Washington Post Columnist Breaks Down Trump's Joke About People Hating Their Kids

Philip Bump explained the subtext to the former president's comments on the 2024 campaign trail.

Former President Donald Trump has taken to talking about people not liking their children — while boasting about his attempts to eliminate the estate tax — during his 2024 campaign.

In Philip Bump’s latest column for The Washington Post, the commentator suggests it is because Trump “understands, if only intuitively, how much anxiety his base feels about younger Americans, including those to whom they happen to be related.”

The subtext to Trump’s comments is that “a lot of Trump supporters really are wary of their own kids and grandchildren,” given the widening gap in support for Republicans between older and younger Americans, argued Bump.

The comments “get at something deeper,” he said. That is “a sense that younger Americans might ‘deservedly’ be unloved by their parents.”

“Maybe your kids are Democrats who voted for Joe Biden. Do you want to give them your farm?” Bump wrote. “The response here is simple: Those kids probably don’t want the farm anyway.”

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