13 Skin Care Gifts That Your Dad May Actually Use

Because dads need a little pampering, too.
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From serums to ice rollers, products that care for your skin are in — no matter who you are. As Father’s Day approaches, you may be looking for a thoughtful present to give the dad in your life. Whether he already has a face routine of his own or uses Dial hand soap to cleanse his hair, face and body, gifting your dad an upgraded version of his everyday skin care is the perfect gift for 2023.

From oil-free sunscreens to artisanal aftershaves, these are the best skin care gifts to give the dads, daddys and all-gender zaddys in your life this spring. Some are scented, some come in sleek packaging, but all are fuss-free, super universal high-quality products that make for great presents. We included items for shaving, stinky feet, dry skin and, yes, even a fancier version of the classic all-in-one body wash, shampoo and conditioner combo.

Whether you’re treating your dad, step-dad, husband, partner, godfather or general father figure, we know they’ll love an incentive to pamper themselves and take care of their skin.

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A little bit fancier men's three-in-one
To elevate the all-in-one game, this shampoo, conditioner, beard and body wash comes in whimsical spirits-style bottles in attractive scents like tobacco and mahogany. It's a little more than he would probably spend on his own soap, but won't break the bank.
A two-pack of extra-strength hand cream
The best way to ensure someone actually takes care of their skin? Make sure they actually have the right products around them. This two-pack of super-intense hand cream lets dad keep one in his car or work bag and one at home. It's made to relieve dry and cracked hands, whether from manual labor or intense Excel sheet-making.
An upgraded body lotion in a good-looking container
What smells good, feels good and will look nice on a dresser? Why, this Jack Black Cool Moisture body lotion. With vitamin E and jojoba oil, it gives moisture to dry skin and absorbs quickly so he won't feel greasy or sticky.
A super hydrating but lightweight face moisturizer
If your dad works in a harsh environment or spends a lot of time outside, his face may be needing a little care. When we spoke to Andrew Capobianco, a professional diver and 2020 Olympic silver medalist, he recommended La Roche-Posay Toleriane facial moisturizer, saying it helps his face recover from sun and chlorine and doesn't clog his pores or cause irritation.
The HommeFace daily trio for dads that like routine
We get it: Not every dad is looking for a multi-step routine. Yet, if you know someone who's interested in taking care of his skin and doesn't mind a little repetition, this beloved trio from HommeFace is the gift that keeps on giving. It includes a daily face wash, spray toner and non-greasy face moisturizer to leave skin clean and hydrated.
Barbershop-worthy shave cream
Move over, mulch-scented shave gel from the metal squirt container! This elevated shave cream has an alluring sandalwood scent and works to protect the face from razor burn or irritation and hydrate dry skin.
And some hydrating aftershave
To really seal the deal, follow up with this sandalwood-scented aftershave balm that works to hydrate beards and mustaches and nourish skin.
A tea tree multi-use product for body and hair
We've spoken to cosmetic chemists about the benefits of tea tree oil before, and we love it for soothing and clarifying both hair and skin. Another universal product, this moisturizer works as a leave-in-conditioner, aftershave, beard balm and body lotion, giving skin a cooling, tingling peppermint burst.
An elevated sunscreen that's water-resistant and reef-safe
Especially in the warmer months, skin care means sun care. Andrew Mollerus, a U.S. Sailing team 49er athlete, put us on to Harken Derm sunscreen (the brand sponsors the U.S. Sailing team) calling it the "only product that stays on all day and protects me in the harshest environments." It's pricer than a drug store sunscreen, making it a great option for a present.
An electric callus shaver to keep his feet from looking like a hobbit's
The dads in your life may spend a lot of time on their feet. This rechargeable, electric callus shaver nixes cracks and calluses, keeping their feet soft and smooth, not crusty and leathery.
A good-looking tube of antiperspirant foot lotion
Is there a loving way to tell the dad in your life that his feet stink? Probably not. But this "antiperspirant foot lotion" may be the hidden gem he needs. It'll reduce foot sweat and stink, and keep both feet and shoes from becoming reminiscent of toxic waste.
tergusco on Etsy
A personalized leather dopp kit
Where's a man to put all his new products? In this gorgeous, personalized leather travel kit, of course. It does take a few days to ship out, so you want to order soon for it to arrive by June 18. It's a handsome-looking leather good fit for any type of dad.

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