If You’re Looking For A New 'Game-Changing' Beauty Product, Check Out These 39 Items

Reviewers call them game-changers, I call them your new beauty essentials.

Popular items from this list include:

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Cosrx Snail Mucin 96% Power repairing essence
BuzzFeed writer Emma Lord says this stuff has changed her makeup routine for the better!: "I use this on my skin and definitely have noticed results! While it didn't help kick my stubborn pre-period hormonal acne, it has done wonders with reducing redness on my face, particularly around my nose, and in dealing with my pores. Since I started using it, my primer and foundation goes on a whole lot smoother, and I'm struggling a whole lot less to cover my pores. After using it for a few weeks, I read the advice of one reviewer to put this on when your face is slightly moist from washing, rub it in, let it dry, and then put your moisturizer on top of it — I've found that it's what got me the best results!"

Promising review: "Game-changer. I don't know what kind of sorcery this is but it has literally changed my skin!! First time I used it, my skin felt tighter and more balanced. A week later twice a day, my skin is so much brighter. Better texture and even coloring. Pores seem tighter. Not a single pimple since. It looks so healthy. Whatever magic this is, it works better than any expensive designer skin lab crap that I've tried." — Np
The cult-favorite Essence Lash Princess mascara
BuzzFeed staffers Kayla Boyd and Emma Lord love this stuff!

Kayla says: "As someone who isn't a big fan of false lashes (the glue irritates my eyes and I'm terrible at applying them) this budget-friendly holy grail does the trick for both lengthening and volumizing my lashes. It uses a conic shape fiber brush to help the mascara apply evenly without getting too clumpy. After you've given it a minute to dry, it lasts all day long and doesn't smudge or fade. It seriously gives the effect of false lashes, without the discomfort."

Emma says: "Hello, that is my face above (I'm the blonde), because I bought into the hype of all the 5-star reviews and now I will never look back!! Putting it on is like giving my eyelashes butterfly wings. It doesn't get clumpy, it stays put ALL the livelong day no matter how much you sweat, and you can apply it on very lightly if you don't want it to look so dramatic, or continue applying for longer lashes each time."

Promising review: "I've been wearing makeup for 35 years, so I have worn my share of different mascaras. Dollar store, drugstore, high-end, you name it, it's been on my face. This little unassuming sucker is a GAME. CHANGER. She is now my holy grail. I scrape the whole brush, sometimes even lightly blot it, because I don't like a lot of product right out of the gate. A little wiggle and a swish, and I legit have eyelashes that look like they've been glued on. They're feathery and defined and full, super dark, no flakes, no smudges, no traveling under your eyes. I add one more light coat to the tips of my lashes and voila, I'm a doe-eyed princess. The trick is to CURL YOUR LASHES first. That goes for any mascara, because it makes a massive difference. Blast your curler with your blow-dryer for a second if you're feeling super fancy. Don't sleep on this, queens! For the results I get with this mascara, I would happily pay triple the price, but the gag is, you don't have to! Scrape your change together and buy this!" — ByeFelicia
Golden cooling eye gels
Promising reviews: "I struggle from dark circles no matter how much sleep or water I get. So I ordered these and hoped it would work because I'm not a person to wear makeup. I've been using it for two months now, and it INSTANTLY works. I don't use them every day, only when the circles are really dark, and it instantly brightens the area, and I don't look like a tired raccoon anymore. If you're anything like me and struggle with dark circles, ORDER THESE, game-changer." — Riley Wilson
The Flick Stick winged eyeliner stamp
The Flick Stick comes from New Zealand-based brand and small biz Lovior Beauty.

Promising review: "Game-changer!! As a makeup beginner, this has completely saved me!!! The stamp works great, and I’ve even gotten more confident not using the stamp thanks to my practice WITH the stamp. After having it for 5–6 months, I think the stamp has become more dried out, but it’s 100% still worth it. Eyeliner is so difficult; I’m glad I got this." — C
A foot file that removes dead skin, calluses, and buildup
Promising review: "Omg GAME-CHANGER. I am astonished. I have actual control over my calluses. My feet are embarrassing unless I literally go every two weeks for pedicures. I slack off? It’s terrible. It was an ongoing joke between me and my ex husband. After using this ONE TIME I could cry with excitement. In a few strokes, it shaved off all the hard, thick, ridiculous callused mess that are my feet. I had to actually be careful to not be so aggressive like I am used to. I had literally resorted to taking a box cutter to shave off calluses. Hoping I didn’t slip. If you know what I’m talking about? Get it. Skip the files (electrics too) and the exfoliating BS. Skip the single blade shaver. Go. Get this." — A. Donato
A reusable Revlon volcanic face roller
The face roller is reusable! Just twist the ring to pop out the stone, then wash it with a mild soap/cleanser and let it air dry after every use.

Promising review: "This little miracle worker is a game-changer for oily skin like mine. I am amazed at how much oil it absorbs without smudging or removing any of my makeup. Every time I think this oil-eating monster has had its fill and surely I should get a new one, by the next morning the oil has disappeared and the roller looks brand new again!! MAGIC!!" — Jason Zapata
Glossier's Boy Brow
Glossier is a woman-owned business that was founded in 2012. They took the world by storm by making the barely-there "no makeup, makeup look" trendy again with their beauty products meant to enhance, not cover up.

Promising review: "Game changer! I don't think I'll ever go back to my past eyebrow ways. This makes my eyebrows look so much better but in such a natural way. I don't wear much makeup, I only do my eyebrows and eyelashes, so this really fits my "natural" look. I have pretty thin eyebrows but this makes them look full and since using this product, I have received so many compliments on my brows, which has never happened before. I highly recommend this product" — Lea
Rare Beauty Soft Pinch liquid blush
This Latinx-owned business (from founder Selena Gomez, to be more specific!) was launched in 2020 with the goal of helping people celebrate their individuality and their own beauty, nixing the world's impossible beauty standards in the process. And BTW, all Rare Beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free!

Promising reviews: "This is a game changer. Never been a blush girl but I fell IN LOVE!! I got the matte formula because my skin can get a little oily and it is absolutely lovely. Dries quickly but is still easy to spread. A little goes a long way!!!" — Allieschmidt

"GAME CHANGER!! I've never been much of a blush person, but trying this blush changed the game. I absolutely love the glow and it is so pigmented! This color is the perfect cute sunburnt look for the summer, you need this." — brigza
The Schick Silk dermaplaning tool
It'll also make your skin feel softer because it exfoliates as it shaves!

Promising review: "Game changer. Literally the best thing I've ever bought on Amazon! I've been doing dermaplaning for 10+ years and this is the first time in my life I actually didn't cut myself. The razors are incredibly sharp but smooth on the skin and to do my whole face took 10 times less time than before while using different brands. I just regret I didn't find these sooner and I was torturing and cutting myself in the past with cheaper brands. Do not hesitate, you will be amazed as much as I am." — Veronica
Cult-favorite Nyx Fat Oil Lip Drop
Promising review: "SO GOOD. The best lip oil I have ever owned [and] better than Dior. It is not sticky at all, long-lasting, sheer, and...it smells so good... This is a really good nice [alternative to] the Dior lip oil. It's perfect! A total game-changer. If you want a lip gloss that's not too sticky, then this is for you. 😁" — Lola
Maple Holistic's biotin hair shampoo
Reviewers with all types of hair (from fine 1a to long 3c and 4c hair) say this shampoo works wonders.

Read more about how biotin shampoo could help with the fullness of hair at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "This shampoo was a game-changer. I’m a breast cancer survivor and this shampoo helped my hair grow back healthy and thick and so much faster than I expected! This is a miracle shampoo. Thank you!!" — rissa714
Solawave red light therapy wand
This. gadget. is. worth it! Using the Solawave was my first time introducing red light therapy into my skincare routine and the difference in my hyperpigmentation is honestly mind blowing. The tone of my face is much more even and the dark circles around my eyes have nearly disappeared. Essentially, it's like a mix of a jade roller (which I already love using anyway) and an LED mask in one...with microcurrent/vibration therapy, too. You can apply the specific Solawave activating serum or any conductive gel of your choice (I use a different one, myself!) and it will really absorb the benefits when used with the wand. I only use it once every other day (at night) and it's super relaxing. My skin is always glowing the next day!

The wand is rechargeable and lasts for up to 12 treatments per charge. Read more at LED light therapy and skincare at Cleveland Clinic.

Solawave is an LGBTQ-owned small biz based in Los Angeles.

Promising review: "It took some getting used to — the device doesn't have an on/off switch and is activated by touching the device to your skin with ample (oil-free) serum, so it can be a little finicky if you don't have the right amount or type of serum. But, once you get it all figured out, it's a total game-changer! I am so in love — I use it every night as I'm sitting in bed winding down from the day (read: mindlessly scrolling Instagram). Not only does it feel like a spa experience, but it really works on wrinkles! Hallelujah!" —Rose Gold
Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant
Promising review: "GAME-CHANGER! I thought I had tried EVERYTHING on the market for congested skin (I don’t get breakouts anymore, but very clogged pores along T-zone) and enlarged pores. I’ve only been using it for a week and just at night and the difference in blackheads along my nose and enlarged/congested pores in almost unbelievable! This just might be my very favorite Amazon purchase EVER!" — AJDEX
Elizabeth Mott's Thank Me Later eyeshadow primer
Promising review: "This eye primer is amazing!!! I have super oily eyelids and was getting to the point that I would rarely bother with eyeshadow because even with expensive primers it would be smudged and creased within an hour. So glad I don't need to shell out for Urban Decay or Mac Paint Pot anymore; they don't hold a candle to this and it's so much cheaper. Game-changer." — Chloe
Promising reviews: "I pick my face when I'm stressed (I'm sure some can relate) and have scars on my forehead from doing so. I came across Bio-Oil and was blown away. Yes, I've seen a difference in scars, but I wasn't prepared for the other benefits! I've spent a LOT of money on skincare, Bio-Oil is a game-changer. My skin is soft, bright, and hydrated. I've even noticed my fine lines are receding. I'm an unpaid Bio-Oil ambassador because I tell EVERYONE about it!" — Jen

"I recommend this product! I used to have really bad acne, but ever since I incorporated this into my skincare, I only get pimples once in a while, and they go away quick thanks to this oil. The first week using this I noticed my skin was getting softer and looking glowy; after one month, my skin just literally stopped producing acne. Even though I have acne scars, they are fading rather quickly." — Anya
Elizavecca Collagen Hair Protein treatment
Reviewers with thin or fine hair LOVE this hair treatment, and various hair types from 3b to 4c say that it helped their damaged hair. Even folks with dyed or bleached hair say it's safe to use. TL;DR: It works!

Promising review: ""I have VERY thick hair and it easily gets dried out. I don't use a lot of product (if any) but I do need to condition my hair almost every time I wash it. I saw this product discussed on social media and I admit: I was very skeptical. I've heard about a lot of 'miracle products' that did nothing for me. I decided to give it a try, why not, it's cheap. And holy wow! Where has this been my entire life?? My hair was instantly softer and shinier. I only left it on for maybe 7 minutes tops the first time and I still noticed a total difference. I cannot recommend this product enough! It really is a game-changer." — Nurse SportsFan
Lancôme Teint Idole Care & Glow foundation
Here's what BuzzFeed editor Jenae Sitzes has to say about it: "This is the best foundation I have ever owned, folks. I literally get excited every time I get the chance to put it on. I saw it recommended in a TikTok (which I can't find now, sry!) and even though it costs more than I've ever spent on foundation, I was pulled in by the idea of a hyaluronic acid formula that's hydrating and glowy with decent coverage — and it's proven to be just that. The skin tone match is PERFECTION (Sephora nailed it with the "Find Your Shade" tool, which you can click on underneath the shade options) and it blends like a dream, working as the perfect base for blush, highlighter, and more. It's lightweight and buildable, and my dry, sensitive skin has had no issues with it. As a bonus, it has SPF 27 for added protection! The bottle is also lasting me a loooong time, so it's been worth every single penny in my experience. When I want more coverage for a bolder makeup look, whether for events or going out, this is my go-to!"

Promising review: "Game-changer. I have combination skin and this foundation balances my skin perfectly. It’s buildable without making the oily parts of my face greasy. It doesn’t catch on my dry patches either like other foundations do. I can wear it all day without my face feeling like a mask or that my makeup is sliding off." — HajaB
A Revlon one-step drying brush
The oval brush design smooths the hair and the round edges create volume — leaving you with a salon-worthy blowout at home. It also has two heat and speed settings and a cool option, and it's designed to work on all hair textures — reviewers with 2b–4c hair mentioned it working for them.

BTW, Revlon's got a One-Step Styler specifically for curly hair, too for only $35.99! It has over 31,000 5-star reviews and has earned just as much love as the OG styler.

Promising review: "Game changer! I always dreaded the blow-drying process, holding a heavy dryer in one hand and a styling brush in the other and spending waaaaay too long on the process with shoulder-length hair. This has changed the game for me and I couldn't be happier — only one hand needed and the drying/styling is all done so quickly despite having a very thick head of hair. It's cut my time in half. Highly recommend this!" — maidindetroit
Blume's Meltdown acne oil
Blume is a POC-owned small biz cofounded by sisters Taran and Bunny, who wanted to create a line of transparent, eco-conscious self-care products that destigmatize and de-mystify the shame-centered talk around periods and puberty.

Promising review: "I love Blume so much that I’m actually stressed about it ever being discontinued or sold out. It has been a game-changer for my skin. I’ve had pretty bad hormonal acne for the past two years and it was seriously deflating. While many products made a slight difference, none of them changed my skin. I tried Blume on a lark and was amazed when I noticed a difference next day. Now my skin is mostly clear with occasional hormonal breakouts, but even those are easier to cover and go away faster. I attribute my clear skin entirely to Blume." — Karmen
Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray
BuzzFeed Editor Jenae Sitzes loves this setting spray: "I first put this setting spray to the test for a wedding that involved taking multiple trains in and out of Manhattan on a hot day and being in crowded rooms where airflow was ~limited~. As such, I was sweating up a storm, but my makeup looked *flawless* by the time I got home that night — all thanks to this Urban Decay setting spray, which I knew after one use I'd be repurchasing. I'm new to setting sprays, so it felt weird at first to spray something *on top* of my carefully crafted makeup look, but it dried in no time without messing anything up. It also didn't feel heavy or sticky on my face — it didn't feel like anything at all, actually — and my makeup looked better than it ever has after hours of wear. (For reference, I have dry, sensitive skin and it caused me no issues.)

Soon after that event, I put it to an even bigger task: surviving sweat, tears, and 12 hours of wear for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. My makeup look (pictured above) was done by 2 p.m., and thanks to my now highly trusted Urban Decay spray, it stayed completely intact (minus the lipstick I purposefully wiped off while scarfing down post-concert pizza) until the time I got home just after 2 a.m. Here's what it endured during that timespan: multi-leg public transportation to and from the venue, waiting in lines under the blaring sun to get in, multiple meals and drinks, jumping, screaming, and literally full-on crying multiple times during the show. My liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, non-waterproof mascara, foundation, blush, and even glitter were unfazed, and I owe it all to this setting spray."

Promising review: "I used this as my setting spray for my wedding makeup and it was such a game-changer!! My makeup lasted throughout the entire warm summer ceremony day, through jumping in a lake, and through the dance party. Cannot recommend this enough!! Worth every penny and more honestly." — Eliza Morgan
LilyAna Naturals' eye cream
Promising review: ""The product is a game changer for me. I would have dry creases under my eyes no matter how much primer or expensive foundation I used. I use this in the a.m. and p.m. and it has made a 100% difference. I was at the doctor’s waiting room and was chatting with a woman and I mentioned I was going to be 53 in two weeks. She was shocked and said she thought I was 35, saying I had barely had any wrinkles. It made my day!" — Angela Kilburn
A Cantu curling cream
Promising reviews: "Works great on curly 3a hair. This hair cream is a game-changer! I went from never wearing my hair curly to wearing it down for a whole week. Smells good and is very moisturizing as well. I put it in while damp, and it dries almost the exact same as it looked wet. It leaves curls shiny and frizz-free. I would recommend this product to anyone who has fought with their curls." — Amanda

"Game-changer. This has become the holy grail for my long, curly, but frizzy hair. Finally something that keeps my hair in check without making it crunchy! It smells amazing, and you get sooooo much, the price point is perfect!!" — Melanie Lee
And a detangling brush for 3A–4C hair
Promising reviews: "This brush is amazing! A game-changer for curly hair. It helps detangle my curls so easily, with minimal friction, way better than a comb. I don't think I'll ever use a comb or any other brush again!" — Tuere K.

"This was a great purchase for my curls. I have thick, 3b-type curls so it can be a hassle to detangle; however, this brush has been a game-changer. I strictly use this brush in the shower on my wash days which saves so much time for me leaving my hair soft and tangle-free when I get out so I can style it however without any worries. Not to mention the brush is easy to clean, gentle on the scalp when combing through big knots, easy to grip, and so much more. I highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed." — Shay
The rechargeable Finishing Touch electric razor
It features 18-karat gold-plated heads to contour every curve on your leg. Reviewers with disabilities or injuries also say it makes it way easier to get the job done!

BTW, this is solely for use on legs; do NOT use under your arms!

Promising review: "I'm nearly eight months pregnant, and it's gotten harder for me to shave my legs and not miss any spots in the shower, but this has completely been a game-changer for me! So easy to use and gentle on skin, it's a quick and easy solution for painless hair removal with no risk of nicks or cuts. In addition to using it for touch-ups or missed spots, I've used it to fully shave my legs from hips to ankles when I decided at the last minute to wear shorts, and it worked great! I just had to empty the container after each leg. Highly recommend." — Elsa
E.l.f.'s Poreless Putty Primer
It's sold out frequently thanks to TikTok, so if you want this, it's probably best to grab it while it's in stock!

Promising reviews: "This stuff is amazing. Will even out fine lines and help with super porous areas; my T-zone is the worst for pores and this definitely gave me a boost in confidence. I would highly recommend. Especially to those not to familiar with makeup, this is a game-changer. Honestly it works better than my $30 primer from Urban Decay, and lasts all day. I am oily so I usually blot some powder on later in the day, but if you have dry skin this could be the ultimate game changer!" — Olivia

"Highly recommend. Learned about it as several influencers used it on TikTok. Tried it and it’s my favorite. Better than all the expensive brands I had tried before. Smooth application and does an excellent job! Excellent." — Binnyx1
Tower 28 ShineOn jelly lip gloss
PS: it's non-sticky, too!

Tower 28 is an Asian woman-owned beauty brand founded by Amy Liu.

Promising review: "I am usually not a lip gloss girl. Those were always beautiful-looking, yet kind of thick and sticky, and as someone with sensory problems, I would find myself wiping it off within 10 minutes. HOWEVER,this lip gloss was SUCH a game-changer!! It feels not like a thick sticky gloss, but actually like a hydrated oil/balm treatment. Doesn't leave my lips sticky and dry; it leaves them feeling hydrated, pretty, and glossy. I would 1000000% recommend this!" — samantha444
Mighty Patch hydrocolloid stickers
I've tried various (countless) pimple patches in the past and Mighty Patch definitely takes the cake. I stick it on and honestly forget that it's even there. The adhesive is strong, so it stays on during my tossing and turning at night, but I often wear it during the day, too! I work from home, and it's not noticeable during my video calls, which I truly, truly appreciate. For more deets, check out my full Mighty Patch review!

Hero Cosmetics is an Asian woman-founded brand and home of The Mighty Patch. Ju Rhyu launched the brand in 2017, which has evolved with products such as cleansers, toners, nose strip Mighty Patches, and more!

Promising review: "Using this product has been a game-changer. It’s as if the adhesion of it literally pulls all of the bad stuff from the spot and you’ll know when it’s time to remove when it turns up white on your sticker — so easy to remove and my spot has went drastically down. I’m on my fourth box, or maybe fifth? They’re my go-to at the slightest spot I get to try to nip it in the bud. Might I add that my hormonal cystic acne spots have been majorly suppressed by these —as soon as I feel one coming on, I take a hot washcloth to the area and put a sticker on overnight for a couple of nights and the deep underneath feeling of that spot is gone. I love these so much, and you will too." — Deborah Hart
Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen
Promising reviews: "A total game changer! This has completely helped clear up my skin. I feel like other SPFs would've clog my pores and has a cast. This product is amazing! It has reduced my clogged pores, applies well with makeup, and leaves me glowy." — casandra21

"Game changer!! SO happy I took the plunge and purchased this! Lightweight and matte — the perfect sunscreen and primer solution for my oily combo skin. Does not pill when it comes into contact with my moisturizer, does not melt off my skin in the heat, and keeps everything together when I wear makeup. Definitely protects my skin because my scars have not darkened!" — jessyj07
A set of makeup blending sponges
Promising review: "I am VERY picky when it comes to my makeup sponges. For years I would only use a Beautyblender because, to be honest, nothing else compared or gave the same foundation finish. These are truly game changers! They are not 100% identical to the name brand blender in texture, HOWEVER, they DO give the same flawless foundation finish. I would even go as far as to say they soak up less foundation which means you aren't wasting as much product. And can we talk about this price point?!?! Save your hard earned money and PURCHASE THESE! You won't be disappointed." — Lindseyy
Peripera Ink Velvet lip tint
A few reviewers compare the rosy nude shade to Charlotte Tilbury's popular Pillow Talk lipstick; other similar products mentioned include YSL Velvet Cream and Tartist Creamy Matte Lip Paint.

Promising reviews: "Peripera is amazing. I’m not even a huge makeup enthusiast but this one is a game-changer. Easy to apply. Fantastic pigment. A silky smooth feel. If you want it to stay glossy just add a clear gloss after. I’ve loved every color including this one. BUY IT!" — Jess

"This is velvet, full coverage without feeling like glue on your lips. It does transfer. The color is very pigmented so what you see is what you get. Honestly one of the best lip color products I've ever used, I put this above Charlotte Tilbury." — Lexi Lee
SolarOil nail and cuticle care
Promising review: "I started using this product 10 days ago and it is a miracle liquid. I pick my nails, especially my thumb cuticle, to the point where I am so embarrassed by the way they look. I would cover with nail polish but then begin picking again, making it that much worse. My thumb was demolished. I made a point to stop picking — and then I found this cuticle oil. I apply it multiple times throughout the day and my nails are strong and look amazing. My thumb still has work to do but I can stand to look at it and the nail is strong, growing and looking the most normal it’s looked in years. All my other nails look super healthy and are so strong! I work in sales and to not be ashamed of my nails in front of clients is a game-changer. This liquid is light, smells like a hint of almond (delicious) and absorbs quickly. Most importantly, this stuff works!!!" — Amazon customer
A set of B&Q reusable lash clusters
Be sure to grab some eyelash adhesive and a lash applicator!

Promising reviews: "[It's my] first time using B&Q lashes, and they are amazing! They lasted me seven days before changing them out! They are so easy to apply. I’ve used other brands before, but I think this is better. For years I went to get them done, but I won’t ever go back!These are a GAME-CHANGER. You won’t regret it." — Reina

"These clusters are AMAZING!! I've been posting a bunch about them and recommending to all my friends. They save me so much time when getting ready, and they were super easy to apply! This was my very first time doing clusters, and I’m the most beginner you can be, but it was so easy!! Directions were straightforward and easy to follow. Definitely recommend 100% and will definitely buy again in the future." — shirleyh
Verb Ghost Oil
Promising reviews: "I have long, 4a textured hair that I blow out straight in the winter. I use this oil as a finisher after blowing and/or flat ironing, AND I use this on the ends of my hair every single day. This has been a game-changer for me. No split ends means I've had tremendous hair retention this year and this oil probably deserves 75% of the credit. Nice smell. Good moisture. Great protection. Also, it doesn't lay on top of hair, it melts into hair, which is why most could use it daily. Will be buying this product forever!" — Lisa Lang Blakeney

"This stuff is amazing. I have fine hair, but a lot of it. This doesn't weigh it down at all. One pump is all it takes for my shoulder-length hair. It's a miracle and a total game-changer for me. Worth EVERY PENNY." — K. Garvey
Aztec Secret Indian healing clay
It's great for people with oily skin and hyperpigmentation when used as a face mask. Combine the powder with apple cider vinegar for the best results!

Promising reviews: "I don't normally leave reviews but this product is a game-changer! I have only used it one time and noticed results right away! This mask gets deep under your pores and removes all the dirt and bacteria. Combine with apple cider vinegar for the best results!" — Joidon Jennings

"Curly hair game-changer! I have extremely spirally curly hair. I am used to having lots of it fall out while I'm washing my hair. I've used this the last two weeks before washing my hair and only lost a couple of strands — total game-changer! Also is a great deep cleaner for my pores, especially on my nose." — marathongirl1968
The NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Facial Steamer
The NanoSteamer comes with a five-piece blemish and blackhead extractor kit in addition to the facial steamer to help you really get all the dirt that's stuck in your pores. Oh and the facial steamer doubles as a humidifier and a towel warmer, too!

Promising review: "I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks and wanted to upgrade my skincare routine and this is a game changer. I said goodbye to my pot and crouching over it with a towel over my head, which made me not want to do it very often cause it was so much work. This is so much easier and now I can steam more often and not once every eight months or so. Lol. After steaming then toner and face oil, my skin looked so glossy! I love this little apparatus!" — Dee Benus
BestLand's hair finishing stick
Promising review: "GAME CHANGER. I'm in my 50s and have long, permed and colored hair. I work in healthcare and wear my hair up 85% of the time. I have these unruly short hairs across my hairline. I've tried everything — literally. From less blow dryer to conditioner, edge wax, gel, and hairspray. Hairspray and wax work, but it leaves buildup and it flakes. This product is truly amazing. Holds short hairs in place and makes my hair feel smooth and silky. I really didn't have much hope but thought it was worth a try, wasn't expensive and could be returned. I was truly amazed with the first sweep of the brush and the next morning hair was still in place and still felt silky smooth. I wish I would have known this existed years ago, I already bought another tube and have it on Subscribe & Save so I never run out." — C. Pierce
Or edge control gel
BTW, we want to be clear that you don't need to lay your edges if you don't want to. You'll look gorge either way, so zero pressure over here! Be sure to check out, "Just A Friendly PSA That You Don't HAVE To Lay Your Edges Down If You Don't Wanna."

Promising reviews: "Game changer. Before this product, I believed my edges were un-layable. I would slick them down and within an hour of leaving my house, they were frizzy again. I HIGHLY recommend this." — Amazon customer

"[This is a] game-changing hair [gel]. I love the product. It definitely helps to [lay] your edges without leaving a lot of film or paste-like substance in your hair." — Lori C
A potent vitamin C serum
Reviewers say it's *especially* effective for sensitive, acne-prone skin and oily/combination skin types (though reviewers with dry skin report great results too).

Eva Naturals is a family-owned small business and beauty brand based in Cajun country, South Louisiana.

Promising review: "This is a game-changer. I'm an esthetician so I have access to a lot of products, some of them are very expensive. This is an extraordinary product, having five of the most coveted ingredients for most skin types. I haven't even used the whole bottle yet and I can a difference in my skin. It's smooth, has already lightened the three hyperpigmented areas, and has kept my skin moist even in the cold climate of Colorado. The price is very affordable for what's in it. I cleanse with a gentle cleanser, mist my face with pure rose water, apply a small amount, and put my moisturizer over it. It really changes the skin for the best." — Helen Griffis
A Mielle rosemary mint scalp oil
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Promising reviews: "This hair growth oil is a game-changer! I've been using it for a while, and I'm amazed at the incredible results. My baby hairs have noticeably increased, and my overall hair texture feels healthier. The ingredients of the formula are fantastic, and it's so easy to incorporate into a daily routine. If you're looking for effective hair growth, I highly recommend this oil, it's worth every penny!" — Nutri Andy

"I have just started to use this product and have seen a visible difference in my hair. It immediately became softer and shined almost right after one or two uses. I am really thrilled with the results... The dropper is a great bonus to easily apply it on the scalp. I just massage it into my scalp, and it absorbs nicely. The combination of rosemary and mint not only smells incredible but also provides a refreshing and invigorating experience when applied... It is a haircare game-changer." — Elle

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