Donald Trump: Desperate?/Committed?/To Make a Difference?

Donald Trump: Desperate?/Committed?/To Make a Difference?
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Could it be ─ that this rough, brusque, "impulse machine" is actually a man hugely committed to make a difference, to contribute, and, somehow, he has been given (or given to himself) really lousy tools?

Lousy tools means the means with which he seeks to achieve his ends cheapen his contribution.

Lousy tools like: bullying; threatening; reacting; fibbing and lying; opinionating on everything; ridiculing.

Dismissing people who do not agree with him or support him.

What if all these abominable behaviors are not really who Donald Trump really is?

What if Trump really is committed to stand out, to lead innovatively, to move things that are stuck?

To clean up stagnation of all kinds?

To tell truths others will not say or are saying?

To challenge the status quo?

To demonstrate courage, even, occasionally real perspective, even wisdom (rough-hewn variety)?

What if ─

Donald Trump, in growing up, in competing for attention, especially his father's, adopted perceptions and actions that don't work---as I just described?

What if, backed into a corner, he is forced to defend (and make worse) the impact of these ill-fitting behavioral tools?

What if we and he, together, could re-set Donald Trump?

What if we could update Donald Trump?

We could reach into his heart? (He does have one---a big if misdirected one).

What if we could see through the bravado and the bluster and reach his commitment to make a difference that empowers people, citizens---not just this interest group or that interest group?


Gentle, receptive, "inviting" demeanor.

Not always rigorously truthful---yet somehow she sees something in Trump others don't.


Maybe she can see that Donald Trump is really desperate to (committed to) make a difference, to contribute as an authentic leader, and yet is boxed in by a history that is not exemplary and forces him to defend his past behaviors rather than be seen for and generate from his future intentions.

This is not to be nice to Donald.

Far from it.

It is to say that each human being, when freed from defending themselves, and their pasts, is committed to make a difference in the quality of life for their fellow human beings.

All of us, naturally---when we have the space to see and say so, when given room to breathe, people come out.

Not license---room.

Hold Trump to account---be awake, vigilant---but be willing to see through the reactive, bully bluster to the possibility that this man desperately wants to lead, and to make a difference.

He needs to get out of his own way.

Maybe, with a certain view and perspective, he will.

We have something to say regarding how he evolves and develops this "raw material" we call Donald Trump.


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