made more special. It has a lovely, delicate texture that is as cozy and comforting as it is stylish. It's the kind of thing dad would never buy for himself but deserves. Time to replace the ratty one he's been using for years with one of these beauties. It's available in seven colors and sizes XS to 3X.
A light-blocking sleep mask that won't put pressure on his eyes
Manta's sleep masks are ultra-popular thanks to their multi-tasking ability to protect the wearer's sleep. The adjustable eye cups mold right to the contours of the user's face to block out all the light without putting uncomfy pressure on the eyes. They're made with a breathable cotton strap that won't snag, with subtle closures and elastics to keep it secure and snug.
A big water bottle with a unique straw/spout opening
This stainless steel water bottle is ideal for using at home, in the car or on the go and an excellent way to help dad stay hydrated. It has a double-wall insulation that can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, a wide opening so he can clean it or add ice with ease and a base that will fit into most cupholders. It's available in three sizes and 14 colors.
Trade Coffee
A coffee subscription to Trade Coffee
Trade Coffee's gift subscriptions make it easy for coffee devotees to try myriad different kinds of fresh craft coffee from the comfort of home. It's ideal for a coffee-loving dad who wants to travel the world via his morning cup of joe without leaving his favorite lounger. It's a very special way to discover new coffees from some of the best roasters around.
A pair of classic striped Adidas joggers
You can't go wrong with these iconic striped Adidas sweats; they're great for lounging, running errands and more. They look crisp and stylish but couldn't be comfier. Get them in one of seven colors in sizes XS to 4XL.
A pair of warm wool house slippers
These Kyrgies house shoes are handmade by artisans in Kyrgyzstan using techniques that have been carefully perfected throughout the centuries. They're made with natural felted wool that is breathable, odor-resistant and long-lasting. They come in two neutral colors and have a classic, simple silhouette and style that will go well with any aesthetic. These unisex shoes are available in sizes 5-12.
Or, a pair of cushy cloud slippers
If the mere thought of wool is going to make your dad overheat, consider these plush, cushioned cloud slippers instead. They're wildly popular thanks to their comfortable shape and breathable material. They're lightweight, with a thick, shock-absorbing sole. I have a pair and they just couldn't be more comfortable. They're available in men's sizes 3/4 to 13-14 in 16 colors.
Indulge his love of coffee with a petite home espresso machine
Upgrade your old man's morning coffee routine with this stunning espresso maker. The Breville Bambino is just what he needs to make lattes, espressos and cappuccinos. Just be warned, he'll never go back to drip coffee again once he's got this beauty in his repertoire. It's definitely pricey, but it's a great group gift from siblings or a splurge that he will enjoy for years to come.
A chic new leather bifold wallet
Chances are high that your dad has been rocking the same tattered wallet for decades, making a fancy new one a great gift idea. This black Saffiano leather bifold wallet from A.P.C. has six card slots, one note slot, two patch pockets and an elegant twill lining. It's simple and high-end all at once.
An elegant phone charging station and catchall in one
I can't stop, won't stop singing the praises of Courant's chic charging stations. I happen to own the Catch:2, but can't stop thinking about this larger version. It comes in five colors in the leather finish and four colors in the linen finish. It makes it easy to keep phones and earbuds charged and looks good doing it.
A heated Shiatsu back, neck and shoulder massager
Everyone loves a little massage, even if they're not necessarily always achy. This massager has eight deep-tissue kneading modes and infrared heating that can ease muscle tension. It's made with mesh and faux leather that is breathable and easy to clean and has three adjustable speeds so your dad can customize his massage to his liking.
A soft new sweatshirt to add to his collection
Champion fleece sweatshirts remain some of the best in the game, and this timeless option is great for dad's more casual days. It's available in 8 colors and sizes S to 3X.
A Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
If your pop is an avid reader, then a sleek, lightweight Kindle is perfect for his bookworm needs. It has an adjustable warm light, a wide display, thin border, up to 10 weeks of battery life and quick page turns. It's easy on the eyes and even waterproof. Plus, it can be paired with an Audible subscription and is Bluetooth-compatible.
Dyson Pure Cool fan
This multipurpose fan and air purifier from Dyson is an absolute game-changer. I've had one for several years now and don't know how I ever managed without it. It eliminates pollutants while generating and projecting purified air into the room. The filter is easy to change, plus it removes odors and gases, has multiple strength levels and rotates. It's not cheap, but it's a really nice way to help your dad elevate the quality of the air in his home and feel comfortable at all times.
A temp-controlled smart mug
Perfect for the easily distracted dad, this temperature controlled mug keeps coffee and other hot drinks at exactly the right temp for as long as he needs. It has a long battery life and can be controlled via an app that can even send notifications. It's available in three different colors.
A chic turntable so he can enjoy his vinyl collection
Help a music-loving Dad make use of old LPs with a portable turntable from Crosley. It's the perfect record player to reignite his passion for vinyl. It has Bluetooth connectivity so it can easily pair with speakers, plus adjustable pitch control, three speeds and its own full-range speaker system.
A lovely cashmere sweater
No dad can ever have too many cashmere sweaters, and this one from Quince has a sophisticated, timeless crewneck silhouette that he'll enjoy for many seasons to come. He'll love it come fall, or, if he runs cold like my dad, will probably put it to use much sooner. It's available in seven colors in sizes S-XL, made with Mongolian cashmere and is deliciously lightweight, soft and cozy.
Our Place
A cool carafe for their desktop or bedside
With three colors to pick from, this gorgeous Our Place carafe is as versatile as it is beautiful. It has a custom-designed filtering lid along with a cold brew infuser and a wine aerator. He won't know how he went this long without one.
A pair of powerful binoculars
Who doesn't love to sit in their yard and peep at the visiting birds? A pair of binoculars will enhance the experience tenfold. These have a wide field of view, 12 times magnification, adjustable eye cups that can be worn with eyeglasses and an easily adjustable focus.

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