If Parents Praised Their Friends The Way They Praise Their Kids

“You amaze me! How did you learn that word?”

Parenting involves a lot of positive reinforcement for even the smallest accomplishments. But the emphatic way that so many parents gush over their children certainly would sound strange in any other context.

In a hilarious new video, the moms of the BreakWomb show what it would sound like if a group of parents enthusiastically praised each other the way they do with their kids.

“Molly, that’s a big and impressive word!” one mom says to her friend during a casual conversation. “You amaze me! How did you learn that word?”

“That was beautiful, and I loved it with all my heart. And I love you,” she remarks after another mom sings part of a song. The rest of the video is punctuated with exclamations of “good job!”, “you are so special!” and “you made me feel so proud!”

In short, the situation is hilariously bizarre.

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