10 Home Goods That Look Just Like Their Pricier Doppelgängers

These pieces look like they came from a luxury furniture store, but they're available at prices you'll like.

I love home decor for its ability to make my space cozy and personal. I see my home as a chance for me to express myself while cultivating a comfy, safe inner sanctum, so when I find a piece that truly speaks to me, I feel like I’ve found a treasure.

Still, I’m careful about budgeting, so when I discover that I’ve shelled out for a piece available for way less money elsewhere, looking nearly exactly the same, I can’t help but wince. Here, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite home pieces that are sure to add to the comfort and functionality of your home, and that also ensure you’re finding the most affordable version out there.

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An outdoor dining set
This classic three-piece outdoor dining set comes with a stainless steel frame and stylish striped cushions reminiscent of CB2's pavilion metal outdoor lounge chair — except Walmart's version gives you two quality lounge chairs, plus a cocktail table, for half the price. Grab a drink and your best friend and enjoy sitting back on these comfy cushioned chairs; you can use the hundreds of dollars you'll save by choosing this budget-friendly lookalike to invest in more cute outdoor decor.
A cream swivel chair
You'll love cozying up in this 360-degree swivel chair with a book or an iPad, not least because you will have snagged it for nearly $750 less than its CB2 lookalike. Outfitted with soft teddy fabric, a wood frame and a high-density foam cushion, this chair would be lovely in any home office, bedroom or living room.
A curved pleated lamp
This gorgeous lamp is a dead ringer for the luxury Timberline floor lamp, except it's nearly $700 dollars cheaper. Both feature elegant curving stands and stylish pleated fabric shades that'll look delightful in any reading nook. This Urban Outfitters version has a more practical base than its twin, sporting a classic platform rather a horseshoe-shaped foundation. That's all the better for you, because it gives you one more reason to save on the Timberline's affordable doppelgänger. Available in two colors, the lamp requires an E26 Type A 60W LED bulb, which is not included.
This modern bookshelf
This bookshelf provides a lovely backdrop for your most treasured pieces and will hold your favorite books securely. With three open-air shelves and a cabinet drawer with rails for hanging files, it is ready to serve your home wherever you need — in your living room, dining room or bedroom (it would also be super useful in your bathroom for holding extra towels and toiletries). The pretty penny you'll save by swapping it for the West Elm lookalike may just entice you to grab two. It's available in three colors.
A floor lamp with shelving
I'm kind of obsessed with this lamp that features built-in shelves for stashing your phone, books, skin care, and any couch or bedtime items you'd like to keep close. Handsome yet compact, it'll fit well in small spaces and anywhere you need some extra lighting. I actually prefer this version to its pricier twin, which has a similar warm ambiance and wood-finished look but lacks the functionality of added shelves. It's available in three colors/finishes.
A classic bench
Perfect for your entryway or bedroom, this solid wood bench will be your go-to spot for you and your family to lace up your shoes, lay out clothes or bags for the next day, and wait on one another when one of you is late getting out the door (it happens). Its beautiful, clean-cut silhouette ensures that it'll blend in nicely with the rest of your home. Plus, you're sure to feel giddy knowing you got it for a fraction of the price of this one. It's available in three colors.
A bathroom storage tray
This pretty little storage tray may be just what you need in your bathroom. It's cleverly designed to take advantage of unused storage space by fitting on top of standard toilet tanks, with a hook off its side that can fit two full rolls of toilet paper. Put extra lotions, soaps, wipes, menstrual products or even a decorative plant in the tray. Made with sturdy steel for an angular modern look, this tray will blend easily and stylishly into your current decor — and it's every inch as cute and useful as its Urban Outfitters lookalike.
A midcentury–inspired writing desk
This gorgeous desk features a classic midcentury–esque design. Its warm pecan coloring contrasts beautifully with its white top for a sophisticated, airy look. Plus, the open lower shelf and desk drawer give you ample room to store chargers, pens, books and other work-from-home supplies. Most compelling of all? You can snag it for over $1,000 less than the cost of its doppelgänger.
A comfy and plush throw
This plush throw blanket promises to rock your world whether you cuddle up with it on the couch for a movie marathon or on your bed for some extra buttery-soft warmth. According to Amazon reviewers, this cozy throw is comparable to the pricey Barefoot Dreams blanket, which celebs like the Kardashians swear by.
A classic double dresser
Perfect for bedrooms and nurseries, this elegant dresser has six spacious drawers for you to fill with undergarments, clothes, toys and linens. Its classic sleigh design will match with most other decor. Best of all? It's almost half the price of its lookalike and is available in up to four colors.

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