Woman Fatally Shot At Baby Shower After Altercation With Another Woman, Police Say

After Phebe Williams was killed, her son allegedly hit the shooting suspect with a car, Detroit police said.

A woman in Detroit was shot and killed at her niece’s baby shower after an argument with a longtime friend, family members said.

Phebe Williams, 53, was fatally shot Sunday by a woman who hasn’t been publicly identified, Detroit police Capt. Donna McCord said at a press conference Monday.

Williams’ son then allegedly hit the shooting suspect with a car. He was also taken into custody, authorities said.

Phebe Williams, 53, was shot and killed in Detroit on Sunday.
Phebe Williams, 53, was shot and killed in Detroit on Sunday.

Williams’ niece Shavonda Carter told local news outlet WXYZ that her aunt and the alleged shooter had been friends since they were children.

“I don’t understand why would she even pull a gun out,” Carter said.

Family members told the outlet that the women were arguing about one of Williams’ sons, who was also at the baby shower. The alleged shooter, who had not been invited to the shower, had reportedly accused Williams’ son of a crime and reported him to the police days earlier.

According to WXYZ, Williams hit the other woman, who then pulled out a gun and allegedly shot her.

“Y’all could have just fought. You didn’t have to pull a gun,” Carter told WXYZ. “There’s kids in the house. It’s a lot of people in the house, so why would you pull out a gun?”

McCord described the shooting as “senseless gun violence” and noted that the alleged shooter had a license to carry a concealed firearm.

“If something happens and you need police assistance, please call us. Let us deal with the situation,” McCord said. “Don’t take the matter into your own hands. If you can get away, get away. Call 911. Let us come in and handle the situation.”

McCord said the alleged shooter fled the scene and called police to turn herself in. The victim’s son allegedly followed her to the police precinct and hit her with his car as she got out of her vehicle.

The woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition, McCord said.

The shooting suspect and Williams’ son are both awaiting charges. In a statement to HuffPost, a spokesperson for the Wayne County Prosecutors Office said they have received two warrant requests in relation to the incident, and that more information will be available when a decision to charge is made.

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