GOP Rep. George Santos Lies About The Real Reason He Was Visited By A Local Lawmaker

The truth-challenged congressman said Josh Lafazan's visit was friendly, but the Nassau County legislator tweeted he led a protest seeking Santos' resignation.

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) is being accused of yet another lie, this time by a lawmaker in his district who is trying to get the truth-challenged congressman to resign.

On Thursday, Santos tweeted that he wanted to thank Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan for stopping by his office in Douglaston, in the Queens borough of New York City, and said “it was great to sit down & discuss the concerns that were addressed in the letter he brought in.”

At first glance, it seems benign, but Lafazan quickly tweeted back to Santos that the scenario he described wasn’t what happened:

“Let’s be very clear: I did not ‘stop by’ your office.

I hosted a protest ‘outside’ your office calling on you to resign, and then hand-delivered you a letter to stop wasting police resources.

Can’t say I’m surprised you choose to distort the truth here - you’re very good at it.”

HuffPost reached out to Santos’ office for comment, but no one immediately responded.

However, Lafazan’s lying accusation comes just a couple of days after Santos admitted to Piers Morgan that he’s been “a terrible liar,” claiming his fabrications weren’t about fooling voters but were about getting “accepted by the party here locally.”

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users mocked Santos for the bogus claim.

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