Crocodile Ambushes Buffalo And The Battle Of Wills Begins

The hungry reptile clamped down, but its prey attempted to reverse its misfortune in South Africa.

A buffalo that was ambushed by a crocodile in South Africa desperately backpedaled with the reptile clamped on to its nose. (Watch the video below.)

In a clip posted by the wildlife platform Latest Sightings on Tuesday, the croc’s attack on the buffalo at a dam scattered the thirsty herd. That left the croc and its quarry in a one-on-one struggle.

Bellowing in pain, the buffalo kept backtracking as it dragged the stubborn croc farther onto land. But the croc’s will eventually weakened and it let go, retreating to the water.

Observers in the video noted with a laugh that the buffalo then returned to the water, apparently hoping to take the drink it was denied earlier.

“Buffalo — 1, crocodile — 0,” Dr. Marc DeBerardinis, a California orthodontist who captured the encounter in the Lowveld region, told Latest Sightings.

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