Gayle King Has Thoughts About The T.J. Holmes-Amy Robach Situation At ABC

The network's handling of the reported romance has been “very messy and very sloppy," according to the CBS host.

You know the situation on a network morning show is getting serious when the hosts of rival programs are being asked to comment.

So naturally, Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen felt obliged to inquire with Gayle King of “CBS Mornings” about the reported romance between “GMA3” hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes on Thursday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

Robach and Holmes were recently taken off the air by ABC News President Kim Godwin so she could “think about and work through what I think is best” for her organization.

On his show, Cohen asked King about how “all hell is breaking loose” on the “Good Morning America” spinoff, but she wasn’t eager to opine about it.

“Oh, gosh. Of all the questions, I was hoping you would not talk about this,” King said. She emphasized that while she finds the imbroglio “interesting,” she’s not finding joy at others’ expense.

Still, King didn’t mince words, calling ABC’s handling of the situation “very messy and very sloppy.”

“In the beginning, I actually thought ... good on ‘Good Morning America.’ They’re saying they’re not taking them off the air, two consenting adults. But then the more you read — it’s just very messy,” the CBS host remarked.

“To me [it’s] a sad situation because you’ve got kids involved, you’ve got families involved, and I keep thinking about that. I’m very concerned about that.”

Gio Benitez and Stephanie Ramos have been hosting “GMA3” since Monday and will continue to do so for the time being, Godwin said, adding that she won’t address Robach and Holmes’ purported relationship until there is more concrete information around it.

Holmes and Robach started anchoring the show in 2020, when they were married to other people. But on Nov. 30, news broke that the two colleagues may be involved with one another off-air when the Daily Mail published photos showing them having drinks and staying at a cottage in New York.

Although one source told People that Robach and Holmes started dating in August, around the time that their respective marriages ended, another source told the magazine that their co-workers have known for a while that the two were together.

The pair were even told to “knock off” the flirting at one point, the second source said.

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