The Debate Is Over: New Trailer Makes ‘Die Hard’ An Official Christmas Movie

A recut trailer from 20th Century Fox calls it "the greatest Christmas story ever told."

Die Hard” is officially a Christmas movie.

20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for the 1988 action movie that plays up the film’s humor as well as its holiday angle. Then, the preview cheekily declares “Die Hard” to be “the greatest Christmas story ever told.”

The new trailer is unlikely to settle the long-raging debate among fans. Those in favor can point to all the Christmas elements in the film, which takes place at a holiday office party and is loaded with seasonal sounds and images. Those opposed, on the other hand, can note it hit theaters in July during its initial release.

Then there’s the film’s star, Bruce Willis.

“Now please, listen very carefully: ‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie,” he cracked at his Comedy Central Roast over the summer. “It’s a goddamn Bruce Willis movie!”

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