George Will Has A Stark Warning For Every Republican Who Supports Trump

The longtime conservative commentator says the GOP could be looking at a historic defeat in 2020.

George Will has a warning for Republican lawmakers: If you don’t stand up to President Donald Trump, you deserve to lose everything in next year’s election.

Will, a longtime conservative voice who quit the party in 2016 when it was clear Trump would be nominated, slammed the president’s decision to “betray” America’s Kurdish allies in Syria. He said the move could complete “the destruction of the GOP’s advantage regarding foreign policy.”

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But much of Will’s column in The Washington Post railed against the Republican lawmakers who continue to stand beside Trump. He wrote:

Trump’s gross and comprehensive incompetence now increasingly impinges upon the core presidential responsibility. This should, but will not, cause congressional Republicans to value their own and their institution’s dignity and exercise its powers more vigorously than they profess fealty to Trump.

Will added that Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry into his dealings with Ukraine was in itself an impeachable offense.

“In 13 months, all congressional Republicans who have not defended Congress by exercising ‘the constitutional rights of the place’ should be defeated,” he wrote.

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