Donald Trump's 'Put The Wrong Person In Office' Warning Used Against Him In New Ads

The president's latest self-own is the focus of two new spots released by Joe Biden's campaign and the progressive PAC MeidasTouch.

President Donald Trump’s warning this week against putting “the wrong person in office” has already come back to haunt him in the form of two attack ads.

“You put the wrong person in office, you’ll see things that you would not have believed are possible,” Trump cautioned about the economy at the “Spirit of America” business showcase event at the White House on Thursday.

Trump’s rhetoric was turned against him in spots released separately Friday by presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign and the progressive PAC MeidasTouch.

Both ads brought to attention the Trump administration’s fumbled handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with new cases spiking in multiple states, and the president’s vitriolic rhetoric about anti-racism protests that spread nationwide following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

The MeidasTouch ad also asked viewers to declare independence from Trump this Fourth of July:

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