Rock Legend David Crosby Uses Pee-Pee Analogy To Sum Up Donald Trump's Presidency

The musician also told CNN’s Chris Cuomo how he tackles Trump-supporting hecklers.

Rock legend David Crosby on Friday summed up President Donald Trump’s behavior in the White House with a pee-pee analogy.

The founding member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash told CNN’s Chris Cuomo he believes Trump has sunk to “a brand new level of low” because he has “no morals,” “no restraint” and “no intelligence.”

Crosby continued:

The way I see him is like a spoiled kid who’s gotten loose in his dad’s office, where he’s never been allowed to go, and he’s running around peeing on all the papers, saying “I’ll fix you guys.” He’s kind of like that. I think he’s doing us great harm.

Crosby also explained how he deals with Trump-supporting hecklers when on tour in “Trump country.” “It’s very tough,” he told Cuomo. “I don’t want to exclude anybody, but at the same time I don’t put up with any nonsense.”

“If I get somebody in an audience saying, ‘Hey, shut up and sing’ I tell them, ‘Hey look, I’ve got the microphone. You can’t win. We’re gonna extract you like a bad tooth if you keep mouthing off. Everybody around you paid to hear these songs, so we’re gonna do the songs and you’re gonna shut up,’” added Crosby, who is the subject of a new documentary, titled “David Crosby: Remember My Name.”

Check out the interview here:

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