Desi Lydic Mocks 'Whining' GOP Lawmaker's Desperate Bid For Trump's Attention

"The Daily Show" correspondent reveals who's trying a little too hard for the former president's VP slot.

Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic said the courthouse where Donald Trump is on trial in the Stormy Daniels hush money case has become a “pilgrimage site” for GOP figures hoping to snag the vice presidential slot.

“It’s like the Met Gala for people who don’t believe in women’s rights,” said Lydic, who is hosting this week.

“But of all the people who came out to support Trump, nobody ― and I mean nobody ― did it weirder than Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville,” she said.

Tuberville complained that the courtroom was “depressing” and causing Trump “mental aguish” as a result.

“Mental anguish?” Lydic repeated in disbelief. “This dude spends every day whining about how Gen Z is too woke with their safe spaces and now he’s out here like, ‘the wallpaper is giving the president trauma. These fluorescent lights are literal violence.’”

She also took issue with Tuberville’s claim that the courtroom is “depressing,” at least by New York standards.

Check it out on her Tuesday night monologue:

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