This Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle Makes Me Drink More Water

I've found the perfect water bottle for travel, festivals and every day.
This Hydaway water bottle is super lightweight, dishwasher safe and leakproof.
This Hydaway water bottle is super lightweight, dishwasher safe and leakproof.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best at staying hydrated. Work days are easier, but when I’m off the clock or out and about on the weekends, it’s easy to forget. I don’t want to carry a water bottle around all day, and I feel guilty about using a plastic water bottle when I don’t absolutely have to. Instead, I sometimes choose to err on the side of dehydration.

Then, I found the collapsible water bottle that basically changed my life. This Hydaway collapsible water bottle is like a little accordion-style jug that can be expanded to fill 17 ounces of water and collapsed into a 1.5-inch thick disk that you can easily fit in a purse or large pocket. It’s made with food-grade silicone, BPA-free plastic and a screw-top design, so it’s super lightweight, dishwasher safe and leakproof.

The bottle in action.
Danielle Gonzalez
The bottle in action.

My Hydaway goes with me everywhere on the weekends because it’s so easy to slip into my bag and gives me no excuse not to drink water. Just this past weekend I brought it with me to a music festival and refilled it multiple times throughout the day. Then I just stuck it in my back pocket while dancing. In the past, I probably would have purchased a plastic water bottle and thrown it out because I didn’t want to carry it and avoided drinking more water so I wouldn’t have to pay for another one. (Don’t judge me.)

Those desperate, dehydrated days are behind me now that I have a cute little water bottle that I can bring with me anywhere. The Hydaway 17-ounce collapsible water bottle is perfect for travel, outdoor adventures and even everyday use. It’s available in eight fun colors and two sizes: a 17-ounce bottle for $26 and a larger, 25-ounce bottle for $32. And, it’s available on Amazon.

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