This $12 Traveling Hack Will Bring You Great Peace Of Mind

If you’re grossed out by hotel bed sheets, you need to try this TikTok hack.
CxLoode disposable bed sheets

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Whether you’re a frequent traveler or only plan for occasional big trips, you know it can sometimes be strange staying in a random hotel room (or Airbnb). If you’re especially skeptical of bed cleanliness in unfamiliar places, there’s one travel item you should pack in your suitcase: disposable bed sheets.

Instead of packing your own clean bedding and taking up precious space in your luggage, you can simply dress your hotel bed in these temporary sheets and pillowcases that can be tossed upon checkout. (The package is just 11 inches long, slightly smaller than your average laptop, so the set is easy to pack.)

I first spotted CxLoode’s disposable bed sheets while scrolling on TikTok and realized others needed to get the scoop on this genius travel hack. See them in action below.

This waterproof disposable sheet set comes in queen and king mattress sizes, and includes an elasticized fitted sheet, quilt cover and even two pillowcases. The bedding is made of soft, non-woven fabric material that’s surprisingly comfortable. Using these sheets lets you slumber with peace of mind as they act as a layer of protection between you and the existing bedding.

The sheets form a protective layer between you and existing hotel bedding.
The sheets form a protective layer between you and existing hotel bedding.

These sheets have an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and many glowing reviews like the ones below:

“Okay so I am a slight germophobe - I take my own sheets and blankets when I am traveling and know that I am going to be staying at a hotel. When I came across these disposable sheets I was a little skeptical. If you want to have some peace of mind when staying at a hotel, knowing that you are not sleeping on dirty sheets buy this product! Pillow cases and a duvet cover are included. The sheets fit a queen size bed.” — Monic

“This was my first time buying disposable sheets and I’m sold on the concept. The sheets were larger than standard hotel beds so you’re really able to tuck them in and ensure your body is not in contact with the hotel sheets. I loved that each pack came 2 pillow covers. Will buy again” — K Johnson

“I purchased these for a recent business trip and even though my group was staying at a highly-rated hotel, I am still nervous about Covid and I was always leery about the cleanliness of hotel bedding. These disposable sheets & pillowcases were perfect. They were soft and not scratchy. The sheets covered the entire bed. I will definitely purchase again for future travels.” — Kimberly

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