Fan's Escape From Security At Miami Marlins Game Would Make Indiana Jones Proud

The spectator's epic run in a stadium chase didn't end so gloriously, however.

In a summer marked by the return of Indiana Jones to the big screen, a fan at a Miami Marlins game did his Indy best to evade pursuers. (Watch the video below.)

The spectator ran onto the field for God knows what reason during the Marlins’ loss to the Phillies on Tuesday and escaped by climbing back over the outfield wall. He then raced up the stairs and sprinted along the stadium concourse to the cheers of fans.

Bally Sports’ Jeremy Taché shared the moment, which, like Harrison Ford’s legendary on-screen adventurer, could have concluded with a popcorn-pleasing final act of derring-do. But no.

TMZ reported that security finally caught the fan. A TikTok user who said he was a friend of the interloper posted a longer video of the chase, including what appears to be the man being arrested and handcuffed outside of the stadium.

Not everyone can have a Hollywood ending.

A cat made a similar escape during Wednesday’s game and probably didn’t face arrest.

Still, nobody gets away like Indiana Jones.

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