Faithful Shopper: Beautiful on Board

With the busiest travel week of the year - Thanksgiving -- coming momentarily, now is the time to prepare yourself to face the airport. The next time you're printing out a boarding pass and packing your bags be sure to bring these must-haves. It's always important to create a truly dynamic airport outfit!

It Bags

Louis Vuitton - 1 East 57th Street, 116 Greene Street
A bag or trunk from here is a sure sign of success. An airport must!

Goyard - 20 East 63rd Street
Also available at Barneys and Bergdorf, this descendant from an 18th century trunk maker to French aristocracy continues the tradition of finely crafted, customized bags and trunks by controlling every part of the manufacturing process. And that monogram....

Valentino - 693 Fifth Avenue, 821 Madison Avenue
Travel with a cult Rockstud bag on your arm and you are center stage

Fashion for Flying

Christopher Fischer Cashmere - 1225 Madison Avenue
Whether it's a comfortable throw to stay warm on the plane, sweaters in flight, or simply a style statement, a cashmere sweater is a must, and Fischer's is the ultimate for comfort.

Brunello Cucinelli - 683 Madison Avenue, 379 Bleecker Street, 136 Greene Street
Cashmere Sweaters, Shirts, Coats, Outerwear and Wraps; cozy elegant and chic.

Burberry - 9 East 57th Street - 131 Spring Street, 367 Bleecker Street, 444 Madison Avenue, Brookfield Place
The classic Burberry trench is never out of style--and always useful on the run.

The world's premier online luxury fashion destination. One stop shop for every designer, every category and same day delivery in NYC.

Never travel without your shades

Available at Bloomingdales, Saks and many other fine frame boutiques Flagship coming to 116 Wooster Street.

Premier shades for the fashion forward.

Saks Fifth Avenue - 611 Fifth Avenue
The sunglass selection here is legendary. Pick up a pair or four or five to whisk through the airport and be destination ready.

See Eyewear - Multiple Locations
Leading edge eyewear at an affordable price so people could create a "wardrobe" of glasses.

Pamper Your Skin - Face the Flight

Carry on the Evian Mineral Facial Spray  for face misting in flight, especially on long trips, to keep skin hydrated.

L'Occitane - Multiple Locations
Lavender Hand Cream is the best, most luxe cream that hydrates without feeling greasy. Always with me on my flights.

Caudalie Paris - 315 Bleecker Street, Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at the Plaza
Pick up the Premier Cru Eye Cream, La Crème Rich and the 100% organic Grape Water and you are ready to pamper your most precious travel accessory.

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!