Erin Andrews' Cancer Diagnosis Sparked A Much-Needed Wakeup Call

"You have to be smart about your health."

Erin Andrews isn’t messing around when it comes to her health.

The sportscaster and “Dancing with the Stars” host revealed earlier this year that she had been treated for cervical cancer. The experience, she said, made her prioritize her wellbeing in a new way. And even though she’s often on the road and living out of a suitcase, she vows to take care of herself ― especially when it comes to working out.

“It’s like going to therapy,” she told HuffPost. “You don’t necessarily want to go at first, but after you feel so much better and it’s amazing.”

Back in January, Andrews revealed that she had undergone surgery in 2016 to remove her cervical cancer. She was shocked when she was diagnosed with the disease, a condition that will affect more than 12,000 other women this year. It took some time for Andrews to reconcile that she had a health issue.

“I’m somebody who never misses a doctor’s appointment,” she said. “That’s why I think my situation was so scary and so unbelievable. I hadn’t missed an annual with my gynecologist. This came up over a year and it really took us by shock.”

“I'm somebody who never misses a doctor's appointment. That's why I think my situation was so scary and so unbelievable.”

Andrews may have been surprised about the cancer discovery because of how often she gets checkups, but that type of vigilance is also the reason for her good prognosis. Cervical cancer survival rates average around 93 percent if it’s caught in the early stages.

“You have to be smart about your health,” Andrews stressed. “You have to get checked up. Detection is so key.”

The TV personality also leaned on her friends and family after her diagnosis. It seems simple but it works: Research suggests social and emotional support can be beneficial for a person’s physical wellbeing.

“The best thing I’ve learned over the years is that you need to give yourself a break.”

Andrews’ last line of defense when it comes to her health is self-compassion, especially given the pressures of her career and public personal life. Whenever she feels burned out, she tells her family that she “just needs a minute” and takes some alone time (which includes her bed and watching a few episodes of “The Real Housewives”).

“The best thing I’ve learned over the years is that you need to give yourself a break,” she said. “You want to have it all together ... and look like you can hang. But sometimes you just need to cut yourself slack.”

How’s that for wellbeing wisdom?

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