Donald Trump's Old Tweets About The 'Deep State' Are Coming Back To Haunt Him

The president said he didn't like to use the term "deep state." These old tweets prove otherwise.

Who is President Donald Trump trying to kid?

In an interview with Hill.TV published on Wednesday, Trump claimed he didn’t like people (including Fox News hosts) who use the phrase “deep state” to denote “the federal bureaucracy.”

I don’t like to use it because it sounds so conspiratorial, and believe it or not I’m really not a conspiratorial person,” claimed Trump, who is a fan of pushing conspiracy theories on all manner of topics, from former President Barack Obama’s birthplace to the death toll from the 2017 hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

Not surprisingly, Trump has repeatedly used the term in a conspiratorial way on Twitter:

Trump also regularly uses it as a talking point at his political rallies.

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