How To Warm Up Your Constantly Cold Hands, According To A Doctor

Disposable and rechargeable hand warmers are great options for keeping the chill at bay.
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If you’ve ever touched someone’s hand and it feels like their skin is made of dry ice – or you are the someone — you’re not alone. Though sometimes inconvenient and alarming, having consistently chilly appendages isn’t always a sign that something is off with your body.

According to Sarita Salzberg, a primary care physician with virtual health platform PlushCare, there are a few reasons why someone may always have noticeably cold hands.

“Our hands often can get chilly in response to lower temperatures in our environment. This occurs as the body works to maintain its normal temperatures in other parts of your body,” she told HuffPost. “Sometimes people simply are prone to having cold hands when chilly, but it can be a sign of poor blood circulation, hormonal problems or nerve problems.”

If your freezing hands become a huge disruptive problem, Salzberg recommended consulting with a physician to make sure that you don’t have any underlying issues at play. But if your chilly hands are only mildly bothersome, there are products you can use to keep them warm, such as hand warmers.

“Disposable hand warmers can be great if you are outside in a cold climate. You can put them in your gloves or mittens and they will activate easily with brisk shaking and heat up in 15 to 30 minutes and last for two to four hours, or some brands can last up to 12 hours,” Salzberg said.

To help provide you and your frigid hands a bit of relief, we rounded up six hand warmers below, including both reusable and disposable options.

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A rechargeable pocket hand warmer
This rechargeable hand warmer features three temperature levels so you can adjust to the heat level your hands need. It has four to six hours of use time and comes in multiple colors and designs including black, pink, Tiffany Blue and orange.

Get it on Amazon for $26.99.
HotHands hand warmers
The classic HotHands hand warmers are disposable and this box comes with 40 packets with two warmers in each packet. They're odorless and all you need to do is shake them to activate the heating element.

Get it on Amazon for $26.25.
Zippo refillable hand warmer
This hand warmer works using Zippo's hand warmer fluid. Simply fill the hand warmer with the fluid as instructions state and enjoy 12 hours of warm hands.

Get it on Amazon for $14.70.
A stylish, double-sided hand warmer
For a more decorative hand warmer, this small, rechargeable warmer takes less than two minutes to heat. It last up to 3 to 4 hours on a full charge.

Get it on Amazon for $23.99.
A rechargeable hand warmer that also charges your phone
For all of your double-sided warmer and phone charging needs, this hand warmer is an excellent choice. It comes with a built-in wrist strap for easier carrying and has three heat settings. Just keep in mind that one reviewer noted: "The only thing that is a bit annoying is that it only has one USB-C port, so if you have an iPhone, you'll have to carry around the adapter to use it as a power bank."

Get it on Amazon for $24.99.
Hotsnapz reusable hand warmers
Similar to the HotHands hand warmers, HotSnapZ are activated by clicking the internal activation disc, which warms the crystals inside. To "recharge" each warmer, put them in boiling water which will dissolve the crystals and return them to their non-warmed state for another use.

Get it on Amazon for $23.88.

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