Here’s Everything You Might Have Missed At The 2024 Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and Victoria Monét won the night's top honors.

It was ladies’ night at the 2024 Grammys on Sunday.

Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and Victoria Monét won the night’s top honors, with Swift becoming the first person to win Album of the Year four times, this year for her record “Midnights.”

Eilish, who wrote “What Was I Made For?” for the “Barbie” soundtrack with her brother and writing partner Finneas, won Song of the Year.

In a tearful acceptance speech for the Best New Artist award, Monét quickly chronicled her 15-year career in the music industry. Monét, who has written for Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony and several other artists, also won Best R&B Album.

Cyrus won Record of the Year for her hit song “Flowers,” after also winning the first Grammy of her career earlier in the evening, for Best Pop Solo Performance.

SZA, who was the most nominated artist at the ceremony, won a handful of golden Gramophones.

Other big moments of the night included a Joni Mitchell performance, her first on the Grammys stage; Fantasia Barrino gifted us with a rockin’ Tina Turner tribute with a cover of “Proud Mary,” and Billy Joel closed out the night with a highly anticipated performance. Jay-Z was awarded the Global Impact Award and, with his daughter Blue Ivy by his side, gave a pointed speech directed at the Recording Academy. (Notably, Beyoncé, Jay-Z’s wife, has received the most Grammy nominations in history and has never won Album of the Year.)

Several categories were announced at a pre-show and were not televised. You can read the full list of winners here.

The 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony honored music released from Oct. 1, 2022, to Sept. 15, 2023. The show aired live on CBS and Paramount+ and was hosted by comedian Trevor Noah.

HuffPost reporters and editors covered the awards show live. Keep scrolling for a look at big moments from the ceremony.


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Taylor Swift Has Four Album Of The Year Awards Yet Beyoncé Has None. That's All.

Taylor Swift won Album of the Year for “Midnights” and all I could do was yawn. I hated the fake surprised look; it just seemed so inauthentic. (Also, who doesn't even acknowledge Celine Dion???????)

Here are some other thoughts I had about the show: The beginning had good energy and momentum and then that In Memoriam section really slowed down the show. The section after that and until the end seemed to drag on forever (with seemingly a zillion commercials). Highlight of the night? Victoria Monét’s tearful win for Best New Artist. Biggest snub? I still feel like Doja Cat should have been nominated for more awards. I think “Scarlet” was my favorite album of 2023. — Erin

This is what Jay Z was talking about. No shade, but it really is so unbelievable to me that Taylor Swift has four Album of the Year Awards, yet Beyoncé has none. The math ain’t mathing at all. But whatever. Grammys gonna Grammy.

Overall, the show had its moments, but I found myself yawning quite a bit. Happy for those who won and deserved it, indifferent about those who won and didn’t deserve it, or whatever Beyoncé’s husband said. — Taryn

This is why I can’t trust the Recording Academy. Precisely all of what you both said. Anyway, congrats to SZA, Coco and Victoria Monét on carrying the legacy of R&B. Shoutout to Billie Eilish for her wins as well. — Ruth
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Victoria Monét Wins Best New Artist

Victoria Monét was nominated for seven awards tonight and if you ask me, she should’ve swept. But the irony in her winning Best New Artist is that she’s been out here grinding for so long. Monét's talent is just so undeniable, and despite the industry not recognizing her — from her label dropping her to the VMAs denying her a performance slot last year — she humbly persevered.

Even though she’s so overdue for the praise she’s getting right now, it’s undoubtedly her “mothaf**king moment.” And she knows it. Forget the wrap music, girl, take as much time as this industry took to give you your shine! — Taryn

Crying and wearing my “Jaguar” hoodie as I’m typing this. Man, I am so proud of Victoria. This is so long overdue. I’ve been listening to her since 2019 and was so obsessed with “Jaguar I.” Her ascent has been so beautiful to witness — and is a testament to how some of life’s sweetest pleasures await us in our 30s! (Let this be a lesson to stop the “Gen Z Is Scared of Aging” propaganda.) “This award was a 15-year pursuit,” she said. “And my roots have been growing underground, unseen for so long. And I like to think I’m sprouting.” — Ruth

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Jay-Z Got Real During His Grammys Speech And Called Out The Academy’s Hypocrisy

OK, a few things are true here, and I’m gonna break down the truths I see:
  1. The Recording Academy should’ve never created an award in Dr. Dre’s honor, especially given the numerous assault allegations he’s faced throughout his career.
  2. Jay-Z is a hip-hop icon and deserves an award recognizing that, but I was looking at the Carters sideways a little bit for showing up this year given how many times they played in both of their faces.
  3. Jay-Z made the realest Grammy speech I’ve heard in a minute and said what needed to be said on that stage.
On that last point, he called out the hypocrisy of the Recording Academy awarding Beyoncé with the most awards out of anyone in history, but never receiving Album of the Year, despite being nominated four times. The Grammys have consistently showed favoritism to certain artists and pump-faked on (or completely overlooked) artists who deserve awards. That’s no secret, but for one of the most influential rappers to stand on stage (alongside his daughter who used to use Grammys as “sippy cups,” he said) and call them out on their bullshit is powerful. I don’t know if it’s powerful enough to effect real change, but it’s still powerful. — Taryn

I audibly gasped when he called out the fact that the Recording Academy has continued to play in Bey’s face. Jay is not my favorite person, but he told no lies. I wasn’t expecting the Carters to show up — because the Grammy Awards consistently uses them to bait viewers into watching – but at least somebody in Bey’s family got an award out of it. When he said, “Some of you don't belong in the category?” Yeah, he ate that. — Ruth

Seeing everyone's reactions to Beyoncé's facial expression during and after Jay-Z's speech is so funny. — Erin
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Fantasia Gave Us A Tina Turner Tribute At The Grammys — And It Was A Full Circle Moment

She just got out here, and I already know I’m going to be on my feet before this is over. — Erin

YOU BETTER SING, FANTASIA! The fact that she performed “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner when she auditioned for “American Idol” makes this even sweeter. We really used to be a proper country. — Ruth

Fantasia was an amazing choice for this tribute. I wanted her to kick her shoes off old school Fanny-style, but her heels were strapped, I get it. She was SANGIN’ though. And got the approval from Beyoncé at that? Nothing but love for my favorite “American Idol” winner. Also, this confirms that Miley Cyrus was on that stage doing her own tribute. — Taryn
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Well, There’s More Taylor Swift Coming Soon

After acting like she was shocked she won, Taylor Swift used her acceptance speech to announce a new album. That’s good for the Swifties, I guess. I’m just like, do you not rest? I’m on Taylor Swift overload and I don’t even listen to the girl. I’m tired. — Taryn

I thought I’d get a little break after the Super Bowl. GUESS NOT. “The Tortured Poets Department" comes out April 19. Within 4 minutes, the Instagram post announcing it had more than 2 million likes. — Erin

As one of my friends said, “Let your fans miss you.” — Ruth
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SZA Wins Best R&B Song

OK wait, but SZA winning Best R&B song is such a sweet moment. Lizzo presented her with the award, which was cute since they’ve been friends for a while. But the best part was how relatably stunned she was accepting her award. The girl could barely get words out, holding her tears back. I had to respect that “I’m not an attractive crier, bye” line. Too real. — Taryn

“I’m not an attractive crier” is so relatable. I can never keep it cute. — Erin

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Miley Cyrus Brings Down The House With 'Flowers' Performance

Miley said y’all better sing my song!!! LMAO. — Erin

I’m living for this Tina Turner tribute-lite that she’s giving with her dance moves. Very “Proud Mary” coded…. Wait… is this the tribute? Or is she just doing her own thing? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was giving her own separate from the “official tribute.” But I’m confused regardless lol. Love Miley’s energy and attitude though. You go girl! — Taryn

When she said, “Then I remembered: I JUST WON MY FIRST GRAMMY,” I said “Awwww!” Very proud of “Smiley Miley.” — Ruth

Janelle Monáe Is All Of Us As Woman Stands On Her Grammys Table With A Sword

I liked that performance. SZA really coulda just stood there and performed those songs, but I loved the theatrics, LOL. Especially the woman on the table with the swords. Like, wow. I was scared for everyone sitting at that table. Janelle Monáe’s reaction face is meeee. — Erin

The way that Phoebe Bridgers’ mouth was agape?! I cackled. She just seemed like she was in complete awe of the sword-wielding woman — and Victoria Monét was applauding her. Regardless, I enjoyed the performance and was overjoyed that SZA finally enunciated her lyrics. — Ruth

That was such a Scorpio-ass performance, LMAO. Just moody with all the dramatics. But that’s why we love SZA, right? It was a solid performance but also not what I expected, since she gives ethereal shroom princess live sometimes. I guess she said she needed to really bring it, since she has the most nominations for “SOS.” (Which feels like it came out so long ago, because it did.) — Taryn
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Tracy Chapman Sings 'Fast Car' In Amazing Grammys Performance With Country Singer Luke Combs

I’ve waited so long for Tracy to finally receive her flowers for “Fast Car.” I’m still partially irked that it took a white man’s cover of her song for a Black artist to win songwriter of the year at the Country Music Association awards, but all of it has amounted to this moment. I hope Tracy is basking in this moment. —Ruth

I love this song so much. It also reminds me of “In Living Color.” Kim Wayans has a hilarious sketch riffing off the song. The song in her sketch was “I Write A Fast Song.” Classic. —Erin
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Miley Cyrus Wins Her First Grammy

I love “Flowers.” I tuned out of Miley Cyrus’ music when she made that rap album and was singing about Air Jordans with Juicy J. But “Flowers” felt like such a blossoming moment for her as an artist and an overall bad bitch anthem. Apparently she’s been nominated eight times before, and this is her first win. I’m not mad at her taking it for a song about moving on from a trifling man. —Taryn

Hate to say that I did indeed stick around for Miley’s “Bangerz” era. Growing up with Hannah Montana, she has been such a fixture of my upbringing. I’m very proud of Miley for finally leaning into a sound that is authentic to her. However, I will say that “Jaded” was a better song off the album and should have been nominated. That’s my hot take. —Ruth

LOL, I feel like I loved that album “Bangerz.” It was all I listened to for a summer. —Erin
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Taylor Swift Actually Laughs At Trevor Noah’s Joke About Her Dating Life

Taylor Swift had perfect timing walking into the Grammys. She strolled in right in front of the camera, just after Trevor Noah mentioned her name — and just before he made a joke about her dating life. Noah said he was going to pan the camera to a football player every time they said Taylor Swift's name and flip the script on the NFL. It was nice to see Swift laugh at the joke, especially since these awards ceremonies can be stuffy or awkward, if they have a bad host. — Erin

Trevor Noah is really good at this. This is his fourth year in a row hosting the Grammys and I’m not mad at it. I’m more impressed with his hosting than anyone else I’ve seen this awards season. His improv is on point. — Taryn

Yeah, I love that he’s keeping it light and just going with the flow. It feels organic! — Erin
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Dua Lipa Opens The Show

I don’t know much about Dua Lipa’s music (and I very much am in a Hazel-Monét-on-the-red-carpet mood) but this little opening number is cute. I just hope the night doesn’t drag. — Taryn

Yes, this is good and upbeat, so hopefully this energy continues. I’m notoriously bad with keeping up with new and popular music and artists — so I know there’s a chance I’m going to be like the old woman at the club all night, asking, “Who is that?” — Erin

Killer Mike Wins Best Rap Album For 'Michael'

The Atlanta rapper also won Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for his song, "Scientists and Engineers," which features Andre 3000, Future and Eryn Allen Kane.
Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globes (Getty Images)

Did Taylor Swift Scheme To Get A Possible Grammys Win?

If you’re wondering how on earth Taylor Swift is nominated for six 2024 Grammy nominations when her “Midnights” album was released in 2022 — you’re not alone. It turns out the “Midnights” album was released on Oct. 21, 2022 — and the deadline for eligibility for the 2023 Grammys ended on Sept. 30, 2022. If I had to venture a guess, I’d assume she didn’t want to face “Record Of The Year” competition from both Beyoncé and Adele (Adele ended up winning, and I’m still mad about it) so she waited to release her album until after that year’s eligibility deadline. Her current competition for “Record Of The Year” is now Jon Batiste, Boygenius, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Victoria Monét, Olivia Rodrigo and SZA. They’re all great artists, but it’s not like competing against Beyoncé or Adele. —Cambria

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