38 Pieces That Will Make Guests Smile When They Walk Into Your Home

You'll be inviting people over just so they can feel the sheer serotonin of looking at this bendy-limbed flower vase.
Home decor to make your guests smile
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Home decor to make your guests smile
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A set of vinyl coasters
Promising review: "I absolutely adore these!!! They are so cute and definitely do the job! They keep the surface free from water rings and make me giggle!" —johnny williams
A book-shaped flower vase
Check out a TikTok of the book vase in action.

Promising review: "The vase was so pretty I bought a second! They're durable and very appealing to the eye. I will be purchasing more." —kayla
A mildly alarming if not adorable flexible flower vase
Promising review: "An affable, squishy, bendy, happy little vase! The consensus on my social media page is that everyone should have one of these. I finally got a chance to try it out with some daffodils, and really, it's hard not to smile when you see them." Susy Lundy
A set of pop-up cat and mouse hooks
Check them out on a TikTok of the cat and mouse hooks in action.

Promising reviews: "These are so cute!! I get so happy seeing them hanging by the door waiting to pop back down for when I leave for work. Take the car keys and it's gone. Come back from work, hang them on its tail and they stare at you with this unamused glare. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase! They're so easy to install, just take the adhesive backing, stick it to the back of one, and stick to the wall. Then enjoy your new friend!" —Amazon Customer
A Michael Scott/Prison Mike reversible dishwasher magnet
Promising review: "My whole family is a fan of The Office, so when I was searching for a magnet we could use on our dishwasher, this was the hands-down winner. Does it go with my farmhouse decor? Nope, not at all. But it does get the attention of two teenage boys. Had I gone with something a bit more my decor style, I can guarantee you it would not be as useful. I mean, we all would much rather see Prison Mike staring back at us than suit and tie Michael Scott, right? And there is only one way for that to happen...clean out the dishwasher!" —R. Funk
Handy Cute Art/Etsy
Handy Cute Art/Etsy
A set of Goldfish fridge magnets
Handy Cute Art is a Florida-based Etsy shop that specializes in quirky home products.

Promising review: "These are the cutest ever! My daughter ate these guys [a lot] growing up. Great reminder gift of her fave snack food!" —Teresa A Houtz
A set of vintage-style Disney ride posters
These posters are 11 x 17 inches and come frameless, but you can grab a set of five frames for $25.99 on Amazon!

Promising review: "Absolutely LOVE these posters. With all the recent Disney changes, I wanted to have memorabilia that wasn’t outrageously expensive and these were perfect. I had these in my cart as Save For Later and my husband ended up surprising me with them recently! We had a fun time planning on where to hang them up and how to decorate the wall with additional Disney souvenirs and pictures. The quality is great, thick paper and the colors are so vivid. It feels just like walking into Disney and right on down Main Street USA!" —Amazon Customer
A "Gracula" garlic crusher
Promising review: "I love this little guy. I found him on a BuzzFeed list and had to have it as soon as I saw it! I’ve minced as many as five cloves in it in seconds. It’s a little tricky getting all of the garlic out once minced (I use a silicone basting brush to get most of it but I always use more than the recipe calls for anyway so it’s not a deal breaker). Cleanup is a breeze because he goes right in the dishwasher!" —Barbie
A nostagia-inducing mini popcorn maker
This gizmo pops up to 12 cups of cooked popcorn at a time — just make sure to have a bowl under it to catch it!

Promising review: "Great popcorn maker. Just make sure you have a large container in front of it when the popcorn starts flowing. Very easy to operate and awesome item in a retro theme kitchen." —Sassy Dimple
An oh-so-sweet hummingbird lamp with three brightness levels and a touch sensor
Promising review: "I literally have no idea why I bought this. It was a suggested item and looked interesting so I was like 'lol okay.' I can’t believe how much I like it LOL. It looks and feels much nicer than you’d think (maybe even classy) and the battery lasts forever. It has three shades of light and it’s extremely bright." —K
An absurdly adorable mushroom kitchen timer
This winds up and times up to 60 minutes, ending in a loud buzzer. Reviewers also use it to help time themselves with work tasks and studying.

Promising review: "This is whimsical and fun, my kids love it. I tell them there dinner comes from a fairy mushroom forest. 😋 Works great, keeps my little monsters in line — 'Dad, the mushroom went off.' Love it." —Vik V
A cloud-shaped magnetic key holder
Promising review: "So, yes, TikTok made me buy this, but so far I really like it. It's obviously very adorable and offers a charming spot to keep my keys that works with my entryway. I'm really surprised by how strong the hold is for such a small object — I carry my car fob and a few keys and so far it's holding strong. I hung it with Command strips to avoid any potential damage to the wall and I will say make sure it's level as the hold is not so good on an angle (but that was from the original in-hand testing). Definitely recommend and for the price, I'm very tempted to get one for my at-work office." —D. Carter
A color-coded Cuisinart knife set
It includes a chef's knife, paring knife, bread knife, slicing knife, utility knife, and santoku knife. Psst — the knives don't come with this holder, but you can snag an easy-to-install magnetic bar for knives on Amazon if you want to display them as this reviewer did!

Promising review: "This is my best buy of the month and best knife buy of the year. Yeah, I've had sharper, better-quality knives in the past, but for hundreds of dollars more. For basic kitchen use, this is the set to buy. I like that they're colorful, because I've already been able to familiarize myself with which knife is which color and what I need to use them for. The blade cases they come with are extremely handy. I like that I don't have to use a knife block. These fit nicely in my drawer. At this price, they are worth every penny. I wouldn't have a problem spending $40–$50 for these knives." —GWP
A set of rainbow wineglasses
Check out a TikTok of the rainbow wine glasses in action.

The Wine Savant is a New York-based small business established in 2017 that specializes in unique, quality drinkware and accessories.

Promising review: "Love these! Wasn’t ready to splurge on Estelle stemmed glasses so I got these instead. I’ve run them through the dishwasher once so far and they held up fine. Glass is thin near the top which I love in a wineglass. I would recommend!" —Tricia
A dreamy dimmable candle warmer lamp
Promising review: "This candle warmer emits a soft light that looks beautiful coming through the glass. I love how it warms my candles making the room smell wonderful. I think this warmer may work better than just lighting my candles. I like that it has a timer option which is convenient. I highly recommend this warmer for anyone that likes candles." —win diesel
An adorable non-slip waterproof shelf liner for your fridge and pantry shelves
Promising review: "Very good quality liner. I love the daisy print and it is a good thickness. Super easy to cut (I used a box cutter). Definitely recommend!" —Karen
A rainbow prism suncatcher
Promising review: "They actually were bigger than I anticipated which was actually pretty awesome. I hung them in the window of my office and it's beautiful when they catch light. Definitely worth the money when it puts a smile on your face." —Emmy Ann
A retro-style speaker with a whole circus of hidden talents
Fuse Audio is a small business that specializes in retro-style radios and vinyl record players.

Promising review: "I’m very pleased with this purchase. It has a warm sound and, unlike some other brands, doesn’t betray the retro vibe with digital volume or tuning controls. It works exactly like the old radios, but with the bonus of Bluetooth and wireless charging. I also love the details like the side speaker vents and the feel of the volume and tuning knobs. Everything about it speaks quality. The only thing about its appearance that tells me this isn’t an an actual 1940s or '50s radio is its size, which is slightly smaller than the real McCoy." —Placeholder
A set of removable 3D butterfly stickers
Promising review: "SOOO pretty. They come with little sticky adhesives — you get a lot of them for the money and they are beautiful! They make for very cute decoration. Super happy with the purchase, and not to mention it only took like 20 minutes to put all of them up." —Haley Pelletier
A rotating disco ball diffuser
Check out a TikTok of the disco ball in action, make sure to grab them some essential oils for the full experience! Read more about aromatherapy and stress and tension at Johns Hopkins.

Promising reviews: "I absolutely LOVE my disco ball diffuser! It brings me joy. The diffuser works great and has timed options. You can use the disco ball without diffusing too. Lots of pretty color-changing options or you can have it cycle through all of the colors which is what I choose to do. There are two spinning modes too…slow and fast or you can set it to not spin at all. Get one. You WON’T be disappointed!! 🪩🫶🏼😍" —Heather
A set of tiny strawberry candles
Check out a TikTok of the strawberry candles in action.

Promising review: "These are just the cutest little candles and ever so summery! Their size, appearance, and scent are just like real strawberries. Perfect as little take-home favors or decorations for a backyard picnic!" —M. Milton
Jenae Sitzes / BuzzFeed
Jenae Sitzes / BuzzFeed
A plug-in color-shifting mushroom light
Check out a TikTok of the mushroom night-light in action.

Promising review: "I LOVE this night-light. It's in my bathroom and is a lovely addition. It turns off the second the lights go on which is nice that I don't have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. Super cute and the little itty-bitty lighting element does a good job lighting, just enough so I don't have to turn the main lights on in the middle of the night." —1Thand
A lively floral shower curtain
Promising review: "This shower curtain is well made and design is beautiful! It makes me extremely happy every time I see it and instantly brightens my day!" —EB
Stacy Kitchen Decor/Etsy
Stacy Kitchen Decor/Etsy
An oh-so-sweet reusable bowl cover
Stacy Kitchen Decor is a California-based, woman-owned Etsy shop established in 2020 that specializes in handmade reusable kitchen towels, aprons and bags.

Promising review: "Love this bowl cover! It fits perfectly and looks so beautiful. It’s also sturdy, as I’ve washed it by hand and all the daisies are intact. I also appreciate the sellers prompt communication." —Nicoco
A truly iconic tortilla blanket
Promising review: "My son (7) loves tacos and I wanted to get him something to soften the quarantine blow and THIS WAS IT! He has had the blanket (so soft!) around him for the past three weeks, pretty much nonstop. Thank you to the makers for letting my son 'become a burrito!'" —VA Resident
A dimmable sad duck nightlight
Promising review: "I ordered this lamp because of its appearance. I didn't NEED a depressed duck lamp ... but it has totally filled a void in my life I didn't know existed. Everyone who sees it pokes it. The lamp is actually very functional. It's got a really nice set of brightness options and the glow is yellowish, which is much nicer than white in a dim/dark room. One thing that isn't mentioned in the description is that its legs are utterly floppy. It's terrific." —Literated
A crayon vase to brighten up your bookshelf or desk
Ban.do is a US-based small business that specializes in quirky accessories, home products, and stationery.

Promising review: "Adorable vase! Would make a cute and quirky addition to any decor. I’m using it to style a bookshelf in my home office/art studio. It is small, but the colors and retro feel make a nice graphic pop in my room. I think this vase would look great in a kids room or teachers classroom as well." —Dani
A three-tiered ring floor lamp
Brightech is a California-based small business that specializes in home lighting.

Promising review: "The light is nice! It’s a unique looking light. I love how it has three different settings so you can adjust the brightness. It fits perfectly with my reading chaise and goes well with the rest of my living room decor. The only con I have is I wish the cord was clear instead of black, it sticks out. Other than that, I love the light. I’d definitely recommend it to others." —Carmelita Joy
An oh-so-cheerful smiley face rug
Promising review: "I’m so in love with this bath mat! It absorbs water so it dries fast and it's soft to stand on. I love this cute design! Cheery for my bathroom! Makes me smile!" —Drhonda fitzroy
A set of magnetized balloon wall hooks
You can either stick them on the wall using the three included adhesive pads, hang them on a screw or nail (not included), or simply put the magnetic back of them on your fridge.

Promising review: "I use these hooks on my fridge to hang oven mitts and other utensils. Love the design of these. The magnet is quite strong and haven't had any issues with them sliding down or falling off. Obviously there are cheaper alternative hooks, but what you're mainly paying for is the balloon design and the 'fun' factor of it. I'm a fan!" —darwin4lunch
A mini ceramic bathtub
Check out a TikTok of the mini ceramic bathtub in action.

Promising review: "I ordered two of these. One I used as a regular soap dish in my tub. It has holes for drainage which is a plus. I also used it as a cute plant decanter. I placed some succulents in it and voila ... the cutest planter for my bathroom." —Diane Sheehan
A retro radio tissue holder
Psst — this is compatible with tissues from a small cube box, or just tissues pulled out of the box, not a full size one!

Promising review: "It's adorable! I currently have it filled with tissues from a small cube box. Works great! Perfect addition to my teal and gold bedroom decor!" —Michelle W.
A decorative ceramic lips holder for your jewelry or makeup
Promising review: "I love this as I’m getting into my super pink era. 💅🏼 It’s a nice weight and not easily breakable. It holds a lot of knickknacks too, from lipsticks to trinkets. I also think it’s really cute. Going to get a number of these to put around my home." —Agusta
Happy and Polly
A UFO-shaped cat litter box complete with odor-absorbent pads
Happy and Polly is a small business that specializes in delightfully quirky, highly functional products for pets.

Promising review: "I have four kitties who can be very picky when it comes to litter boxes. I hesitated ordering because of the cost but wow I wish I had bought this sooner! I was absolutely shocked how amazing the quality is (on top of how amazingly cute). I was worried if my kitties would like it having not used a completely enclosed litter box before. But all four LOVE it and literally fight each other to play in it. Worth every cent!!" —HR
A fully functional rotary landline phone
Fun fact: you can use apps to to reroute calls from your mobile phone to a rotary phone! Here's a YouTube tutorial to get you started.

Promising review: "I live in an old house built in 1929. The interior is practically the original so this phone matches the decoration of the house. Functionally, it works great, even better sound than the wireless devices. Plus the ring is something that I almost forgot and brought me up childhood memories." —Martin Fernandez
A set of book-shaped sponges
Promising review: "These sponges are adorable!! I've gotten so many compliments on them from friends and family. They're bright and look great along my sink. I haven't used them yet because I don't want to ruin them but they look like decent sponges. They're so pretty though you probably won't want to use them either! They would make a great housewarming gift!!" —EC
A set of Coca-Cola pepper and salt shakers
Promising review: "I was very impressed and happy with this purchase. The bottles are well made, the cap screws on and off with no issue, and the holder is well made and looks excellent with our retro theme." —Ashley
A set of space-saving nesting snail measuring spoons and cups
Promising review: "These are adorable but they also nest perfectly, so really are practical. They are exactly the measurement they say they are and I am super happy with them. They make me smile every time I see them." —Love To Cook

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