9 French Girls To Follow On Instagram For Endless Style Inspiration

Jeanne Damas, Gaëlle Prudencio and the rest of these chic ladies have you covered.

It’s often said that French women have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them effortlessly cool and undeniably chic. Women like Garance Doré, Inès de la Fressange and Emmanuelle Alt come to mind.

There are a few common features seen as key to French girl style ― think long, slightly tousled hair, minimal makeup and a classic, uniform-like wardrobe. But as some of our favorite French fashion bloggers and Instagram stars have shown us, it’s possible to break that mold and radiate chic at the same time. Style can’t be contained in a box.

To help you find a little inspiration across the French girl style spectrum, we’ve put together a list of our favorite French women to follow on Instagram. Check them out below:

1. Jeanne Damas ― @jeannedamas

If you haven’t taken a deep dive into this genre of Instagram accounts yet, Jeanne Damas’ account is a great place to start. The it girl and Rouje founder’s feed, which features plenty of outfit inspiration, also really encapsulates the French girl cool so many people love.

2. Gaëlle Prudencio ― @gaelleprudencio

Gaëlle Prudencio is a designer, body-positive advocate and founder of the French Curves Fashion Challenge. She’s also been praised as someone who is “proudly breaking the skinny French girl stereotype.” If you’re a fan of bright, fun fashion, you’ll find no shortage of that on her account.

3. Clara Cornet ― @claracornet

Clara Cornet, the creative and merchandising director of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, is a real fashion insider. On her account, you’ll find plenty of style inspiration along with the fruits of front row access to major events like Paris Fashion Week.

4. Anaïs Pénélope ― @anaispenelope

Anaïs Pénélope is a self-titled curvy fashion blogger and body-positive activist, and she has a serious penchant for leopard print. (We don’t blame her.) Check out her account if you’re a fan of bold, colorful style choices.

5. Anne-Victoire Lefèvre ― @vikilefevre

Anne-Victoire Lefèvre, who was dubbed an “understated Parisian fashion insider” by Vogue, has a super light and airy aesthetic that will make you wish it was spring and summer all year round. Her account is artsy and a little avant-garde, which sets it apart from the others. And for that, we love it.

6. Leia Sfez ― @leiasfez

Blogger Leia Sfez is the epitome of the classic French girl, with her long brown hair, radiant skin and tendency to stick to classic wardrobe staples. If that’s the type of French style you’re longing for, definitely give her a follow.

7. Caroline de Maigret ― @carolinedemaigret

Model Caroline de Maigret is another woman with that classic French style. But what we love about her account, even more than the outfit inspiration, is her great sense of humor. The woman appreciates a good meme. She also wrote a book aptly titled “How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are,” and that has to count for something.

8. Annabelle Ferrera ― @annabfrr

When we grow up, we want to be Annabelle Ferrera ... and she’s only a teenager. The it girl and member of the Gucci Gang girl crew is way cooler than we ever were in our teen years and her account is just fun to follow.

9. Lalaa Misaki ― @lalaamisaki

Lalaa Misaki is a French fashion blogger, model, self-proclaimed “momtrepreneur” and “love activist.” Her style is more edgy than minimal, but it’s no less chic.

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