'The Daily Show' Gripes About The Ways Climate Change Is Wrecking Christmas

Comedian Ronny Chieng is grumbling about climate change ruining Christmas trees, Santa's ride and booze.

Ronny Chieng loves to gripe ― even at Christmas.

The “Daily Show” correspondent reminded everyone that “Everything Is Stupid” in his regular segment on the show Monday, using his holiday special to highlight the ways climate change is coming for Christmas.

“Now, thanks to all these stupid world leaders not giving a shit about climate change, everything you love about Christmas is going to disappear. Starting with Christmas trees,” the comedian said.

Chieng grumbled about how rising temperatures, wildfires and drought have made it harder to farm Christmas trees.

“By 2050, they’re going to be so expensive that the tree will be the present. How are you going to trick kids into behaving that way? ’Listen, you better be good all year, or you’re not going to get a Douglas fir for Christmas.’”

He also moaned about how difficult it would be for Santa to travel around soon, given that the reindeer population has been threatened by climate change, and he complained about how pricey it’ll be to booze over New Year’s now that Prosecco grapes are being affected by extreme weather.

Listen to Chieng’s grinchy “Everything Is Stupid” holiday edition below.

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