12 Gifts For Your Friend Who Finally Started Watching 'Fleabag'

Hot priest (sadly) not included.

It’s been three years since “Fleabag,” Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s prolific one-woman-show-turned-critically-acclaimed-and-practically-perfect-television-series premiered.

The show itself has given us so many gifts. The hot priest, the jumpsuit, Claire, Olivia Colman’s performance, every performance, a guinea-pig-themed café ― the list goes on. But if you’ve chosen, at this point, to maintain friendships with people who waited until now to watch it, you deserve another gift. In addition to a resounding “What on earth took you so long?” those latecomer friends deserve another gift, too.

That’s where this list comes in handy. Etsy is a gold mine of “Fleabag” paraphernalia, but there are plenty of other ways to indulge your PWB fandom, too, none of which will make you look like a pencil.

Check out 12 gifts for your “Fleabag”-obsessed friend below.

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Love Sleeveless Wide Leg Keyhole Jumpsuit, $50
This versatile jumpsuit, seen in the first episode of Season 2 and consequently all over Instagram, is perfect for unbearably awkward family gatherings, meeting a hot religious leader and presenting awards to Phoebe Waller-Bridge alike.

Get the Love sleeveless wide leg keyhole jumpsuit from SilkFred for $50.
To the Woodside Printable Guinea Pig Illustration, $5.37
We're not sure how much your loved ones will appreciate getting an actual guinea pig for the holidays. This adorable print is a much safer bet.

Get the To the Woodside printable guinea pig illustration from Etsy for $5.37.
ShrineOn Candles Andrew Scott Prayer Candle, $14.11
Fleabag; The Scriptures, $19.60
Barnes & Noble describes this book, which includes the scripts from both Seasons 1 and 2 as well as stage direction and commentary from Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the "ultimate companion to a landmark series." Buy it for the big PWB fan in your life.

Get "Fleabag: The Scriptures" from Barnes & Noble for $19.60.
The Silver Spider Fleabag Inspired Pencils, $7
For those with fond memories of Claire's epic haircut, these pencils feature iconic lines from the series, like the fitting "I look like a pencil" and our personal favorite, "Kneel."

Get the Silver Spider Fleabag inspired pencils from Etsy for $7.
Cool Cool Cool T-Shirts Hilary's Cafe Mug, $14
The best part about this mug is that you don't have to chat with strangers to use it.

Get the Cool Cool Cool T-Shirts Hilary's Cafe mug from Etsy for $14.
Ban.Do x Little Words Feelings Bracelet, $20
It's not quite like gifting someone a therapy session, but close.

Get the Ban.Do x Little Words feelings bracelet from Ban.do for $20.
The Silver Spider I've Basically Never Been Better Pin, $10
Lumira Gin and Tonic Candle, $65
A scent as intoxicating as Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge's chemistry.

Get the Lumira tonic and gin candle from Verishop for $65.
Loft Luxe Knit Fox Sweater, $54.99
Not even the hot priest could be scared of these adorable foxes.

Get the Loft luxe knit fox sweater for $54.99.
The Carry On Cocktail Gin and Tonic Kit, $24.99
No disrespect for the canned versions from the show, but according to Onward Reserve, the tonic syrup in this kit "puts the canned stuff to shame."

Get the Carry On Cocktail kit from Onward Reserve for $24.99.
Kona Print Shop Female Form Statue, $99
A pretty solid replacement for the one you stole from your stepmother.

Get the Kona Print Shop female form statue from Etsy for $99.