Drew Barrymore Calls Couple's 'Miraculous' Love Story A Real-Life '50 First Dates'

The talk show host said she “had to talk about” Andrew and Kristy Mackenzie, who fell in love — again — after one lost their memory from an accident.
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who starred together in "50 First Dates" in 2005.
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who starred together in "50 First Dates" in 2005.
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Drew Barrymore seems struck and smitten by a real-life love story that mirrors her 2004 film “50 First Dates.”

The talk show host spotlighted People’s “miraculous” human interest story about Andrew and Kristy Mackenzie on “The Drew Barrymore Show” Friday.

“Of course, when I saw this, I went straight to a ‘50 First Dates’ place and said, we have to talk about this,” Barrymore shared on her show. “This is real.”

In the movie, Barrymore’s character Lucy has short-term memory loss due to a car accident, making her romance with Henry (Adam Sandler) a bit complicated. But each day, Henry fights for Lucy’s love.

Andrew and Kristy Mackenzie had been married for 37 years when they were involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident in June, People reported earlier this month. When Andrew awoke in the hospital, he was convinced that it was 1993 due to head trauma and was unable to access any memories past that year.

“He knew me, but I could see him looking through me,” Kristy told the publication. “I tell you, that’s the scariest day of my life. Seeing him look through me like that, I didn’t know how I was going to get him back.”

Kristy, who suffered a mild concussion, several broken bones, and shoulder damage, was insistent that she share a room with her husband.

“They said we couldn’t room together and I begged them and begged them,” she told the magazine. “Just sitting and holding his hand was better for both of us.”

Eventually the hospital relented, and allowed them to share a room, which Kristy said led to her husband recovering his lost memories.

“Everything seemed to click,” Kristy told People. “I kept telling them, he would be better as long as we were together. I said, ‘If you let us be together, he will get better.’ And that’s when it started coming around.”

Kristy said that the experience made her want to marry “this man again” — and the couple did just that.

The pair renewed their vows in front of their children and grandchildren in North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Aug. 29.

“I never would’ve made it without her,” Andrew told People. “I’ve always said, ‘You’ve got to have a purpose and hope in life.’ And for me, the love of my life is Kristy … I’ve got hope and purpose.”

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