Via Hendrix Gets Rave From Drew Barrymore For Her 72-Square-Foot New York City Apartment

"I am so obsessed with her," the talk show host said in a segment that provided small-space tips.

Recent college grad Via Hendrix is living the New York City dream in her 72-square-foot apartment.

Even Drew Barrymore thinks so. (Watch the clip below.)

“I am so obsessed with her,” the actor gushed on her talk show Thursday when Hendrix made an appearance.

Hendrix told the star she vowed to move to New York when she visited as a 4-year-old.

As it turned out, the Big Apple required tiny living. Hendrix secured a micro-studio in the trendy West Village for $1,345 a month. While the freelance writer from Tennessee has mastered her space, she still allows, “It’s quite an insane experience.”

Hendrix’s TikTok tour of her digs went viral in May after she moved in, and she showed off her apartment on Thursday’s episode while offering tips. Much of her advice focused on turning her clothes and shoes into decorations to take advantage of the wall space. For instance, she has a hanging display of her purses.

“Use your vertical real estate to the best of your abilities,” she said on the show.

Hendrix, who is also pursuing interests in fashion and theater, told HuffPost on Friday that the talk show segment instantly bumped up her Instagram and TikTok following.

“Some people are always confused on why I choose to live in such a small space, but a few people also reached out to me were in awe of what I was able to do with the space,” she said. “And that always feels really good, because I worked hard to make it into my home and make my NYC dreams come true!”

“Anybody who has a tight budget and big dreams can relate to my desire to live small,” she added. “By no means is it a perfect setup, but it offers me the magic of Manhattan, the opportunity to live and grow by myself, and a price point I can afford.”