How To Trim Your Beard Without Making A Mess And Clogging The Sink

No more clogged drains and dirty counters.

Stop asking yourself how you stop the bathroom sink from clogging when you shave, and instead figure out how to prevent it from clogging in the first place.

Bathrooms get covered with hair after shaving, trimming or even just a little buzzing. No matter how neat you or your bearded boo is while grooming, there are always stray hairs left behind in the clean up. And then comes the inevitably clogged sink.

If you’re tired of finding tiny hairs all over your stuff and yelling at your bathroom buddy to clean up their sh*t, we might have a solution for this hairy situation. There’s a $14 Amazon find that will save your bathroom and maybe even your relationships with bearded folks forever.

This beard hair catcher will keep your counter clean and sink from getting clogged from shaved, trimmed or buzzed facial hair. It’s basically an apron for your face. Using suction cups, this cloth catches and collects all of the hair that falls from your face during grooming.

This beard hair catcher is easy to use and will save you a ton of time on clean up — for less than the price of a plumber. Simply hang it around your neck using the velcro straps and attach the suction cups to your mirror. The fabric will hang under your chin and across your sink, collecting any hair that falls during shaving. When you’re done, just unhook the catcher from the mirror and shake it out over your garbage can.

It’s a practical find for folks who are tired of clogged sinks after shaving — so, basically anyone with facial hair.

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